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Chapter 1735 - To Her, The First Partner Will Always Be Him.

Chapter 1735: To Her, The First Partner Will Always Be Him.

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“So no matter what decisions you make, we will follow them.”

Gu Mengmeng understood now. No wonder the three of them were sitting at the same spot, it was because they were waiting for her to express her thoughts.

She laughed softly, then wrapped her arms around Elvis’ neck, kissing him softly and said, “The family rules have always been set by the first partner. Shouldn’t the female just be enjoying it? Why are you tiring me out? I’m not doing it.”

Elvis was stunned for a moment, then with a grin, he kissed Gu Mengmeng’s gently and said, “Xiao Meng is right, it’s my fault.”

He thought that Lea was the one whom she favored most.

He thought that Snake’s mark was deeply engraved on her chest.

He thought that Gregory was her most doted on new lover.

So it would be difficult for him to guard his position as the first partner.

But in fact, he was wrong.

In Xiao Meng’s heart, his level of importance never changed.

No matter how many strong and handsome males she took in, to her, the first partner will always be him.

Carrying Gu Mengmeng, he walked in front of Snake and asked, “Now are you satisfied?”

Snake looked up in a sluggish manner.

Was he angry? Not to that extent.

But in his heart, he would still feel a slight discomfort.

To Twomeng, he was eventually still not the most reliable person.

But it no longer mattered, he did not want to make things difficult for her in the first place.

He had not forgotten the time in Snake King valley – He had only hit Elvis with his tail and Twomeng had risked her life to bite him.

If he really wanted the position as the first partner, didn’t he have many chances to torture Elvis and Lea to death?

In the end, he just could not bear to let her shed another tear.

He stood up in a lazy manner, then took two steps forward and stood behind Elvis.

This meant that he acknowledged his status as the first partner and was willing to be in a lower position.

Elvis then carried Gu Mengmeng in front of Lea and asked, “Do you have any objections?”

Lea swayed his large tail and carried a small bowl in front of Gu Mengmeng. With his flirtatious gaze, he scooped a small spoonful of meat paste and said, “I am easily jealous and never suitable to be the first partner. I only want to be a beast husband who can vie for favor, I don’t want to be restricted by those responsibilities and duties. I just want little Mengmeng to always side with me and I would be content.”

Gu Mengmeng ate the meat that Lea brought to her mouth and her eyes immediately lit up.

Ever since this fellow came to the present world, his culinary skills have improved tremendously like crazy.

“Little Mengmeng, say, am i good-looking or is Gregory more handsome?”

“You are,” before Gu Mengmeng could reply, Gregory answered first. “I am the last male to join the family, I know my position and won’t compete with you for favor.”

Lea choked for a moment, then snorted and said, “That’s why I say that I don’t like you.”

Gu Mengmeng laughed softly. She understood what he meant.

Gregory’s sentence of ‘I am not going to compete with you’ made it seem as though Lea had already lost.

Even though he did not mean it, it really hurt him quite deeply.

Knowing that she had only become partners with Gregory the day before, even though the three men in her family did not say it, they definitely did not feel good about it, so at this time, she definitely had to comfort them.

She reached out her hands to demand a hug from Lea, so Lea took over in carrying Gu Mengmeng, while his other hand handed the bowl to Elvis.

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