Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1616 - Come Into My Embrace

Chapter 1616 - Come Into My Embrace

The white wings and drifting snow perfectly matched each other, making Feiling, who was dancing in the snow, look like a pure white snow fairy.

“Ling’er, today I’m the butcher, and you’re the fish on my chopping board! Don’t think of escaping!” Tianming accelerated and his hands reached out to grab her, reminiscent of an eagle in the sky swooping down to catch a little white rabbit.

However, Feiling flickered to the side and he was only able to catch an armful of air as he crashed into a snowdrift.

“Try your best, Big Brother. If you’re too slow, the fish may swim away!” Laughter rang out from behind him. When he turned to look at her, she was grinning from ear to ear, her dimples able to capture the heart of anyone who looked.

“No way!” Tianming clambered to his feet and gave chase.

However, try as he might, a flap of Feiling’s three pairs of wings would make her vanish from his sight each time. Her Flashsoul Skywings made her surprisingly hard to catch! It was rather embarrassing for Tianming.

“This is awkward.” Tianming had tried to chase her quite hard, but hadn’t met success yet. As she grew even more amused, he grew redder.

When he was depressed, he felt a warm body press against him and a pair of arms wrapped around his waist from behind. Through the collision, Tianming felt something pressing against him.…

An alluring voice whispered into his ear, “Big brother, you didn’t manage to catch me, but I caught you. What do we do now?”

“Then I’ll have to follow your lead.” Tianming’s heart pounded and he inhaled deeply. The cold temperature only made the body on his back even hotter. It was like a warm fireplace in winter, making him lose his reason and desire to throw his body into it.

“So today, your body belongs to me!” Feling’s cheeks turned pinkish, and Tianming could feel her pounding heart as her body began heating up.

“Save me! There’s a really old female bandit!” he shouted.

“Shout all you want, no one’s coming to save you. You said it, once you’re caught, hehehe.…”

Tianming had always thought he was the one who was hungry for Feiling. But until today, he had never expected that the reverse held true as well.

A relationship wasn’t one-sided. This was the wondersky realm, and they were only there as caeli. However, in this passionate setting and after they had been separated by the Perpetual Nirvana and forced to restrain themselves for months, their souls ignited. They forgot all their worries and collided with great commotion like two nova source worlds.

They started with kissing.

“Big Brother, I’m not good at expressing myself. I just want to tell you that Ling’er’s everything, down to every strand of hair, has your mark. My life was born for you. No matter what I experience, even if it’s more Perpetual Nirvanas, I’ll survive, I promise.…”

Her breathing was heavy as she used her strength to make this promise. Two Perpetual Nirvanas were left. No one could help her, and they could very well claim her life. She regularly had nightmares about it. However, love had given birth to an awe-inspiringly great willpower in her heart. Her weak body had the courage to face death, which was the reason she was even more aggressive than Tianming today. She didn’t want to be passive anymore. She wanted to take the initiative to get the person she loved, the initiative to keep her life, the initiative to fight the other her in her body.

“Li Tianming, I love you!” Feiling was a very well-mannered person and had never directly referred to Tianming by his name. However, this time, her eyes were alight with fire as she practically shouted to Tianming, who was next to her.

It wasn’t easy for a well-behaved young lady to say; however, she needed this kind of fighting spirit to say the words that she had never dared to say out loud. She needed to say this emotionally and without any doubt!

He felt her love, as well as its depth and strength. The words were like throwing him into boiling water. He was slightly dazed. She had always been shy and reserved, making people assume she wouldn’t have such emotional moments. That was why he was so surprised.

“So what?” Tianming felt blood rushing into his brain and hot tears spilling out from his eyes. It was from being touched as he felt like he had gotten to know Feiling even better than before.

“Come into my embrace.” Her face red, her hand felt around Tianming’s clothes before finally capturing the culprit that had once disrupted her sleep.

When the words left her mouth, the fire erupted. In the cold snow, every breath was filled with heat, and warmth was needed.

A cedar tree next to the courtyard started shaking. All of the snow that had accumulated continued falling off as the ground shook harder and harder. Then, the wind blew it up again and scattered it again across the courtyard. However, there was a portion that was knocked away before it could land in a certain part of the courtyard, and it was even stained slightly red before that.

It took a long while before the wind died down. The sun peeked its head out from among the clouds, illuminating the red snow.

The snow accumulated on Soulburn Hall’s glazed tiles had also dropped off, revealing the blue glass tiles below. Under the sunlight, it looked like the waves of the sea. When the light reflected onto the snow, it turned the courtyard into the ocean.

The ocean and waves were in constant motion.... All until the waves brought them into each other’s embrace.

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