Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 232 - Marriage Contrac

Chapter 232 - Marriage Contrac

The Metal Bloodline of the Li Saint Clan was mainly based out of Goldgleam Mountain, which was named for the abundance of goldgleam ore on the mountain. From a distance in the sunlight, the mountain glimmered like a jewel and looked far more impressive than Fatepath Peak. At night, it resembled a glimmering mountain of silver, thanks to the moonlight.

At night within Goldgleam Hall, the patriarch of the Metal Bloodline, Li Xuanyi, stood with his hands behind his back. In front of him was his favorite and eldest son, gold-eyed Li Xuanchen, who was also the disciple of Yuwen Taiji. Li Xuanchen's glowing eyes stood out rather strongly in the dark.

"Dad, I already sent the wedding gifts over to Fatepath Peak," he said.

"How did it go?"

"The doors were shut tight, naturally. I wasn't allowed in, so I left the gifts at the entrance of Kunpeng Sacred Hall."

"Haha, a vain struggle, if you ask me. With the marriage contract, there's nothing they can do no matter who they complain to." Li Xuanyi smirked coldly.

"Your wisdom back then was truly impressive, Dad."

"It was nothing. Li Wudi was already out of his mind. Since he dared to provoke me despite being crippled already, I made it worth my time." After a hearty laugh, he sighed. "Can'er has it rather bad and doesn't have much talent. He isn't the brightest child either. Being able to find a wife like this is the only thing I can do for him as a father. That girl is a tribane genius from the Apex Branch, after all, not to mention her beauty."

"Dad, don't you worry that he won't be able to control Li Qingyu?" Li Xuanchen asked.

"She is indeed stronger than your brother, but after the marriage, she'll move to Goldgleam Mountain. There’s nobody there that will help her defy me. I’ll make sure there's nothing she can do but birth children for our family. I'm sure she'll simmer down after a few births."

Li Xuanchen mulled over his thoughts and made his decision. "Dad, I have my own plans for Li Qingyu." His tone sounded rather forceful.

Li Xuanyi was the only saint in the entire Li Saint Clan. Apart from the Wind Bloodline, he controlled everything else in the clan.

"What do you mean by that?" Li Xuanyi said, furrowing his brow.

"My junior, Yuwen Shengcheng, fancies Li Qingyu, so I made a deal with him." He proceeded to brief his father on the deal he made back then. When he was done, Li Xuanyi's expression completely darkened.

"What in the world were you thinking?! She's your brother's wife! We already have the marriage secured by the contract, so why did you go out of your way to mess it up for your brother?!" he said with trembling fury.

"Dad, I was going to ask you what you were thinking, instead. Don't tell me you still harbor lofty ambitions with regards to reviving our clan? Snap out of it. The Grand-Orient Sect is now ruled by the council of elders, and half of them stand with my master! The future of the sect is with the Yuwen Clan! You told me to get on Yuwen Shengcheng and Yuwen Shendu's good side, to what end? To benefit our family, of course! Why do you even bother with Jincan's happiness? Dad, I hate to criticize you, but I think you have tunnel vision."

"Nonsense!" he roared with his palm raised. He had never imagined that his son would say that to him, but he didn't go through with the slap.

"Dad, did you hear about how Yuwen Shengcheng was beat up by Li Tianming at the Abyssal Battlefield?" Li Xuanchen said, now with a lighter tone.

"I did."

"Yuwen Shengcheng's capabilities are far beyond fifth-level Unity, yet he didn't manage to defeat Li Tianming. That means there's no chance we'll get the Kunpeng Sacred Seal for ourselves, because he’s a true pentabane."

"That's right." Li Xuanyi didn't even deny that fact. It hadn’t even taken Tianming ten days to break through to Unity, so reaching the third level in half a year was entirely possible.

"However, there's still a chance for us to get the seal."

"What do you mean?"

"Li Tianming has a grudge with the Yuwen Clan, so his death is only a matter of time. Once that happens, the Kunpeng Sacred Seal will be mine. With that in mind, if I give Li Qingyu to Yuwen Shengcheng, he and Tianming would have even more to beef about. Their grudge will grow beyond what the seniors can mediate. Even though Yuwen Shendu doesn't care about Li Tianming, there’ll come a day when he’s forced to act. All we have to do is to get him involved to end Li Tianming. That's why I had to give Li Qingyu to Yuwen Shengcheng.

"With Li Tianming's awakened talent becoming the focus of Elder Ye and the rest, we'll have no chance of getting rid of him once they decide to protect him. Only Yuwen Shendu stands a chance of killing him! The Kunpeng Sacred Seal is useless to the Yuwen Clan, but I’m Yuwen Taiji's disciple. They'll definitely support me in taking over the Li Saint Clan, so we can serve the Yuwen Clan. That is the only way for our clan to survive!" he said with burning agitation.

Hearing that, Li Xuanyi sighed. He had to admit that his son had a point.

"But your little brother is already so pitiful... this will make it even worse for him!"

"Dad, I'm only speaking the truth. Why don't you just let that useless son of yours die? He'll be a parasite on our family for as long as he lives! You should've killed him at the moment of his birth!"

"How could you say that about your own brother?!" Li Xuanyi said with disbelief.

"What brother? That retard can't be related to me."

Li Xuanyi gripped his fists and glared at his son, only to sigh and loosen his hand in the end. "Escort the bride to us tomorrow."

"Dad, I hope you understand where I'm coming from. I'm only doing this for the benefit of our family." Li Xuanchen took two steps back, prostrated himself on the ground, and kowtowed twice before turning to leave.

Li Xuanyi looked at his back as he left.

"Letting the Li Saint Clan serve as the Yuwen Clan's vassals...." He turned back to Goldgleam Hall, where his ancestors rested.

"Li Saint Clan! Li Saint Clan!" Li Xuanyi gripped his fists and knelt.

"Oh ancestors, I am a sinner... I couldn't stand up for the clan, I...."

Back during their golden age, the Metal Bloodline alone could crush Heaven's Elysium. Yet now, their only path to survive was to become the Yuwen Clan's servants. Li Xuanyi was all too aware of how pathetic that was, but he was all too aware that it was their only choice. His son had already set out on that path, so he had no other choice.

"Li Tianming.... No matter who protects him, he's no more than yet another Li Wudi. His death is certain!"

He had no choice but to embark upon the path his son had chosen.

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