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Chapter 1728 - Can You Agree To Letting Me Become Your Partner?

Chapter 1728: Can You Agree To Letting Me Become Your Partner?

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Fei Rui could not sing, but he was very skilled at playing the piano.

Gregory naturally had a talent for singing, moreover the lyrics were filled in by him. It was filled with the love he had for Gu Mengmeng, so when he sang the first line, she could already feel her goosebumps and the blood boiling excitedly within her.

That moment, it was as though she saw the light rays gathering on Gregory through the glass, allowing him to glow warmly.

His eyes were filled with love that had been hidden for a thousand years and had become so deep.

Every word and sentence was the memories that both of them had shared in the past millennium.

It included the first time on Motou Mountains when she threatened to jump off the cliff, the second time when they spent seven days together like a new couple in love, and also their separation and thousand-year wait.

Even the tiny bits of mundane recollections that she had forgotten after he had returned were all recorded in his song as blissful moments.

She was attracted by his voice and was so fully immersed in the atmosphere that he and Fei Rui had created that she could not stop herself.

At this moment, Gregory was really too charismatic.

When Fei Rui played the last note, Gu Mengmeng still could not return from this musical performance that they had prepared for her.

Gregory walked in front of Gu Mengmeng with rays of sunlight still shining. He moved his shoulders slightly and opened his arms as they transformed into wings.

At this instant, it was as though Gu Mengmeng had seen an angel.

She leaped into his arms and held him by the neck, then kissed him deeply.

His wings gathered together from the sides and wrapped her completely inside.

This kiss had been late for a thousand years.

He did allow anyone to disrupt them, neither did he allow anyone to peek.

“I am touched, really very touched.”

Gu Mengmeng’s eyes were tearing because of his thousand-year feelings.

“Being able to sing this for you is the most blissful thing to me.”

Gregory’s wings gradually transformed into arms, then he gently hugged her.

“Baby Meng, I am sorry. I am not as capable as the other members who can quickly adapt to the workings of this world.”

“I have always felt lost and did not know what kind of position I should be taking to stay by your side in this world.”

“Everything you need is already prepared by Elvis and the rest.”

“So the only thing I can give you is this thousand-year never-changing sincerity.”

“Can you agree to letting such a useless me become your partner and celebrate Double Seven Festival with you with an official title?”

This title should have long been given to him.

But without him saying it for such a long time, she gradually forgot about it.

But he suddenly mentioned it at this moment, even though it was not surprising, it still caused her heart to skip a beat and she felt shy.

How should she put it?

Her marriage with Elvis and Lea had all happened naturally because of the atmosphere.

As for Snake, there was even much less to talk about.

That domineering fellow did not even give her a chance to reject it. Just like that, he imprinted his mark on her.

Gregory was the first one to ask her opinion so formally and seriously.

He was too concerned about rules. She would not doubt it if she showed slight disapproval, he would immediately destroy this confession that he had prepared for a thousand years and return to his position as a guardian beast. He would continue to guard that lonely position of his and never cross the boundaries again.

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