Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 37 – Xiao Yu

BTTH Chapter 37 – Xiao Yu

If a clan wants to be able to prosper over the years, the most important factor is the clan’s “vitality”. And the vitality of the clan is the clan’s younger generation, the “new blood” of the clan. Only with a continuous supply of “new blood” can a clan, a huge “machine”, run smoothly.

Therefore, the Coming of Age Ceremony, is a huge day for every clan, including the Xiao Clan.

As one of the top three clans in Wu Tan City, Xiao Clan’s Coming of Age Ceremony attracted the attention of most forces in the city and those that had a good relationship with Xiao Clan even came to watch the ceremony.


Accompanying Xun Er under the shade of a large true, Xiao Yan relaxingly sat.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes while looking at the huge platform in the middle of the training field. The platform was made of huge blocks of lumber and was specially made for the Coming of Age Ceremony that was about to happen.

Xiao Yan’s gaze left the empty wooden platform and went to the people that were not part of Xiao Clan but still there to witness the Coming of Age Ceremony. With reluctance, he said: “There are quite a few people…”

Watching Xiao Yan’s unhappy face, Xun Er, who knew that Xiao Yan liked serenity, gloated with laughter.

Just as her laugh sounded, Xun Er felt Xiao Yan’s accusing gaze and quickly closed her mouth. Taking a look at Xiao Yan, her eyes had a hint of light gold flash across before she said: “Xiao Yan ge-ge got to 8 Duan Qi?”

Hearing that, Xiao Yan tilted his head to look at her and realized that while being around Xun Er, he couldn’t keep any secrets. With a depressed heart, he feebly nodded.

“Woah… not even a month had passed and you already got to 8 Duan Qi. This speed… is quite scary.” Seeing Xiao Yan nod, even with Xun Er’s calm nature, she showed a face of surprise.

Giving her a white eye to Xun Er, Xiao Yan’s face suddenly turned. Near the wooden platform, there was a woman that was wrapped in a red dress and was chatting with the people besides her. A circle of people surrounded her, making the spot where she was at, the most popular circle around the platform.

This red dressed woman that was attracting everyone was someone that Xiao Yan had seen before! She was the top auctioneer of the Primer Auction house, Ya Fei!

With his gaze lingering the water-snake like waist of Ya Fei, Xiao Yan gave his opinion silently: “Really pretty!”

After Xiao Yan’s gaze had stayed on Ya Fei for a while, Xun Er’s unhappy hump came from besides him.

“Ahem…” With his eyes blinking, Xiao Yan slowly retracted his gaze to act as if he wasn’t staring at Ya Fei and smiled to the unhappy Xun Er: “Did you know that the Primer Auction House came to our clan’s Coming of Age Ceremony?”

Giving an evil stare to Xiao Yan who was acting as if nothing had happened, Xun Er emotionlessly said: “Xiao Clan and the Primer Auction House have always had a good relation so why is Ya Fei coming such a big deal? In addition, this woman’s communication skills are confirmed incredible by all of Wu Tan City. A couple of young masters that befriended her for her beauty have spent an incredible amount of money on her but in the end, they got nothing. If Xiao Yao ge-ge wants to try to charm her then I can only say be careful. And, Xun Er won’t lend you any money for those things.”

Hearing that, Xiao Yan bitterly smiled: “Even if I’m thinking about those things, it requires that she, at the very least, acknowledges me. You do realize that she’s at least 7 to 8 years older than me right?”

“Don’t some women like that?” Xun Er seemingly smiled while saying that.

Dryly coughing, Xiao Yan could only admit defeat and not look at that circle of people again.

“Huh, why is she back?” Seeing that Xiao Yan wasn’t looking over there anymore, Xun Er stopped pursuing the point and after a brief moment of silence, she exclaimed out loud.

“Who?” After following Xun Er’s gaze, Xiao Yan’s brows slowly furrowed.

The gaze of the two pointed to a girl that was wearing a school uniform and was currently leaning on a tree. She had a sword equipped at her waist, was quite tall and the most striking feature were her long legs, legs that were so sexy that even Ya Fei’s legs paled in comparison to hers.

“Xiao Ye?” While staring at the tall girl, Xiao Yan asked: “Didn’t she go to Jia Nan Academy to train? Why did she come back?”

Xun Er cutely shrugged her shoulder while teasing: “Xiao Yan ge-ge, this time, you might have some trouble.”

Cracking open his mouth, Xiao Yan rubbed his burning forehead while saying: “This unruly woman is so annoying. Dammit, all I did was accidentally stumble into her bathing spot in the back mountains and accidentally touch her legs. She tried killing me for the majority of a year after that!”

TL: Killing is used in joking manner, it means like severe beating in this context

“Hehe, a girl’s body isn’t meant to be touched carelessly.” Hearing Xiao Yan’s story, Xun Er covered her mouth as she giggled. Suddenly, she remembered how Xiao Yan had helped her during the night and during that time, had contact with her body, causing a red blush to appear on her face.

Xiao Yan pursed his lips while coldly smiling: “That woman is Xiao Ning’s sister and they both aren’t good people. That bastard’s enmity towards me is partly due to her.”

Far away, Xiao Yu seemed to have sensed the two talking about her and turned around to find Xiao Yan under another tree. After a slight shock, she furrowed her brows as distaste and disdain surfaced on her face.

After a pause, Xiao Yu moved her attractive long legs and started walking towards Xiao Yan.

Seeing Xiao Yu coming over, Xiao Yan’s brows also furrowed as he showed his disgust and impatience.

“Ha, Xiao Yan, I never thought that I would see the day that you turn your situation around. It’s really surprising.” Coming closer, Xiao Yu saw Xiao Yan undisguised dislike towards her and sneered.

“None of your business.”

Obviously, Xiao Yan wasn’t too pleased with Xiao Yu and his normal calm had been abandoned with his vulgar words.

“Your words are still sharp and annoying as ever. Looks like the three years of abjection didn’t smooth out your sharp vigor.” Xiao Yu looked down upon Xiao Yan and said in a teaching tone.

This tone again… While letting out an annoyed breath in his mind, Xiao Yan looked down and closely examined this girl that he had not seen for almost an year. Moving his gaze to her legs, Xiao Yao touched his nose while asking: “Your legs are still that long. I wonder if another male touched them after that time.”

Hearing that, Xiao Yu who was sneering, stopped, as her face darkened.

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