Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Conspiracy Part 1

Today was the day that the Immortal Traditional Trial would be held .

On the First Level Heaven, an iconic humongous colosseum situated there, with the height reached a staggering ten kilometers, higher than Mount Everest . The width and the length reached from horizon to the opposite horizon, 200 kilometers in width and 500 kilometers in length .

Tong, Friday and Medusa was guided by an archangel, they arrived before the stadium . When Tong first caught a glimpse of the colosseum, he thought it was a fortress or something similar of the Great Wall of China .

The trio were taken to the waiting lounge, standing by for the time of the trial .

Tong and Friday sit side by side, holding hands and linking arms . Friday's head leaned on Tong's shoulder .

Medusa sighed . Watching the couple, she had a headache .

Last week, Medusa managed to hook up her foster daughter, Friday, with Tong . On the first day of their relationship, Medusa peeked at them with her sense in secret .

In the beginning, they just did what a newlywed couple in the first night would do, expressing their love and connecting their body . They treated each other with tenderness, warm, yearning and passion .

Medusa even felt embarrassed witnessing such a loving scene . But a moment later, she noticed something unexpected happened .

The first day was understandable for a yearning couple to satisfy each other . But the second day onward gave Medusa a headache .

The love exchange didn't end with just one, two, five or ten rounds . It lasted days and nights .

By mortal standard, a healthy man wouldn't be able to produce many "bullets" in short period in a day and consecutively "rapid fired" . Firing 10 rounds a day would already be pushing the limit of a man's stamina .

In Hell, all sinner had a body than could regenerate itself a thousand times faster than a mortal, all fluid in the body included . The same applied to the native devil, whose constitution was already a thousand times stronger than a healthy sinner .

As a result, Friday and Tong went on into the battlefield on the bed for the whole week . If Tong were hungry or thirsty, Friday would create some healthy juices into Tong's stomach directly . If Tong were sleepy, she would put her hands on Tong's head and he would be refreshed . If Tong wanted to relieve himself in a toilet, she would teleport the waste or feces within Tong's body outside to the god-know-where-it-all-went .

The two threw away their shame and started exchanging in more wild positions . The sounds of sultry moaning and rhythmic "PA! PA! PA!" vibrated throughout the yacht .

They became addicted to the carnal desire . Their tongues were sticking out like mutt and there were odd pink-heart-shaped symbol in their pupils .

Medusa had to bust into their room on the last day and yanked the two away . Tong and Friday, being drunk by endless desire and lost their reason, tried to assault Medusa and force her into a 3P . Medusa knocked both of them out cold and tied them up separately .

In the end, the couple were not allowed to have sex anymore, and were forced to meditate to regain their sense until someone came to pick them up .

An archangel came to pick the three to the trial later . He tilted his head in confusion by the scene .

'It's understandable that tying up a sinner before transporting him to heaven is a correct way to do . '

'But why did this devil are tied, too?'

. . .

Medusa looked at the clock in the waiting lounge, only an hour left till the event .

'I hope godfather succeeded'

'Well, he won't fail . He is good at this'

'Now, all we need to do is waiting for another 20 years and we will have a new member . '

'He will become a high rank devil in no time . '

'My work load is going to reduce by a lot if I make him my aide . '

Medusa, watching the couple, grinned .

'All according to the plan . '

"I want to have sex again . " Friday muttered to Tong .

Medusa facepalmed herself .

. . .

In the VVVIP Box Seat, a luxurious room with a one-side-glass facing the inner colosseum .

A dandy white hair and full bearded elderly man, wearing a neat black tuxedo suit with a bow tie, was sitting on a single couch, facing the rectangular glass . His muscles were ripped, even the suit couldn't hide his refined body .

He touched his beard and closed his eyes in deep thought . He was all by himself in this large room .

He was the most dignified person in Hell . But at the same time, he is the most infamous person in Heaven, the King of Hell, Morning Star .

The space behind the couch trembled, the transparent air revealed an elder man with similar face with Morning Star, appearing out of thin air .

He was wearing a white tuxedo and white gloves . He looked a bit thinner and had less muscle than the King Morning Star . On his back through his cloth, twelve thick glowing tentacles spreading out like wings .

"That was a low blow, brother . " Complained the white tuxedo man .

"Hah! Lying and sitting around won't get things done . Haven't you learned?"

"I do, but still . Roping him in before the game has even begun, I'll still call it a low blow . The council is pretty pissed . "

"Serve them right . Leave those hypocrites be . "

The white angel, who has no beard, was the first generation of the archangel, the Head of the Archangel, Michael .

Michael sighed .

"Anyway, I've come to tell you that the skill has been prepared . You can check it in the GM menu . "

"Give them my thanks . Want to enjoy the show with me?"

"No . I still have work to do . Heaven is always busy . "

Michael retreated . He faded into thin air .

After Michael disappeared for 5 minutes, Morning Star opened his eyes . A rectangular blue transparent status menu appeared in front of him . He touched a few things here and there, and a profile of a person appeared in the menu .

*Personal Information*

Name: Tong

Race: Sinner

Soul Age: 450,705

Karma: +10,732

Resident: Fifth Hell

Death Count: 7

***The following skill(s) will be applied in the next reincarnation circle***

*Active Skill List*


*Passive Skill List*


*Hidden Skill List*

[Plot Armor]

- Immune to all natural disease, poisoning and physical attacks .

- After the host become 20 years of age . The host shall be forced summoned back the Netherworld .

- The skill is treated as a passive skill .

Morning Star smiled in satisfaction . He had rigged the trial for Tong's safely return .

Morning Star had visited the God Council by himself, coaxing the council members into rigging the trial by using the positive karma incident 450,000 years ago as a reason . He claimed that such a person should not be risked getting himself killed before he became 20 and returned as a retard . It would be a waste of personal resources .

The majority of the council agreed with some reluctant . They specially created the [Plot Armor] skill to ensure of Tong's return . They also added several easy missions that he would take in the future, with the additional credits that it was issued by the gods for his well-being . It was made so Tong would favor Heaven over Hell when he came back to choose side .

However, Morning Star was two steps ahead . Since over 450,000 years ago, he had planted Medusa in Fifth Hell to protect Tong in secret . Medusa later also placed Friday within the vicinity area that Tong reside, helping Medusa cleared out unnecessary sinners and local monsters around the area .

Morning Star then dragged Ping, Tong's previous life nemesis, from the ninth level of Hell to the fifth level . Morning Star then cut Ping's four limbs and prevented it from regenerating, and tossed him in the area that Tong was in, and made sure Tong noticed Ping .

Morning Star made sure that Tong would have an easy and enjoyable time in Hell despite of being a sinner .

Morning Star wanted to rope Tong into the ranks of devils . However, to convert Tong into a devil, Tong had to choose to become one with his freewill . If Tong chose to be a devil out of his freewill, no god could complain or could do anything about it .

Forcing Tong to be a devil would provoke an ire of many justice-loving barbaric gods . Waging war with those muscle-for-a-brain gods just for a soul would not be ideal to Morning Star .

Morning Star later noticed that Friday took interest in Tong . Even if it was a simple curiosity of a young devil towards a sinner, not a romantic one, Morning Star didn't let this chance passed by .

He gave Friday a luxurious super yacht, which he had coaxed Michael to get him one . And then he ordered her that she should wear revealing bikinis from now on, hopefully she could seduce Tong one day .

450,000 Years later, the investment was paid off . The Heaven somehow picked Tong to take the Traditional Trial . Morning Star leaked the news to Friday on purpose, which in turn leaked to Tong, deepening their relationship .

Medusa, who was overseeing the two, were panicked . She rushed the Tong and Friday with the hope that the higher-ups wouldn't punish her daughter .

She later found out that Morning Star wanted to pair Friday with Tong, so Tong could have a reason to join the ranks of the devils . Knowing that Tong had over 10,000 positive karma just like her, Tong couldn't be a bad person for her daughter . Medusa agreed to help .

And then the rice had been cooked . Tong finally matched with Friday, causing him to have a good reason to pick Hell over Heaven after he finished the trial .

The Heaven Council learnt of this news later, which were the reason why Archangel Michael called it a low blow .

'Everything went according to the plan . '

Morning Star smirked .

'You gods are a billion years too early to fight with me when it comes to seducing mortals . '

'Someone with 10,000 plus karma is hard to come by in Hell, Tong and Medusa are too valuable . '

'Now I'm about to have another chief officer to run Hell . '

Morning Star laughed in his heart .

. . .

"It's time . Please enter the Reincarnation Gate and follow the instruction inside . May the Gods be with you . "

An archangel came to pick up Tong and sent him off . It was now that Tong had to face his fate . He was leaded to a hundred pagodas with of giant dimension portal gate on each .

Tong, who had the special treatment, went in first .

Another 99 sinners were also arranged to enter the different portals . They had all been locked up in a cage . They were dragged out of the cages and threw into the portals, one by one . One of them was limbless .

Once Tong went inside, the portal shut down behind his back . He was surrounded by darkness like he was floating in space .

In front of him, a glowing orb was floating there . The orb sounded out clear and soothing female voice .

[Welcome the Redemption Program . ]

[You will undergo a test of your character . ]

[The Gods will be watching your deeds . ]

[You have to prove that you deserve to be pardon of your crimes . ]

'What bullshit . '

Tong knew about the true face of this so call 'Trial' long ago . He was aware that his life right now was being broadcast to the entire Netherworlds . Though his soul would be sent to different world for real, it was still just a reality game show .

[You will be reincarnated into a world that we have chosen . ]

[You will retain all of your memories in your previous life and your sinner life . ]

[In addition, we will give you one special ability . ]

[This ability will be with you on your next life . ]

[That ability is yours to create . ]

[Please touch the orb and imagine your desired skill . ]

[You have five minutes to decide . ]

[If time runs out, you will be reincarnated without the special ability . ]

'Here it comes . '

Tong was glad that he was informed of this 149 years ago . If he were informed here without the preparation, he would have created something stupid like a search engine system, which would be useless if he were to be born in a family of a slave .

Tong still didn't know what kind of status of a family he would be born into . The details wasn't disclosed . The computer mainframe server didn't inform anyone, even the insiders .

Tong touched the orb with both hands and thought about the skill that he had planned out .

"Time Stop . "

[The skill has been created . ]

[Please adjust the skill range of power and effectiveness . ]

[Please be warned that the more powerful the skill, the more price has to be paid . ]

[In turn, the more restriction the skill have, the less sacrifice . ]

'This is tricky one'

If it were made to be cost efficient or cheap to use, the skill could be too weak and meaningless to have .

If the skill he imagined were too powerful, he would need to pay a very high price to use, which was his own lifespan .

The price that the orb mentioned was a trap that were created for the greedy one . If someone were to wish for an almighty magic that could wipe out a continent, he would have to pay with his life .

Tong spent a hundred year thinking and calculating with Medusa . They finally came up with an acceptable ratio .

"Stop time for 5 seconds per usage, can only be use once a day . Skill resets at midnight . "


[The skill has been completed . Please review your skill . ]

**Skill List**

[Time Stop] LV . 1 EXP( 0/100 )

- Stop time and space flow in your current universe for 5 seconds .

Skill Consumption: 10 years of the host lifespan .

Skill Usage Restriction: Can only be used once per day . Skill resets at midnight .

'Even though I expected this, it's still pricey . '

Ten years was a steep price just to stop time for five seconds . But Tong wasn't mad . He knew that once the skill leveled up, it would become twice more powerful . The effect it had would be double each time the skill leveled up .

Once this skill reached the maximum level 10, he would be able to stop time for 2,560 seconds or 42 minutes 20 seconds . He would be able to do many things with this kind of timespan for the price of 10 years of life .

[You will now be reincarnated into the world with other 99 sinners in the same world . ]


[Please have fun killing each other . ]

[I will be looking forward to your death . ]


[My son will surely kill you . ]

[You will die and become retard for the rest of eternity!]

"Shit! What the hell!?"

Tong couldn't digest the information yet . His vision went black .

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