Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 403 - Li Muyang’s Home

Chapter 403 - Li Muyang’s Home

The Ancient Qilin Clan’s Manor City was separated into an inner and outer city. The inner city was divided into seven areas, and one of them was occupied by the Ink Qilin Branch’s Ink Manor. This was a massive city, and aside from the buildings, there were also many landscape decorations like mountains and rivers. The scope of the city was similar to the Grand-Orient Sect.

The Solar Disc flew in the sky and directly descended after reaching Ink Manor. There was a magnificent, ink-green gate that was higher than the Imperial Ninefold Gates. Furthermore, there were dozens of saintly heavenly patterns on it, which looked gorgeous under the nightscape.

Past the gate, Ink Manor was brightly lit and seemed prosperous. Tianming estimated that there had to be at least ten thousand people in the manor. Although the Ancient Qilin Clan had been on the decline for the past forty years, that was only for the younger generations. For the Ink Manor alone to be so huge, it seemed like the Ancient Qilin Clan was bigger than Tianming had imagined.

“Mo Yu!” Chong Yang yelled upon arriving. Shortly after, a gorgeous woman wearing an ink-colored dress came floating out from the darkness. She had white skin and a well-maintained posture. But her eyes reflected her age, though she probably wasn’t any older than the three exalts.

“Didn’t the three of you go chasing after Li Muyang?” Mo Yu was at least a saint, as she was able to fly in the air.

“Li Muyang toyed with us and we weren’t able to find him. But we managed to find something else, instead,” said Chong Yang.

“What is it?”

“Let’s talk about it privately.”

Chong Yang and Mo Yu went to the side and conversed by themselves, and a shocked expression could clearly be seen on Mo Yu’s face. She even turned to look at Tianming several times.

“He cannot be killed or harmed. Otherwise, I’m afraid that the Decimo Dao Palace will come looking for us. We’ll impose the lifetime curse on him tomorrow and throw him into the Infernal Soul Purgatory, then think of another method in case Li Muyang doesn’t come,” said Chong Yang.

“Got it.” The look in Mo Yu’s eyes changed as she looked at the white-haired Tianming with a complicated expression.

“Does Li Muyang still have anyone alive in his family?” Chong Yang asked.

“There’s still some distant relatives. But if you’re talking about someone who shared a close relationship with him, then there’s only one old man left living in Li Muyang’s old home,” said Mo Yu.

“Then put him there,” said Chong Yang.

“I have a question. Will the Ancient Theocrats take him away if they learn of his existence?” asked Mo Yu.

“I don’t know. I reported it to them when the Cyclic Mirror appeared. But the Primeval Autarch told us to take it back to redeem ourselves. After all, the Primeval Autarch had destroyed Li Muyang’s saint origin back then, and he had already lost his cultivation. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had to hide for four decades,” said Chong Yang.

“What if the Ancient Theocrats ask for this boy?”

“Then we’ll give him to them,” replied Chong Yang.

“But he’s also Li Shenxiao’s descendant! Why is his identity so complicated? Does the Decimo Dao Palace know of his existence?”

“We will officially announce imposing the lifetime curse on him tomorrow. We’ll be able to see the Decimo Dao Palace’s reaction at that time,” said Chong Yang.

“Okay. We can also see the reaction from the Ancient Theocrats then, too. After all, this child’s identity is a little too convoluted,” said Mo Yu.

“He’s involved in too many things. I heard from Yun Zhenzhen that the Grand-Orient Sect has someone called Li Wudi, who used the Venomdrake Spike to undergo his Lifesbane for fourteen years, achieving a hexabane and reaching the Sky Saint stage.” Chong Yang knitted his brows.

“Are you joking with me? Where did this hexabane come from?” Mo Yu was stunned.

“That’s definitely true. She also said that Tianming is the son of that fellow. I only knew that he was just Tianming’s foster father when I asked that brat.”

“What is the Decimo Dao Palace going to do with that hexabane?” Mo Yu asked.

“With Li Shenxiao’s status in the Decimo Dao Palace in ancient times, I believe they’ll try getting him to join the palace. Furthermore, they’ll groom him. That’s the reason why I’m having a headache now; it’s all due to that kid’s relationship with that hexabane.”

“What if the Decimo Dao Palace tries to take this brat away?” Mo Yu asked.

“There’s no way we can give them this brat. He’s a descendant of the Ancient Qilin Clan, so why should we have to give him to them?” Chong Yang replied.

“But he’s also a descendant of the Li Saint Clan.”

“Anyway, we got him first. Moreover, the lifetime curse is a punishment decreed by the Primeval Autarch. So there’s nothing the Decimo Dao Palace can say about that.”

“The lifetime curse will definitely suppress his talent as a pentabane, affecting him greatly. Furthermore, it’ll be imprinted on him for a lifetime,” Mo Yu said with pity flickering in her eyes.

“What are you thinking? He’s here to atone for his father. Even if we let him go, he’ll still be destroyed sooner or later!” Chong Yang raged.


After they were done talking, Mo Yu walked over and waved her hand at Tianming. “Follow up.”

Tianming turned to cast a glance at Yun Zhenzhen and Jun Niancang, then entered Ink Manor. After he went in, Chong Yang, Jing Yue, and Ling Xing turned to leave. But just when they were about to leave, Yun Zhenzhen suddenly called out to them, “Exalted ones….”

The only response was a token flying in her direction, which Yun Zhenzhen immediately received. “Take this token to the Saint Armory and pick a saint beast weapon with less than thirty saintly heavenly patterns,” said Chong Yang.

“Yes, thank you!” Yun Zhenzhen immediately expressed excitement. All she did was just contribute a piece of information she had gotten by accident, and she received such a huge reward for it.

After the exalted ones left, Yun Zhenzhen noticed the troubled look in Jun Niancang’s eyes and said, “What’s the matter? Did it feel terrible losing to him? That’s because he used the Spiritburn Tome. So don’t feel too bad about it.”

However, Jun Niancang replied by shaking his head.

“Is it about Heaven’s Elysium, then? Weren’t you feeling ashamed of your father? So why are you sad?”

“You wouldn’t understand. I’m now the only person remaining of my family.” The Jun Clan of Heaven’s Elysium had lost terribly. Jun Niancang closed his eyes in pain. “Furthermore, I’ll never be able to take revenge for Long’er.”

“Didn’t you hear that he’s the son of a sinner? His outcome will only be more terrible than you think. Just watch if you don’t believe me,” said Yun Zhenzhen.

“Is that so?”

“What do you plan to do now?”

“Return to the Decimo Dao Palace to cultivate,” replied Jun Niancang.

“After that?”

“I have no idea. Maybe I’ll be able to take revenge for Long’er one day, or even return to the Grand-Orient Realm and take back Heaven’s Elysium.”

“Aren’t you someone who longed for freedom?”

“I no longer have the qualification for that, with the feud I’m bearing,” Jun Niancang said with his voice choking up.

“Alright then, I’ll send you out.”


“Furthermore, try to forget Yueling Long. Do you know what I mean?”


“Have you never considered why I went to the Grand-Orient Ream looking for you when you only helped me once?”


“Honestly speaking, I’m happy that she’s dead.”


“Exalted one!” Many people greeted Mo Yu when they entered. As they walked, Qilin saint beasts could be seen laying or playing around by the side.

“Exalted one, who’s this?”

“His arm.…”

“Is he related to Li Muyang?” Many people came and surrounded Mo Yu and Tianming, looking at them with gloomy eyes as the two walked in.

“Stop asking about it. There’s a clan meeting tomorrow,” said Mo Yu.


“Disperse! Don’t stand around!”

Although Mo Yu had left with Tianming, there were still many people in Ink Manor, quietly standing there. When Tianming turned around, he could see the rage in their eyes.


Passing through the buildings along a small path, Tianming saw an old courtyard. The courtyard was lit, and flames could be seen flickering from within. The brightness here couldn’t be compared to the houses down below, and it didn’t take long for them to arrive.

“Exalted one, where is this place?”

“This will be your resting place in the future, if you can come out of the Infernal Soul Purgatory,” said Mo Yu.

“Got it.” Tianming didn’t think that this place was bad, despite looking a little old and tattered; he was an optimistic person. This place would be his new home, so it didn’t seem bad to be away from people. However, he knew that he wouldn’t be spending much time there. He knew that, to force Li Muyang to return, they would definitely torture him in the Infernal Soul Purgatory.

“This is where your father grew up,” said Mo Yu.

“Oh?” Tianming became more interested in the place.

“Your grandfather and great grandfather left the world early, so there’s only an old man inside. He’s the second uncle of your father, so he can be considered your only relative remaining in this world, aside from your parents,” said Mo Yu.

“Li Muyang’s second uncle?”

If this old man is Li Muyang’s second uncle, wouldn’t he be my second grand uncle? Then this old man should be pretty old. After all, Li Muyang should be in his eighties, right? Speaking of which, Li Muyang, that old geezer, had actually gone after his young mother!

“Are you sure you’re not going to change your name?” Mo Yu cast a glance at Tianming, then shook her head. Taking a few more glances at Tianming, she continued, “You look like Yang when he was younger.”


“Your father.”

“Hahaha!” Tianming couldn’t hold back his laughter when he heard that.

“What’s your cultivation right now?” Mo Yu asked.

“Fourth-level Heavenly Will.”

“Are you sure? You seem to be higher than that,” replied Mo Yu.

“Then add a few more levels if you want.”

Mo Yu was curious when she saw how fearless Tianming was. Wasn’t he afraid of what he would be facing? She asked, “You’re a pentabane, so why isn’t your cultivation higher?”

“I started cultivating late.”

“How late?”

“When I was already a teenager.”

“Your parents didn’t care about you?”

“Nope,” Tianming lied. Right now, he just wanted to avoid talking about Wei Jing so his mother wouldn’t be pulled into this vortex.

“What a pity then. After imposing the lifetime curse on you and throwing you into the Infernal Soul Purgatory, your talents will be suppressed. You won’t be able to make any improvements on your cultivation, and you’ll also lose the chance to catch up to your peers,” Mo Yu sighed. She patted Tianming’s shoulder and hesitated briefly, then said, “It’s useless to try to escape. You won’t be able to leave Ink Manor. Just rest well for the night. Tomorrow, the entire Ancient Qilin Clan will come to know about you.”

Tianming was standing halfway up the mountain. From his position, he could see the entire Manor City. The city was brightly lit, and its heart was like the day. Looking at it, Tianming’s eyes blazed. That must be the Infernal Soul Purgatory.

Suddenly, the courtyard gate opened with a creak. A blind old man wearing an undershirt and a pair of shorts walked out holding on to a cane, “Yang, is that you? Are you back home?”

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