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Chapter 1446 - Digging Up Past Grievances

Chapter 1446: Digging Up Past Grievances

Although Cole was now a Beast King, he couldn’t shed his stray beast status and so was especially fearful of Gu Mengmeng.

Gu Mengmeng’s quick glance successfully extinguished Cole’s threatening manner. But it was like bursting a pimple without squeezing it clean, leaving an obvious bump on the face. There was no need to touch it to know there remained a hardened knot which could not be removed.

The corners of Cole’s lips twitched involuntarily, but in the end, he had to submit to Gu Mengmeng’s dominance. He smiled accommodatingly. “It was my careless mistake to have lost momentary control of my beast pressure. Please forgive me for scaring the guardian beast of the Great Messenger.”

Gregory was not as smart as Lea but he understood what they were doing.


A vulture who soared through the skies alongside howling winds and bone-chilling ice—now had to pretend to be a weakling who was “frightened” just because Cole leaked a bit of beast pressure. That’s really…

Gu Mengmeng patted Gregory’s hand with a sudden smile.

She watched as the obviously proud Gregory tried to make himself to look “weak” in order to accommodate Lea—his face nearly going into spasms but still unable to fake out a scared expression. The word “dilemma” was spelled out clearly on his face but he still tried his best to act according to Lea’s script. Gu Mengmeng couldn’t help finding this rather funny, but also very heartwarming.

We, bird beasts have our own pride.

Gregory had said this to her before. He would never do anything especially miserable or wretched to guilt her into accepting him.

Even though this was a route which Lea himself had used and could personally attest to its effectiveness.

But now, he was willing to let go of that pride just to accommodate Lea’s plan.

Gu Mengmeng’s smile stunned Gregory for a moment. He said rather despondently, “I am sorry…” I really don’t know how to act weak.

He didn’t verbalize the latter part of his sentence but he believed Gu Mengmeng understood his meaning.

Gu Mengmeng shook her head. “This is not the first time that the great Fox King has behaved so arrogantly. You are not the first person to be looked down upon by him and you won’t be the last. Last time, before he was even a Fox King, he even dared to kidnap my Lea and beat him back to his original form before sending him back to me just to prove his dominance. He is already being very kind today to have just slighted you with some words.”

Gu Mengmeng was clearly twisting Gregory’s apology to make everyone think he was apologizing for appearing weak and becoming a target for Cole’s provocation and ridicule.

The snow fox clan all broke out in cold sweat.

Since the first hunt at the end of winter, the Messenger of the Beast Deity no longer brought along the snow fox clan for any activities. She was clearly distancing them.

The 16 tribes and the wolf clan had bonded together, leaving the snow fox clan alone and helpless.

They had hoped to make use of tonight’s bonfire party to mend the relationship between the snow fox clan and the Messenger of the Beast Deity. But goodness knew what was wrong with this Fox King of theirs. He actually dared to provoke the Messenger of the Beast Deity until she was now starting to dig up past grievances.

Cole clenched his fists as he glared venomously at Gregory. It was as if he was looking at a dead man.

Ah Gu spoke so harshly about him just because of that bird?!

He was the most powerful male by Ah Gu’s side. Only he had the right to stand by a female like Ah Gu!

As if possessed, Cole took two steps forward and looked like he wanted to snatch Gu Mengmeng right out of Elvis’ arms.

He was not going to wait anymore. There was no need to wait for Ah Gu to personally kill them all. He must have Ah Gu now. If Ah Gu could belong only to him forever from this moment on, he could undertake the task of getting rid of these useless trash for her!

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