Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 602 - Plundering Everything With One Arm

Chapter 602 - Plundering Everything With One Arm

Who was Tianming? He was a member of the Sky Plunderer Clan, who were proficient in plundering in the world; nothing could escape them. Li Muyang was someone who had even stolen the Primordial Chaos Beasts, and even Tianming had broken the formation back in the Divine Tomb with his left arm.

Compared to Perpetia City, Tianming felt that the Sword Insight Rock was nothing. That was what he felt, but he had no idea about the exact difference in their level.

What did that mean? Others had to research the principles behind the Sword Formation, while Tianming could unlock it straight away.

“I never imagined that the method my father passed on to me would be so amazing…” Tianming reached out with his black arm, touched the Sword Formation, and his crimson nails easily plunged into it.

“Oh!” Tianming suddenly grinned. He didn’t need to comprehend it at all, and could just unlock it. With the Sky Plunderer Clan’s innate talent, Tianming tore a hole in the Sword Formation.

He successfully resolved the first Sword Formation without comprehending the Sword Dao within it. The Sword Insight Rock suddenly trembled under his black arm and started turning white. The rock was suddenly enveloped in a white mist, which devoured Tianming.

Everything happened too suddenly. Xuanyuan Dao, Fang Qingli, and Jian Wuyi were still chatting about the ‘rat,’ but they were stunned when they saw the Sword Insight Rock’s changes.

“What’s going on?” They raised their heads and looked at the white rock. The three were dumbfounded, along with all the masters of the Hexapath Sword Palace.

“How long did he take?”

“I think it was just a few breaths?” Fang Qingli replied.

“Is the Stone Insight Rock broken?”

“How’s that even possible?”

“Jian, how long did you take to pass the first Sword Formation?” Xuanyuan Dao asked.

“Three years when I was in my twenties!” Jian Wuyi shook his head. He was wondering if his eyes were messing with him. He was a powerful swordsman in the Archaion Sect, and he belonged to the same clan as the Hexapath Sword God. So he knew how unbelievable this scene was before him.

To be honest, Tianming would have an impressive talent in Sword Dao if he could even cause a fluctuation to a certain degree, and they would be willing to let him comprehend Sword Dao there in the future.

“It only took him a few breaths to break through the first Sword Formation?” Fang Qingli finally recovered from the shock. Even with her usual equanimity she couldn’t help exclaiming, which frightened everyone present.

“That’s the Sword Formation left behind by the Hexapath Sword God, right?”

“I’ve used swords since I was a child, and I spent two hundred years to break the third Sword Formation. I spent eighteen years on the first formation alone!”

Everyone was still in shock and hadn’t realized it earlier. But it was terrifying now that they thought about it. After all, how would they know that a group of formation plunderers existed in the world, and Tianming’s ancestors could even plunder the sun, moon, and stars?

Honestly speaking, even Tianming had only realized how terrifying the Sky Plunderer Clan was at this moment. At the very least, he hadn’t encountered any formation that could stop him. And it just so happened that powerhouses tend to have a habit of keeping their treasures and inheritances in formations.

Tianming didn’t even have to comprehend the Sword Formation, since he could open them with his ‘key’ to achieve the same effect. At that moment, the first sword art left behind by the Hexapath Sword God appeared before his eyes.

It was a glowing book, and it would drive any disciple ecstatic. It was the First Yang Sword Art, and it was a lot more powerful than many sword arts in the sect.

But Tianming merely took a look at it. He thought, why should I stop here if he could get something better? The First Yang Sword Art seemed like a book, but it wasn’t. There was no way it could be brought out, and it could only enter Tianming’s sea of consciousness.

Tianming was worried that his sea of consciousness wouldn’t contain other sword arts if he obtained this one, so he wanted to continue.

A white mist appeared beneath the Sword Formation. It was an ocean of clouds—the second formation. But it wasn’t as simple as an ocean of clouds. With the eye on his black arm, Tianming saw all the lifeforms down below.

“Incredible.…” These were all created by heavenly patterns? Tianming saw billions of lifeforms, all of them realistically living their own life. But in reality, they were just heavenly patterns. The scene left a great impression on Tianming.

“The Dao of Men, Omnisentient Sword Intent,” a voice suddenly echoed in Tianming’s ears, tearing his eardrums apart. Tianming couldn’t tell who was talking to him, but he could see billions of lifeforms raising their heads to look at him.

“You have to comprehend the omnisentient to break the second formation,” the voice sounded once more.

Comprehend the omnisentient? There were so many, so how was he going to comprehend them? Get to know every single one of them? That would take at least a decade!

What a cheapskate, making it so difficult to obtain your inheritance, Tianming said inwardly. He wasn’t here to comprehend today, but to see if his black arm could continue breaking through the formations.

He reached out to the second Sword Formation. His hand turned into a colossal palm appearing above the heads of all the ‘lifeforms.’

“Open!” Everything snapped like bamboo and the second Sword Formation broke.

“What?!” Everyone looked with their eyes wide. They saw the second Sword Formation breaking and the third Sword Formation appearing. At the same time, the Sword Insight Rock turned black. It had only been twenty breaths!

Xuanyuan Dao, Jian Wuyi, and Fang Qingli’s faces all turned pale.

“Is the Sword Insight Rock broken?”

“It’s never been broken. The Sword Insight Rock is constructed from heavenly patterns, so how can it possibly be broken?”

“The other Gods have also taken a look at it before.”

The Hexapath Sword Palace instantly fell into silence.

“Your Eminence, I’m impressed by your foresight,” Xuanyuan Dao suddenly said.

“Yeah.” Feiling nodded her head faintly. Despite how composed she appeared, she was rejoicing in her heart. Everyone had been looking down on Tianming, and today they were given a great shock. She had known that Tianming might use his innate talent when using the Sword Insight Stone.

But she never thought it would be successful. If there weren’t so many people in the surroundings, she would have jumped up and hugged Tianming by now. She secretly peeked at the Archaion Sect’s powerhouses, looking at the shock on their faces. They were always wearing stern faces, and she had never thought the day would come when they would have their faces slapped.

“But is Big Brother still going to continue?” Feiling blinked and continued watching.

Tianming was naturally going to continue. He wanted to see his limits. The deeper he went, the higher his position would be in the Archaion Sect. Along with Feiling behind him, who would look down on him again? Since he had an opportunity to soar to the sky, he would naturally not give up on it.

As a result, he continued toward the third formation, and the voice echoed out once more, “The Hungry Ghost Dao, Ghost Sword Intent.”

The third formation was comprised of countless evil spirits. There were jiangshi and souls who met with a tragic death. Their screams eerily echoed out in the third formation.

“Get lost. I’m not here to comprehend the Sword Dao.” Tianming already knew the way. Raising his ‘key,’ he continued unlocking the third formation. With that, the third sword formation broke.

“Holy shit!” Jian Wuyi finally lost his composure. He belatedly realized that it was inappropriate for him to behave this way with the God around.

“Is he a monster?”

“Is he still a human?!”

“Your Eminence, he’s not the Hexapath Sword God’s direct descendant, right?”

“Wait, that doesn’t sound right. There’s tons of Hexapath Sword God’s descendants, and we’ve never heard of something like this happening!”

If breaking the second formation had shocked them, breaking the third formation made their world collapse. Jian Wuyi knew the most about sword intent, and his eyes were wide open as his face drained of blood.

“What does that mean?” Xuanyuan Dao asked.

“How would I know?” Jian Wuyi glared back.

Honestly speaking, they would believe it if someone said that Tianming was a God reborn. After all, even Gods needed a few visits to break the first formation, and they had never seen someone so terrifying. Most importantly, would the third formation be Tianming’s limit?

Subsequently, the fourth formation, Animal Dao’s Myriad Beast Sword Intent, broke and Tianming came into contact with the Four Seasons Sword Art.

Jian Wuyi watched with his lips twitching. Everyone was silent as they looked at Tianming. In the next moment, Tianming broke the fifth formation, the Asura Dao, Divineghost Sword Intent.

This scene made Jian Wuyi stagger as he took a few steps back and nearly fell to the ground. A young man had managed to tie the highest record on the Flameyellow continent in just half an hour? The entire Hexapath Sword Palace fell into silence, and only Feiling wore a smile on her face.

“Tianming, why don’t you stop here? Look at how sore the sect master of the Human Branch’s face is,” Ying Huo laughed.

“I’m not slapping his face, I just want to know what’s in the sixth formation!” Tianming said with his eyes blazing. He was curious about the strongest sword art in the Flameyellow continent, and he was already filled with thirst for it.

While everyone was dumbfounded, Tianming continued breaking the formation with his black arm. He finally arrived at the sixth Sword Formation, the Purgatory Dao, Samsara Sword Intent.

The formation had constructed eighteen levels of hell, which appeared before him. There were the Yellow Springs, Forgotten River, Infernal, Frostbite, Avici, and many other hells. It was a terrifying scene, and it was a sword intent that contained everything.

“Break!” Tianming was unfazed after coming so far. His claw pierced through the eighteen levels of hell. The next second, the eighteen levels of hell disappeared and the Sword Intent Rock started changing.

Everyone saw the Sword Intent Rock transforming into a dried-up white-browed elderly man seated on the ground.

“The Hexapath Sword God!”

Exclamations sounded out from the surroundings when they saw the elderly man.

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