Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 610 - The Final Battle Arrives

Chapter 610 - The Final Battle Arrives

Tianming never imagined that he would frighten so many people by insta-killing Xuanyuan Ganggang. Just how badly were they frightened?

“Use your Scarletflame Tomes and get lost.” Tianming descended to the ground and put away his sword.

The hundreds of empyrean saints from the Dragonmight Faction had beads of sweat rolling down their foreheads.

“Kill!” Wen Haocheng suddenly yelled, and all of them acted at the same time. They wanted to take advantage of Tianming dropping his guard and kill him. They might be frightened, but they might have a chance of killing Tianming with their advantage in numbers. The next moment, over a hundred empyrean saints charged forth with their lifebound beasts.

“Impudence.” Tianming reacted swiftly and brought out his lifebound beasts. Lan Huang immediately threw out the Mountainsea World and Azure Oceanic Purgatory. Tianming sank into the water, dodging many of the divine abilities.

Suddenly, the Three-Thousand Starfield shot out from the ocean and whipped a few people, causing them to yell out in pain from pools of their own blood.

“Go at him together!”

Tianming held Brightnight in his right hand and the Three-Thousand Starfield in his left. He used them at the same time, and no one could stop him. He didn’t even need to use the Hexapath Samsara Sword, because the Myriad-Demise Sword was more than enough.

Brightnight stabbed forth and sword ki shot out, hitting anyone who didn’t use their Scarletflame Tome.

“I’ll kill whoever who dares to attack me.” Tianming said, leaving many people intimidated and causing even more to run for their lives.

“Cowards! Stop running away!” Wen Haocheng roared, but there was nothing he could do to change the fear that the Dragonmight Faction’s disciples felt toward Tianming. Over the past ten days, his reputation had grown to the extent that it had become their nightmare.

“How can he possibly be so powerful?” Tang Lingshan exclaimed.

“Even the faction lord and deputy faction lord wouldn’t be able to insta-kill Xuanyuan Ganggang, right?” said Wen Haocheng.

“Gu Shaoyu, that idiot! He gave such a genius to the Swordking Faction!”

“What level of the Empyrean Saint stage is he in right now?”

“I don’t know. Wasn’t he in the Sky Saint stage?”

“How can his cultivation be so fast? Or does he have a way to pretend to be a sky saint?” They couldn’t figure it out.

“Stop running. I saw you guys.” Tianming suddenly focused on them. Beside him, Ying Huo and Meow Meow also exploded with stunning lethality in their attacks.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, but you’ll die a terrible death if you go against our Dragonmight Faction!” said Tang Lingshan.

Her lifebound beast was at home in the Azure Oceanic Purgatory, and it was also a tribulation beast. It was a huge octopus with thousands of tentacles, and every tentacle had a blue ring on it.

It was a Myriad Blueringed Octopus, and was extremely poisonous. It had instantly turned the Azure Oceanic Purgatory into a toxic ocean. But it was a pity that poison didn’t have much effect on Lan Huang. On the contrary, it poisoned the beastmasters and lifebound beasts on Tang Lingshan’s side.

“The Dragonmight Faction? Bullshit.” Tianming suddenly appeared before Tang Lingshan and attacked with the Ninenether Fiendgod Claw. When his claw came into contact with Tang Lingshan, it made her yell out in pain. She was in the fifth level of the Empyrean Saint stage, but Tianming left wounds that exposed her bones.

“Holy shit, you finally learned this squeezing dragon claw?!” Ying Huo was dumbfounded.

“Shut up!”

Tang Lingshan was scared out of her wits and immediately used her Scarletflame Tome.

“Run!” Wen Haocheng’s face turned pale at the sight and immediately ran for his life. But the Three-Thousand Starfield tangled around his body and tightly bound him.

“I surrender! I’m a piece of garbage!” Wen Haocheng finally submitted and dripped his blood on his Scarletflame Tome at the very last minute.

But just when Wen Haocheng relaxed, he suddenly took a hit. When he turned around, he saw Ying Huo staring at him as it folded its wings.

“I’ve already surrendered, yet you still dared to attack me?” Wei Haoxuan touched his back and found that it was all covered in blood.

“What? You’re unhappy?” Ying Huo asked.

“No, I’m not unhappy.” Wen Haocheng submitted. After all, it would never be too late to take revenge.

Tianming, Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang continued on their way, and no one could stop them. There were only a hundred Dragonmight disciples there, and it was difficult for them even to surrender.

“Li Tianming!!” an enraged roar echoed out. Tianming raised his head and saw thousands of people rushing at him, with the deputy faction lord of the Dragonmight Faction leading the party.

“Xiaoxiao!” Tianming called out and turned to run.


“I’ll be leaving first. You tie up loose ends.” Tianming continued running.

“Hey, why are you like this?!” Lin Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded.

“Run, or you’ll be crushed,” the Archaionfiend said without any emotion.

“Wait for me! Tianming, you bastard!” Lin Xiaoxiao ran with her life on the line.

“Why don’t you go face them yourself?” Lin Xiaoxiao said while she caught her breath.

“It’s not time yet,” said Tianming.

“There you go acting tough again. If you can fight thousands of them by yourself, I’ll take your surname,” said Lin Xiaoxiao.

“Li Xiaoxiao?” Tianming laughed. “Wait for it then.”

“Are you done practicing your sword art? What’s next?” Lin Xiaoxiao asked. She knew Tianming’s plan. He wanted to go to the Heaven Cauldron, and there was nothing she could do to stop him aside from chasing right behind his tail.

“Continue? After all, I’ve taken down 10% of them over the past ten days, and I can do another 10% in the next five days. Taking 20% of them down by myself is already my limit,” said Tianming.

“You want to take down another ten thousand people?” Lin Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded.

“What, are you afraid? Then you don’t have to follow me.”

“I’ll come along!”

“You’re pretty determined.”


Back in the Dragonmight Faction.

“Faction lord, out of four hall lords, two were killed, and two surrendered. Xuanyuan Ganggang was insta-killed by Li Tianming….”

“Just how powerful is he? Did he conceal his strength, or has he progressed so much in just a few days?”

“How can he conceal your strength? Can he conceal an empyrean body’s aura?”

“Who knows.”

The person they once chased away was now causing such a headache for them.

“Faction lord?” Everyone turned to look at Xuanyuan Yufeng, waiting for his decision. However, Xuanyuan Yufeng was just looking into the distance.

“That Li Tianming is simply a lingering dog!” someone blabbered. They hoped that Xuanyuan Yufeng could take him down. Otherwise, it would be uncomfortable to have someone right on their tail all the time.

As for how they were going to take Tianming down, that would be up to Xuanyuan Yufeng. After all, he was the faction lord and it was his job to command the army and turn the tables around. To put it bluntly, even an idiot could get the Dragonmight Faction to first place with their numbers.

However, Xuanyuan Yufeng only remained silent, his eyes gloomy.

The army continued pressing forth, and they heard people screaming out from time to time. Then Xuanyuan Yufeng smiled when he saw a green light shooting into the sky.

“Finally! Everyone from the Dragonmight Faction, listen up! Prepare for battle!” Xuanyuan Yufeng’s voice sounded out. Everyone was still at a loss. The scouting team hadn’t found anyone, so who were they going to fight?

“Faction lord, we’re not going to target Tianming?” asked a hall lord.

“Why do I need to care about him after defeating the Swordking Faction?” Xuanyuan Yufeng asked.

“What do you mean? The Swordking Faction is up ahead?” Everyone was confused because no one had seen the Swordking Faction’s tracks.

About fifteen minutes later, a scout came in to report.

“Faction leader, we’ve found the Swordking Faction and Azureriver Faction’s coalition army up ahead. There’s ninety thousand people in total, and we’re evenly matched!”

“What? They joined together?”

“It’s troublesome now that they’ve joined together. Let’s not confront them for the time being and let them fight among themselves as time passes. After all, they have to decide who’ll be first and second on the ranking.”

“Faction lord, are we going to withdraw?” Everyone was nervous.

“Withdraw?” Xuanyuan Yufeng grinned. “Everyone from the Dragonmight Faction, listen up! Ignore the Azureriver Faction and target the Swordking Faction! This is the final battle, so follow me and kill!”

Despite many people having doubts in their hearts, they didn’t question his authority. After all, he was the faction lord and he never made a mistake.


The Silverriver Valley was a hidden place in Taiji Peak. It was a silver river that passed through the valley toward Taiji Peak Lake.

The Swordking Faction and Azureriver Faction had arrived there a day ago and decided to work together to fight the Dragonmight Faction. The higher hierarchy of both factions had spent the last day discussing how they should proceed. There wasn’t any news passed around on the battlefield, so they had no idea how Tianming had placed the Dragonmight Faction in an awkward position.

On a high slope, Jian Xueyi, Zhao Yijue, and five other hall lords met up with the Azureriver Faction’s Fang Hongxuan and Fang Bihan. Fang Hongxuan was dressed in black, with a tall and skinny frame. His younger twin sister, Fang Bihan, also had a slender figure, with a faint azure glow in her eyes and a cold air around her.

They were both juniors of the Sterling House of Fang, and they had a high position in the Human Branch. The Azureriver Faction wasn’t inferior to the Swordking Faction at all.

“That’s weird. Judging from the ranking, the Dragonmight Faction seems to have faced some sort of obstruction that made them stop at ninth place. There’s only five days left, and they’ll surely do whatever they can to catch up.” Jian Xueyi stood on the mountain, looking down at the Silverriver Valley.

Her brothers from the Swordking Faction were hiding in the valley, while the Azureriver Faction was outside, since they had come from afar.

“That’s right. It’ll be more stable if we take them down,” said Fang Hongxuan.

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