Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 33 – Proof

BTTH Chapter 33 – Proof

Watching the quick challenger, the other unqualified clansmen let out a sigh of regret. It seemed like they were all envious of the well built young man in front of Xiao Yan!

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes as he examined the young man. Even though he didn’t know all of the clansmen in the clan, he had quite an impression of the young man in front of him.

If his memory served him, the young man was called Xiao Ke and was a supporter of the first elder. Normally, he’d follow behind Xiao Ning like a small henchman and when Xiao Yan fell from “genius”, Xiao Ke never showed him any kindness and instead trampled over Xiao Yan’s dignity.

Recalling old memories, Xiao Yan’s mouth curved to a dangerous angle.

Turning to look at the smiling Xun Er, Xiao Yan smiled while nodding, saying: “Alright, I accept.”

Seeing how easily Xiao Yan answered, Xiao Ke’s eyebrows twitched and a sense of fear snuck into his heart. Drily swallowing, Xiao Ke started to regret his recklessness.

Even though he was somewhat regretful, Xiao Ke couldn’t back down and had to continue through.

No way, to raise 4 Duan Qi in one year is impossible. This guy must have used some method to fool everyone! I can definitely beat him! After wordlessly encouraging himself, Xiao Ke smiled: “Then I’ll see how strong Xiao Yan biao-di is!”

Xiao Yan smiled and didn’t say anything. Standing up, he walked to the center of the training field and motioned for Xiao Ke to follow him.

Watching the calm Xiao Yan, Xiao Ke’s heart skipped a beat and he no longer felt so sure. Forcefully smiling, he walked with stiff strides into the field.

With the two people in the field, even the calculating gazes from the people who did not pass quickly moved onto the two in the field.

On the high platform, Xiao Zhan took a handkerchief that was brought up to him and cleaned his hand of residue tea while intently staring at the training field with a sense of tension in his eyes.

To be honest, no only did the younger generation have doubt about Xiao Yan’s achievements, Xiao Zhan himself couldn’t completely believe it either. This wasn’t because of his lack of trust in Xiao Yan but rather because of how impossible of a feat it was to raise 4 Duan Qi in just 1 year. It was inhuman. Even the Xiao Yan four years ago couldn’t hope to achieve it.

Because of how incredible the achievement was, nobody could believe what they were saying.

But no matter if it was fake or real, no matter if the others believed it or not, once Xiao Yan fought, his real strength would be exposed. At that time, everyone would have their thoughts confirmed or disproved!

Besides Xiao Zhan, the three elders’ breathing intensified as their hands gripped deep hand marks on their respective chairs and their muddled eyes stared at the training field.

In the green rocked training field, everyone’s vision was glued to the two within the training field. Once Xiao Yan fought with Xiao Ke, everything would be clear!

“It’s definitely fake!” At the edge of the training field, Xiao Ning licked his dry lips and angrily whispered.

“It should be…fake right?” Within the crowd, Xiao Mei bit her lip. She couldn’t believe that the young man that had been crippled three years would have such an monstrous achievement.

Under stare after stare, Xiao Yan and Xiao Ke in the training field had already finished their perfunctory ritual gestures and were about to fight!

Both of Xiao Ke’s hands were tilted upwards as light Dou Qi started swirling around around his hands. Taking a deep breath, Xiao Ke stomped heavily on the ground and started to ram towards Xiao Yan.

Low level fights didn’t have any complex gestures and were composed of the simplest attacks.

“Splitting Mountain Hand!”

Quickly nearing Xiao Yan, Xiao Ke’s right hand quickly gathered Dou Qi as it swept over to Xiao Yan’s chest.

Splitting Mountain Hand, a middle Huang Dou Technique that was only available to clan members 5 Duan Qi and higher.

With the gust incoming, the lagging hair on Xiao Yan’s face blew away as a pair of dark eyes were revealed. Blinking, Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes watching the ever nearer hand.

When the hand finally reached Xiao Yan’s shoulder, Xiao Yan smoothly took a step to the left. With a year’s worth of body training, Xiao Yan’s reactions were incredibly quick.

With only 1 step, Xiao Yan avoided Xiao Ke’s attack. At the same time, Xiao Yan lightly twisted his body as his hand reached through Xiao Ke’s arm and went to Xiao K’e shoulder as if he was picking a leaf from a tree.

“Shatter Rock Hand!”

Shatter Rock Hand, a low Huang Level Dou Technique that only required 3 Duan Qi to learn!

“Peng!” A dull sound occurred as Xiao Yan’s hand landed firmly on Xiao Ke’s shoulder, causing Xiao Ke’s flush red face to pale. With a low grunt, he slowly scatter stepped backwards before finally losing strength in his legs and fell to the ground like a turtle.

The whole field was silent. Xiao Ke’s defeat proved many things.

Defeating his opponent in one attack, Xiao Yan shaked his head bored. This kind of opponent wasn’t even a challenge for Xiao Yan. Not mentioning Octane Blast, Xiao Yan hadn’t even used half of his strength yet.

Of course, contrary to Xiao Yan’s bored feeling, everyone within the field was shocked. Many of them slowly closed their eyes because Xiao Yan had to be at least 7 Duan Qi to have easily beat Xiao Ke who was a 6 Duan Qi.

Thinking about that, Xiao Yan’s previous monstrous performance was proved… to be true!

To raise 4 Duan Qi in just 1 year, his result was a miracle within a miracle.

On the high platform. Xiao Zhan let out a deep breath as a weight was lifted from his heart.

“….It’s true, 7 Duan Qi…”

Watching the defeated Xiao Ke, Xiao Mei’s small hand covered her red lips as she couldn’t help but gasp.

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