Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 1708 - The Males Here Live In Plenty Without Appreciation.

Chapter 1708: The Males Here Live In Plenty Without Appreciation.

Gu Mengmeng’s pupils shook a few times, but eventually responded. She looked up at Elvis with a somewhat complicated look.

She did not say anything, just crawling into Elvis’ arms energetically.

Elvis gently patted Gu Mengmeng’s back, saying warmly, “As a male, abandoning one’s partner and cheating on her with another female, is a sin deserving of going on the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment in the Beast World.

Much less abandoning his precious female cub, causing her to suffer, facing danger and difficulties on her own.

If it was in the Beast World, just the two points I mentioned previously alone, would be sufficient for him to become a criminal in the eyes of the entire male population in the Beast World, because he brought shame to the word “males”.

Even the stray beasts would not accept him, rather, they would attack him as a pack and use the most cruel way to kill him.

Gu Mengmeng pursed her lips, she knew everything Elvis said was true, for it was understandable why normal males would not see him eye to eye, and it was easy to see how even stray beasts would think of him as an enemy.

Stray beasts were indeed cruel, as they torment the females they snatched over to extreme extents.

However, no matter how cruel, blood-thirsty or wicked they were, there has never been a stray beast who would hurt the female who has abandoned him.

They are extremely cruel to everyone in the world, including themselves, but would never do anything to hurt their partner, even if it meant death.

Peter was the only special case, for he had snatched back the female who had abandoned him.

However, even though he had snatched her back, he did not really harm a single hair of Natalie’s.

Till the end, he still had a lot of love for her.

That was why he could wash off his identity as a stray beast, allowing Natalie to accept him again, mate with him and bear their own children.

Wang Xiaoxin said, the thing that Gu Mengmeng brought to the Beast World was called hope.

Peter was one of the hopes she had brought over.

The only faint ray of hope in the desperate abyss of the stray beasts.

It let them no longer live like walking corpses, but to try their hardest to level up, reaching fifth-level then go back to look for their own females, trying every method for her to love him again.

Although the chances were so slim, for many males, they could not even reach the peak of fifth-level before they died.

However, at least, they had ended their life just for that one wish. They no longer snatched and harmed other females, for the sole reason that there would be one less reason for her to dislike him when they beg for mercy again.

So, whether it was a normal orc or a stray beast, they were extremely despised and disdained over the abandonment of their partners.

Elvis was right, based on the values of the males in the Beast World, Gu Mengmeng’s Beast Father was a hundred percent a jerk, and should be despised by humans and torn apart by the beasts, being killed in the most cruel way possible.

“However, this is not the Beast World, the males hereā€¦ live in plenty without appreciation.” Elvis actually wanted to use a harsher way of describing men in the present world, but after pondering about it, he decided to be more tactful. However, even though he only said “live in plenty without appreciation”, the disgust and despise in his tone clearly exhibited his true feelings in his speech. “We cannot expect everyone here to live by the ways of the Beast World, however, we certainly cannot forgive males who hurt our females, as that is our final straw. But if our stubborn bottom line is making things difficult for you, then we are willing to compromise.”

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