Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 45 – The Finale

Chapter 45 – The Finale

With everyone’s gaze on her, the young girl jumped onto the high platform landing beside Xiao Yan. Her beautiful eyes moved gently while her pretty red lips stretched into an elegant smile.

Seeing Xun Er jump up, Xiao Yan rolled his eyes helplessly and asked, “Why did you have to run over here?”

Xun Er formed a slight smile. Not answering, her eyes glanced over to Xiao Yu, whose face now had a complex look. With a smile, Xun Er said: “Xiao Yu Biao-jie, in comparison to Xiao Yan, your age is a bit older and you even went to Jia Nan Academy to train. Under these conditions, the challenge is a bit unreasonable. If Xiao Yu Biao-jie needs someone to relieve stress then Xun Er will happily help you.”

Hearing this Xiao Yu’s charming face became heavy while her eyebrows wrinkled. Looking at Xiao Yan with cutting eyes she sneered and said: “Don’t tell me, you only know how to hide behind a woman?”

Xiao Yan’s eyebrows twitched. In his eyes an ominous glint appeared. At that moment, he just wanted to hold this woman to the ground and humiliate her.

“Enough!” While the three were arguing, the second elder let out an angry shout, making the three of them swallow all the words they wanted to say.

With a gloomy expression, the angered second elder walked towards them. Turning to Xiao Yu he shouted angrily: “On this stage, you do not have the right to challenge anyone. Return immediately. If you obstruct the ongoing ceremony anymore, you will be forced to stay within your house for a month!”

After venting his anger on Xiao Yu, the Second Elder let out a sigh of relief. Turning his head, he helplessly watched Xun Er, who was twirling a strand of her fine black hair as he forced a smile: “Young miss Xun Er, you should also go down. Your challenge is also against the rules.”

Xun Er shrugged indifferently. Nodding her delicate chin, she turned around to leave the stage. Then, she turned back to Xiao Yan and quietly pulled a weird face leaving him unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

To be angrily rebuked by the second elder, biting her red lips, the charming Xiao Yu felt wronged. After a short while, she stamped her feet a few times then gave a sneer before leaving: “Little scoundrel, just you wait!”

Looking at the comical ending, the second elder released a long sigh. Turning his head around, he looked at the perpetrator who wore an innocent face. Forcing a small smile, the second elder stood on the stage and with a voice as cold as ice, he shouted: “Xiao Ning illegally took a pill, therefore from today on he will be locked indoors for 3 months!” After the elder finished speaking, whispers erupted. He shouted once more: “The challenge has ended; Xiao Yan has won!”

Regarding the unneeded explanation of what occurred, Xiao Yan actually did not express an opinion. After hearing the declaration of the end of the Coming of Age ceremony, he walked down from the platform.

All the members of the audience, in the stands, stared at the young man. Looking back at the fearful eyes of his clansmen, Xiao Yan brushed his nose laughing inwardly.


After Xiao Yan’s ceremony had ended, various clansmen went onstage. However, under the shadow of Xiao Yan’s performance, the other clansman’s achievements dimmed.

Finally, Xun Er appeared on stage and caused quite a large commotion. A 15 years old Dou Zhe, this achievement was just shy of Xiao Yan’s past achievement. Although Xun Er’s achievement still quite remarkable, many attending the ceremony knew that she was the clan’s brightest pearl. Therefore, even though they were still shocked, they were much less surprised compared to their shock at the end of Xiao Yan’s performance.

The Coming of Age Ceremony lasted from early morning until afternoon. In the end, the field was filled with sounds of admiration before emptying quickly. However, distraught pairs of eyes kept on staring at the youth in the black garment who just made a miracle come true.

Looking at the end of the Coming of Age Ceremony, Xiao Yan let out a silent sigh. All these stares were unbearable for him. Shaking his head, he stood up to walk away.

“Today, Xiao Yan ge-ge’s display really made people gasp in amazement.” A fragrant smell arrived nearby and Xun Er’s gentle laughter silver bell-like laughter washed over Xiao Yan.

Touching his nose Xiao Yan began to laugh.

“Originally, I also believed that Xiao Yan ge-ge didn’t know any Dou Techniques but who would have thought that you hid them so well.” Carrying her delicate hands behind her back, Xun Er followed behind Xiao Yan while tilting her head slightly to the side. Her smile was full of emotions

“Haha, I’m nowhere near as secretive as you, Xun Er. Last time at the Dou Technique hall, that Dou Technique wasn’t too common either.” The corners of Xiao Yan’s mouth arched up as he turned around and spoke.

Hearing that, Xun Er paused. Her beautiful eyes formed crescent moons as she laughed loudly and said: “Xiao Yan ge-ge’s knowledge is really balance. If you are really interested in those Dou Techniques then Xun Er can teach you……”

Shrugging his shoulders, Xiao Yan shook his head and said: “It’s fine. To bite off more than I can chew will not help. This is something I understand clearly.”

“How about……Qi Methods?” Xiao Yan’s refusal was unexpected for Xun Er but her black and intelligent eyes rolled before she got an idea.

Stopping, Xiao Yan squinted and said ambiguously: “ Won’t we be able to go into the Qi Method Hall to look for Qi Methods in 5 days?……”

“The Xiao clan’s highest technique is just a Xuan middle level, Raging Lion. Moreover, Xiao Yan isn’t qualified to practice it.” Xun Er used her small hand to push a strand of her fine black hair aside. She pursed her tiny mouth and she seemed like she was choosing her words carefully. A moment later, she spoke softly: “Xun Er could try to get a high level Xuan Qi Method for Xiao Yan ge-ge…….how about it?”

This girl……is really wealthy. High Xuan level……at the very least it would cost a couple hundred thousand. Sighing inwardly, Xiao Yan forced a smile. If he hadn’t coincidentally met with Yao Lao, perhaps it would have been quite difficult for him to bridge the gap between Xun Er and him. Even if his innate talent was not lacking, just Xun Er’s mysterious background was something that he could not imagine.

He secretly stroked the simple and unadorned ring. Calm filled his heart as he knew that the ring would be his secret to become strong again.

Looking down at Xun Er, Xiao Yan laughed. Shaking his head slightly, his soft voice held a stubborn attachment: “No need. This ge will depend on his own strength to become strong.”

TL: Ge – Brother

Xun Er stopped. Blinking her sharp eyes, she stared at Xiao Yan’s unstopping back. Shortly after, she suddenly smiled: It seems…… in the end, Xiao Yan ge-ge, you really have a mysterious person behind you. Yeah……Do I need to check it?

With a somewhat pensive look she brought a finger to her forehead. After standing still for a while, Xun Er helplessly shook her head. Best to leave him alone. Brother Xiao Yan hates it when others try to meddle. Since this mysterious teacher has taught him that much, he probably will not harm brother

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