Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 42 – You Lost

BTTH Chapter 42 – You Lost

With the announcement, everyone’s gaze turned to the two youths on the platform in interest. Everyone was curious about this youth who had created yet another miracle after 3 years. Did he have in Dou techniques the same talent he had in Dou Qi cultivation? Did he have that same terrifying speed of learning?

On the Guest Platform, Xiao Zhan furrowed his brows as he looked at Xiao Yan on stage with a slightly uneasy expression on his face. Although Xiao Yan’s Dou Qi had progressed beyond Xiao Zhan’s expectations, he had never seen Xiao Yan go to the Dou Technique Hall and look for a Dou Technique, nor did he ever see him train in Dou Techniques at all.

One should note that Dou Technique training differed from Dou Qi training. If one were to learn a low Huang level Dou Technique, all that was required was one’s own hard work – grasped simply through trial and error. A mid or even high level technique, however, would require much more: it needed personal instruction from a Clan Technique Instructor. Over the past years, Xiao Zhan had never heard of Xiao Yan approaching any of the clan’s instructors to learn Dou Techniques. On the other hand, Xiao Ning regularly patronized them to learn the techniques.

To Xiao Zhan’s understanding, the 8 Duan Xiao Ning had already mastered three mid and one high Huang level Dou Technique. Any one of those techniques would place him one step ahead of any combatant in the same tier. It seemed to him that Xiao Yan would be at a disadvantage in this battle.

“Haha. Xiao Clan Leader, what would you say? Is victory possible for the young master, Xiao Yan?” Next to Xiao Zhan, Ya Fei, whose eyes were firmly fixed on the stands, asked with a soft smile.

Xiao Zhan calmed his anger towards Xiao Ning and calmly said: “Yan-er isn’t very proficient with Dou Techniques at the moment. Furthermore he has just reached 8 Duan, while Xiao Ning has reached that stage for over a year. It is unfortunate but I am afraid that the likelihood of my son winning will not be very high. ”

“Oh, really?” Ya Fei slowly batted her long eyelashes, her alluring eyes sweeping about as she gazed lazily at the calm, black clothed youth on the stage. Her lips curved up in a small smile, giving her countenance a mature beauty, as she said: “I don’t know why but I’m very confident in young master Xiao Yan. I think he can claim victory in this fight.”

Xiao Zhan was taken aback, rather, surprised at her confidence. He paused for a moment before smiling and shaking his head: “Let’s hope Miss Ya Fei’s words come true.”


Facing the still standing Xiao Yan, Xiao Ning sneered and clenched his two fists as he took an aggressive stance. His faint Dou Qi coursed through him as he dashed forward, giving him an even more menacing look.

Not a word more was uttered; Xiao Ning’s foot burst off from the ground bringing himself close to Xiao Yan. And, without a moment’s hesitation, Xiao Ning brought his 2 fists together: each of his fingernails gleamed like metal

Standing there, less than half a meter away from Xiao Yan, Xiao Ning paused. His right hand took the shape of a claw and swerved towards Xiao Yan neck. “Middle Huang Level Dou Technique: Rending Claws!”

Xiao Yan looked at the nearing the claws with indifference. He slowly brought up a single palm curved inwards and suddenly straightened it, causing a huge pushing force…

Feeling the tremendous pressure of Dou Qi, Xiao Ning’s face dropped as if he had been physically beaten. He then staggered back 10 steps before stopping himself.

There, watching from the terrace above, Xiao Zhan gazed down with astonishment. By his side, Ya Fei smiled sweetly. She watched intently, her red lips were softly pressed against her white jade teacup, slowly sipping tea.

“This boy… he’s really a hidden treasure..” Ya Fei mused, her charming lips sipping from her cup once more.

“What… what Dou Technique is this?” Xiao Ning said while rubbing the sore spot on his chest, his face paling as he asked.

Xiao Yan glanced at him coolly before lowering his head. The name of “Fire Palm” was quite tasteless but the technique could unleash quite a powerful force, which pleased Xiao Yan.

Xiao Ning’s face trembled in rage seeing Xiao Yan ignore him; his jaws clamped shut as he charged once more towards Xiao Yan.

With palms stretched outwards, Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes at the encroaching Xiao Ning and let his mouth twist into a cruel smirk.

His right hand uncoiled slowly then closed abruptly. A violent force of attraction came forth from his palm. Xuan Level Dou Technique: Vacuum Hands!

Seeing Xiao Yan’s hand close, Xiao Ning subconsciously planted his feet more firmly into the ground. However, the strength used was insufficient. He felt himself drawn in and was sent towards the fist.

Xiao Ning’s body flew in an arc towards Xiao Yan who had a strange smile engraved on his face.

Although Xiao Ning’s body was being pulled, he couldn’t help but smirk as he drew closer and closer. He gave a foreboding laugh as Dou Qi began to condense in his fists.

“Iron Fists!” Xiao Ning cried out with fists clenched tight. A sharp burst of Qi escaped outwards creating a deep echo that resonated in midair. If he could hit Xiao Yan’s shoulder, he would do terrifying damage to his arm. It seemed to Xiao ning that Xiao Yan did not take the possibility of counter-attack into account.

Iron Fists: a High Huang level Dou Technique with a decent amount of power. It required a Dou Qi of at least 7 Duan to be able to learn and practice.

Squinting slightly after feeling the sharp Qi in the air, Xiao Yan let out a breath of air slowly. Channeling the Dou Qi throughout his body, he exclaimed inwardly, “Xun Level Dou Technique: Fire Palm!”

Thinking loudly with conviction, Xiao Yan blasted out a wave of Qi from his palm.

“Bang!” The atmosphere grew heavy as an unseen force ruthlessly pushed back the flying figure of Xiao Ning. The attractive and repulsive force on Xiao Ning immediately turned his face ashen white.


The two forces battled against each other, bringing about a brief stalemate. In the end, Xiao Ning was ultimately sent flying back, falling onto the ground 10 meters away. His body shook on the ground as he slowly spat out blood from his mouth with a pitiful groan from him following.

Looking at Xiao Ning who had become completely paralyzed and then calmly glancing around, Xiao Yan slowly put his hand down and quietly spoke: “You lost… “

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