Beauty and the Beasts

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Snake Beastman’s True Nature Exposed

Bai Qingqing felt that the snakeskin underwear felt very cool. At the thought of how this clothing that was snug against her skin was made from Cortis’s skin, she felt very embarrassed.

Bai Qingqing raised her head and looked toward Cortis awkwardly, but she was shocked by his dark gaze.

“I want to mate with you.” Cortis leaned against Bai Qingqing. His voice that usually sounded very cool was now a little hoarse.

Bai Qingqing’s mind tensed up, and she immediately pressed her hands against his chest. “No!”

Cortis had one hand supporting around Bai Qingqing’s waist as he pressed her down on the ground. His long pupils expanded a little, clearly reflecting the female’s pitiful face.

Bai Qingqing was so scared that she put up a fierce struggle. Very soon, her hands were pressed above her head by Cortis with one hand, so she started to kick out incessantly, wanting to kick him away.

Cortis remained silent, not making a move. It wasn’t long before Bai Qingqing felt that the weight on top of her was gone, replaced by two long legs that were slightly parted.

Cortis had completely taken on his human form and started moving. His hand reached out to Bai Qingqing’s waist to remove her clothes. He was panting slightly, and his eyes, seemingly drunken in passion, concealed the coldness that he was born with.

Bai Qingqing felt something hard poking against her legs. It felt slightly cold but wet. Her face turned pale and her heart kept on beating non-stop.

“Don’t be like this…” Bai Qingqing shuddered, her face pale. “Otherwise… after everything ends, I’ll immediately break off our partnership.”

Cortis paused in his actions, and a hint of clarity came back into his eyes. He kept his gaze on her.

Bai Qingqing’s heart was beating very quickly. Eve had only told her that she could absolve partnership, but she didn’t tell her how to do so! If Cortis were to insist on going ahead, then it’d be over for her.

Moreover, she had no idea if it was really possible to absolve a partnership. If it was something like the divorce papers from her world, then her threat would be useless against a homeless beast.

Cortis’s expression seemed a little hurt, and he stroked Bai Qingqing’s face. “Have you forgotten that I’m a homeless beast? I have the means to forcibly bind us together.”

Cortis didn’t lie. The reason homeless beasts dared to force themselves on females without any restraints was because of the special method they possessed.

It was just that he hadn’t expected that his female would be like those that other homeless beasts had snatched over, that she’d be brutal in wanting to cast him away.

Bai Qingqing’s heart sank as she watched Cortis’s face getting closer, her eyes reflecting horror. “Don’t… mmm!”

Her lips were kissed fiercely, and what was terrifying was that Cortis’s tongue had turned into a thin and long snake’s tongue, ravaging around in her mouth.

Bai Qingqing, who was kissed for the first time, was scared speechless. Cortis had a moist fishy smell that was unique to snakes. It felt a little strange but wasn’t disgusting. It was cooling like mint.

Once Cortis probed inside, he became irresistibly infatuated with this feeling. The scorching temperature in the female’s mouth was like a strong aphrodisiac for cold-blooded beastmen. It caused his kiss to become increasingly fervent as he tangled with her soft little tongue, leaving her no place to hide.

“Mmm!” Bai Qingqing’s tongue was in pain and she got back to her senses. She shook her head vigorously, pushing her tongue against Cortis’s, wanting to break free from it.

However, Bai Qingqing’s actions were like adding fuel to the flame. Cortis’s breathing paused for a moment, and he sucked fiercely on her mouth before releasing her.

Bai Qingqing panted vigorously like a fish that was away from the water, her heart beating so fiercely that it felt as if it was going to leap out from her chest. Feeling intense embarrassment, she bellowed furiously at Cortis with a flushed face. “Scram!”

“Shush!” Cortis’s calmed down his lust and said in a hoarse voice, “Keep your voice down. There are beastmen getting closer to us.”

“What?” Bai Qingqing still didn’t understand what was going on when she was carried up by Cortis with one arm and brought out of the cave, sliding into the water.

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