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Chapter 1276 - The Damn Bird Who Don’t Know Chalk From Cheese

Chapter 1276: The Damn Bird Who Don’t Know Chalk From Cheese

“Alright.” Gregory answered with a bitter smile, the four words ‘a blessing in disguise’ surfacing inside him.

Gu Mengmeng added, “But let’s make things clear first, if Ian doesn’t go back to the Motou Mountains, you’re not allowed to attack him again. If such action occurs again, I’ll punch you back.”

Gregory did not say a word while Ian, on the other hand, sneered and said, “I can settle my own problems so why do you need to interfere?”

“You can’t even defeat him, why are you trying to fake it?” Gu Mengmeng turned around and chided him without holding herself back at all.

Ian originally resembled a sick and weak crown prince. Now that he was injured, his face turned paler, as if his days were numbered. His features were good-looking but he always gave off an extreme detest expression in front of Gu Mengmeng as he said, “I rather die from a battle than allow a female to stand up for me. Tsk, when can you get rid of your bad habit of poking your nose into others’ business?”

Gu Mengmeng stepped forward and stuck out one finger, pressing it against Ian’s wound. This made him wince in pain and Gu Mengmeng raised her brow, criticizing, “The damn bird who don’t know chalk from cheese, what exactly does Mandy like about you? Tsk!”

“Gu Mengmeng! If you have the guts, wait until I recover from my injury!” Ian clenched his teeth and warned with a dark expression.

Gu Mengmeng dusted her hands and said with a disdain look, “Do you still think I’m the weak little female from two years ago? So what if you recover from your injury? You still can’t defeat me, isn’t it? Tsk tsk tsk….”

“You’re so not cute!” Ian sneered.

Gu Mengmeng chuckled and answered him, “Everyone in this world thinks I’m cute, you’re the only one who doesn’t find me cute and that can only prove that you have a bad eyesight and you can’t appreciate beauty well.”

“Ha ha, everyone in this world? Where?” Ian retorted back, not admitting defeat.

Gu Mengmeng hugged Elvis on her left and Lea on her right before giving a bright smile, saying, “My husbands are my whole world. Since both of them find me cute, I’m cute.”

Elvis warmed his fingers up and smiled, saying, “Yeah, I’ll kill anyone who says you’re not cute. That way, only people who find you cute will be left in this world. Is that alright?”

Ian rolled his eyes, rejecting the bad quality public display of affection in front of him.

Gu Mengmeng won the first round!

She kissed Elvis’s and Lea’s cheeks in pride before taking two fruits from the fruit platter. She bit onto one of it and threw the other one to Ian.

Since one of Ian’s shoulders was injured, he could only use his other arm to catch the fruit Gu Mengmeng threw over. He did not stand on ceremony as he directly bit onto it and said, “Do you know about the stray beasts attacking Saint Nazaire?”

“Yeah, I heard it from the informant. Are there any serious losses?” Gu Mengmeng asked.

Ian shook his head and swept his gaze across Lea. He did not continue staring as he said in an indifferent tone, “We just lost Maya, the other females managed to escape this attack because they went to pray in the mountains. The tribe lost a little food and a few caves were messed up. These are all trivial matters, Barete and I can handle them.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded and did not say a word.

After Ian finished his fruit, he asked again, “Then, are you returning to Saint Nazaire this winter? Mandy…”

Gu Mengmeng shook her head and said, “I don’t know too, I originally wanted to search for the Love of the Sky in the Motou Mountains. I finally met someone from the vulture tribe but he’s not willing to help me. I wanted to get closer to him through this month and suck up to him but in the end, everything was ruined because of you…tsk, now that I think of it, you’re really bad company, a Bird who can’t achieve anything and is only good at spoiling things.”

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