Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2477 - Make an Opening

Chapter 2477 - Make an Opening

"Apart from monstrous, what other word can I use to describe this disciple of mine?" Lin Xiaodao sprayed another mouthful of wine and laughed with his arms on his hips. The rain of alcohol snapped the crowd out of their shock, causing them to draw a cold breath.

"A first-astral orderan defeated a seventh-astral orderan, and the strongest one at that. Is this some kind of miracle?"

"There's no precedent in the entirety of the Infinitum Mundus!"

"How can we not be convinced?!"

"Lin Feng is no doubt the most insane rising talent the mundus has ever borne witness to!"

In a world where martial prowess was the utmost virtue, showing one's power was a surefire way to earn respect. What followed after that was magnanimity. If Tianming was powerful, yet had a humble attitude, others could scarcely treat him badly even if he was Lin Mu's son. The astral gods, as well as the millions of other normal gods in the tenth branch, were completely shaken and filled with respect and admiration for him, even some pride.

"Amazing! History’s been made!" Lin Xiaodao cheered.

"Oh, I wouldn't dare to claim that," Tianming humbly said.

"Don't be shy about it! You're amazing!"

"That's right!"

"Putting aside your insane ability to fight beyond your level, nobody at the age of around a hundred has ever managed to defeat a seventh-astral orderan!"

Chaotic chatter broke out in the crowd once more. A merry atmosphere filled Bladebath Palace. In the midst of all that merry making, Tianming addressed the crowd and said, "Everyone, I’ve come here to be protected. I never had any intention of antagonizing the Skycross Lin Clan! I’ll be in the care of you all, my seniors, and I’ll surely repay the favor once I’m capable of doing so."

The respect he had shown the seniors with those words even after his unprecedented triumph caused him to be immediately accepted. A genius that didn't throw their weight around was always popular with the masses.


"Don't worry, Auntie will protect you."

"You don't need to fight anymore. Come, leap into Auntie's embrace."

"Hey, stop that! It's gross! You're already around three thousand years old! You're supposed to be his grandmother!"


Everyone in the hall broke into a bout of merry laughter.

Looks like acting polite after a false display of arrogance was the right call. I don't think many people will be against me cultivating in Gladeus from now on. He turned to Lin Zhongtian and Lin Zhonghai and bowed. "I thank you in advance, Seniors, for the trouble I’ll cause the two of you."

Lin Zhongtian felt a little awkward. Hurriedly, he said, "It's fine. You’ve proven your worth with your own capabilities. I have no more words."

"We hope to see your growth," Lin Zhonghai added.

Lin Zhongtian really had nothing against Tianming being there anymore. Having seen a lot over his long life, he knew better than anyone that it would take a miracle for a first-astral orderan to defeat Lin Yixuan. "He didn't show that level of power back in Ebonia. Once word of this spreads there, it'll shake the whole world. Coupled with his thirty-year-old astral god wife, the many factions of Ebonia will surely be keeping an eye on them. Fortunately, Lin Xiaodao completely deployed the Hellstar Formation."

"The other factions on Gladeus think he’s wasting nova source by activating the formation. The ebons have already begun stirring up quite a few incidents over it," Lin Zhonghai said.

"Lin Xiaodao controls the two key formations, so those minor factions are of no threat to him. I'm just worried that the ebons of Ebonia would incite their compatriots on Gladeus to rebel after they hear about Lin Feng's miracle!"

"Rebel? That'll be the perfect chance for us to purge Gladeus of their faction and rule over the entire star ourselves!" Lin Zhonghai said, stroking his mustache.

"It won't be that easy," Lin Zhongtian said, brows furrowed with worry. Somehow, he felt that Lin Xiaodao had deeper plans that began with what he’d done here this day. When he looked up again, he saw Lin Xiaodao and Tianming blabbering away in the distance.

"My good disciple, you're now properly one of us. It's time for you to live up to your boasting," Lin Xiaodao said.

"Huh? What’re you talking about?" Tianming rolled his eyes.

"Going back on your word so soon? Didn't you say that you would turn this gray, stormy nova source into a sissy pink for me?"

"I do. You even said that if I could actually do it, you'd call me 'dad' in public." The stakes were being raised. Imagine if a master really became his disciple's son.

"Tch! I'll do it if you manage to! I won't feel vexed in the slightest! I'll gladly welcome it!"

"Of course you'll be glad. If I succeed, you'll be the one to profit. I knew you believed what I said to some extent, or you wouldn't even remember it."

"Hey, shut up, pretty boy. I dare you to make it happen now," Lin Xiaodao said.

"Now? Are you sure? It sounds pretty risky," Tianming said.

"Yeah! Right now! I'm not afraid!"

Tianming knew what he was thinking when he saw that impatient look. Lin Xiaodao definitely thought that turning Gladeus pink was an impossible feat that defied common sense. However, common sense had never really applied to Tianming, so even Lin Xiaodao believed there was some truth to what he said. It was far too important a matter, so he couldn't wait to see what Tianming would come up with.

"We can go to the core of the world through the Hellstar Formation, right?" Tianming asked. Only the ruler of the star world could allow Ji Ji into the core.

"Sure. Watch!" Lin Xiaodao went to his divine astralship to work it out.

"What’re they working on?" Everyone watched the two of them curiously, including Lin Zhongtian and Lin Zhonghai.

"Where’d the etherean go?" someone asked Tianming.

"To make an opening," Tianming said.

"Make an opening?"

Just as they wondered what he actually meant, the entire Skycross Bladegrave shook. The water in Bladebath Palace splashed all over the place from the tremors, then a loud rumbling echoed out from a valley in the distance. The valley had cracked open, revealing an endless abyss beneath, out of which poured gray nova source. It formed a geyser that shot straight up into the clouds.

"Quick! Opening a path to the fusion formation isn't easy!" Lin Xiaodao called out from his ship with a shaky voice.

"Ji Ji," Tianming begged with a pitiful look.

"Hmph! For my Ling'er's sake, I'll give you a freebie! If you dare to mess with me again, I'll get you for it!" Ji Ji's pink spiritform glared at Tianming, then made its move.

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