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Chapter 1357 - Ah Gu, Welcome Back

Chapter 1357: Ah Gu, Welcome Back

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It’s easy to be indebted but difficult to repay it. Now that Lea came up with such an idea, it was finally considered a win-win situation for both parties. After returning the favor to Gregory, Gu Mengmeng felt that the emotional burden on her had greatly reduced.

Lea looked at Gu Mengmeng’s relieved look and laughed. This lad was really intending on making things clear with Gregory and was completely unwilling for him to do anything for her for free. This showed that Gu Mengmeng really did not have any feelings for Gregory, so she did not give him any chance to showcase himself.

As such, he could be at ease for placing Gregory by her side.

Come to think about it, he was just another Burke.

As each day passed, Gu Mengmeng used a small stone to draw a line on the wall. In a blink of an eye, 20 days had passed by.

It was the coldest period during winter, but Gu Mengmeng insisted on returning to Sauder.

Elvis and Lea knew that Gu Mengmeng was worried about Chixuan. These 20 days had already been difficult for her, so they did not want to force her and accompanied her in the snowstorm. So long as she could be reassured and happy, it would be enough for them.

It was not difficult for Gregory to travel through the snowstorm. Originally, he did not want to bring her, firstly because he wanted to spend more time with her, and secondly because of Cole’s non-existent promise.

Now that he had formed an alliance with Lea and Lea had given him a reason to stay by Gu Mengmeng’s side, he no longer had any reason to force Gu Mengmeng to stay on Motou Mountains.

Moreover, if she really jumped the cliff another time, even if she was fine, he might have already gone crazy.

Originally, Gregory wanted to carry Gu Mengmeng on his back, and grab Elvis and Lea with each of his claw, just like how they came, but Gu Mengmeng was unwilling.

She said that the situation was special when they came and it was more urgent.

Even though they were also in a rush to return now, it was not as chaotic as when they had come, so there was no reason for her to make Gregory carry her on his back.

Actually, everyone was clear that because she had made use of his liking for her once, she was deeply bothered. After revealing the secret, she became even more cautious when interacting with him.

Gregory knew that she was stubborn, so there was no use in forcing her and let her be.

The outcome was that since Lea was considerably smaller, he would curl and wrap around Gu Mengmeng in a wooden bucket and Gregory would onto the side of the wooden bucket. Then Elvis would grab onto Gregory’s claws.

So three days later, there was such a strange sight spotted in the sky of Sauder.

A vulture was flying in the sky, with a wolf hanging from its leg and its claw holding onto a wooden bucket.

There was something moving about in the snow, but as it was too far away, Gu Mengmeng could not see clearly.

When she landed on land, Gu Mengmeng saw one person standing in front of the stone castle with his hands behind his back. The door to the stone castle was opened and a huge fireplace was burning, but it still could not warm up the snowy white place around. The person standing at the entrance was not anyone else but Cole. His silvery white hair was flying in the wind and his lips were grinning. It seemed as though he was not concerned about the snow and cold, as his eyes were smiling and he said, “Ah Gu, welcome back.”

Gu Mengmeng narrowed her eyes as she looked at Cole and she laughed coldly, “Aren’t you scared of me?”

“Scared, why would I be scared?” Cole took two steps forward to stand in front of Gu Mengmeng. He turned to his side and gestured to her politely and said, “I’m worried that you have been suffering during this long journey, I was also worried that you would be cold or hungry, so I repaired this destroyed stone castle, heated it up, prepared some delicacies and warmed up the water, just awaiting your return.”

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