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Chapter 1463 - Aren't You Ashamed Now?

Chapter 1463: Aren’t You Ashamed Now?

“Really?” Gu Mengmeng was still quite dubious.

Gregory smiled and nodded, while he guaranteed, “I swear upon the pride of Birds tribe that if I did lie, my wings will be broken and my eyes would be blind, and I would never be able to fly in the sky.”

Gu Mengmeng covered Gregory’s mouth and smiled awkwardly, “Don’t swear so easily, it’s not worth something this small. I will just let you see it. Spit out your saliva and say that you did not mean your oath just now.”

Gregory did not know that ever since Snakel said to ‘open his chest and take out his guts’, Gu Mengmeng had a phobia when it comes to swearing. She would be really frightened every time she heard someone make an oath.

Gregory only knew that Gu Mengmeng was using her nice-smelling and soft little hands to cover his mouth and her delicate and petite face was looking at him nervously, as though he was someone important.

She was worrying for him? Afraid that his oath might come true.

But was she a fool?

He was not angry at her at all. Even if she had drawn him to look like green-faced monster with sharp teeth, so long as it was her drawing, it would seem beautiful in his eyes. In fact, he did not even need her to coax him as he would not blame her at all. He had only intended on tricking her into coaxing him for one time, so how could the oath come true?

He held her little hands and moved it away from his mouth. He returned her with a gentle gaze and said softly with his deep voice, “A vulture will never regret the words that he had said.”

“Then you said previously that you wouldn’t fall in love with me and even asked me to give up! Now aren’t you ashamed? I don’t care, you spit out your saliva and say again!” Other than Elvis and Lea, Gu Mengmeng never said such wilful words. It was unusual for her to be so insistent for no reason, but without knowing why, she just felt uneasy about Gregory’s oath.

Breaking his wings and going blind…

How similar was it to Snakel with his chest ripped open and guts removed?

She could no longer endure another person’s life lost because of her. She would rather be insulted with the title of a strange auntie and old scumbag so that she could live peacefully with Gregory and the rest.

So long as all of them were alive.

The look that Gregory gace Gu Mengmeng was filled with happiness and was not upset at all. Instead, he was over the moon.

She was acting shamelessly, wasn’t it?

She always had the noble air of the Messenger of the Beast Deity, smiled gently to her friends, and despised her enemies, yet she was acting shamelessly like a child before him, right?

He had only seen this lovely and innocent look of hers when she was in Lea and Elvis’ arms.

Now, she was also willing to throw a tantrum in front of him, right?

Smiles spread across his lip and eyes. Gregory smiled dotingly and nodded, while saying, “Alright, just as you say.”

“Then hurry up and spit your saliva.” Gu Mengmeng straightened her neck and demanded.

“Bleh.” Gregory went through the motion of spitting saliva to the side and said, “What I said just now doesn’t count, Beast Deity, please pretend to not have heard it.”

Gu Mengmeng cleared her throat, then looked up at the sky and said, “Father, watch your television drama and treat whatever happened just now as a short advertisement that was removed. You did not see anything, nor hear anything, you understand?!”

Gregory did not understand what Gu Mengmeng was saying and only thought that she was extremely adorable.

With his arms holding her shoulders, he said, “This time, I can finally see what you have drawn, right?”

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