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Chapter 1685 - I Will Always Listen To Xiao Meng

Chapter 1685: I Will Always Listen To Xiao Meng

A month flew by.

Lea had control of everything within the Fiery Flames. Having showcased their strengths a few times, the Fiery Flames heavily looked up to the two men in charge, never having any single doubt about them again.

So much so, that due to the external cooperation and assistance from Snake, Fiery Flames developed by leaps and bounds, with the whole gang having so much grandeur that they could walk around with others’ admiration. So, not only did none of them want to take revenge for Harold, they felt like Elvis and Lea’s appearance was an opportunity from the heavens for Fiery Flames, while Harold was a sinner who had obstructed its development.

Snake had been pretty busy recently in order to establish a stable relationship between the royal family and Fiery Flames.

The good thing was, every night when he goes back to the ancient castle to have his meal, he can see Gu Mengmeng’s smile shining brighter one day after another, making him feel like his efforts were all worthwhile.

After all, having lived in the Beast World for so many years, Gu Mengmeng had some attachment to territory.

So, even though Snakel’s original residence was great, and no one dared to randomly disturb Gu Mengmeng and Snakel, it had always felt weird to lodge under another person’s roof.

However, the old castle that Elvis had snatched over was different, for it truly signified her family’s territory, so Gu Mengmeng felt safer living there.

“Quentin’s injury has healed a lot more, Cole has arranged for Nina to bring her children to M Country tomorrow to receive their treatments. They have the most advanced technology there, and the kidney supply has been prepared.” Lea whispered beside Gu Mengmeng’s ear.

Gu Mengmeng nodded, then started to walk to the boxing ring.

She was neither afraid of meeting Nina nor Quentin, it was just that their relationship in the Beast World was complicated and a heavily entangled mess, so it was fine that they did not remember her, but she still felt a little troubled by it.

After all, her men had always been intolerant to anyone bullying her.

Do not say that you feel wronged for Lea’s calculations about you, if you cannot win Lea, you are stupid. If you are so capable, why not calculate him back?!

Hence, meeting Quentin even once more would increase the danger scale between the couple by one, who would know who was the first to lose control and kill him?

So, having given her compensations, it was the best for them to never meet again.

Turning around to look at Elvis, Gu Mengmeng said, “You are now the leader of Fiery Flames, having a sensitive position. So, do not continue fighting after finishing this one, got it?”

Elvis smiled while nodding, “I will always listen to Xiao Meng.”

Having received a satisfactory response, Gu Mengmeng did not nag further.

The VIP hall on the second floor had already been prepared. Cole stood at its entrance welcoming with a gentlemanly manner, smiling, “We have not met for a month, and you have already become from a boxer I discovered to my working partner. Seems like I had a good taste, you were one of a kind.”

Elvis was not concerned about Cole, he already knew after taking over Fiery Flames that there were numerous business interactions between Cole and Fiery Flames, so many opportunities Fiery Flames had in F country today were thanks to Cole’s strategizing in the background.

He collaborated with Fiery Flames in name, but had more control.

Harold of Fiery Flames, was just like Peter, the leader of the stray beasts, seemingly having unbounded authority, but was merely just a puppet in the hands of Cole.

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