Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – Zhang Tong VS Wen Chou

October 2nd . Morning .

Tong left his room in the morning, feeling light and refresh . He had vent all of his frustration and stress on Hua Shi last night .

He was tired of her perversion and her half-ass psychopathy antics, so he taught her a lesson .

Hua Shi had not woken up yet because Tong had been dual-cultivating with her all night, leaving her lying in exhaustion .

The infinite yang seeds effect from Tong's new passive skill was super effective!

Tong also reaped a couple benefits from this dual cultivation .



Name: Zhang Tong

Lifespan: 11,061 Years

Shopping Pass: 0

*Skill List*

[Time Stop] LV . 2 EXP( 55/200 )

- Stop time and space flow in your current universe for 10 seconds .

Skill Cost: 10 years of the host lifespan .

Skill Restriction: Can only be used once per day . Skill resets at midnight .

[Firearms Creation] LV . 1 EXP( 3,414/10,000 )

- Create any firearm or bullet of your choice .

- Currently only handguns and handgun bullets can be created

Skill Cost:

- 1 year of the host lifespan per a handgun bullet

- 50 years of the host lifespan per a new handgun of your choice

Skill Restriction: Can only create one gun a day or one bullet a day . Skill resets at midnight .

[Plot Armor] Cannot be leveled up

- Immune to all diseases, poisoning and physical attacks .

- After the host become 20 years of age . The host shall be forced summoned back the Netherworld .

[Inventory] – Cannot be leveled up .

- Host can store items in a private space .

- Host cannot store any living person or any creature .

- Storage limit: 10 Slots . Each slot can only contain same items . Stackable .

- Unlimited Volume .

- Time will be frozen in the inventory .

- Host can adjust the temperature of the Inventory .

- Upkeep lifespans required: 100 per year .

[Immortal Yang Vein] – Cannot be leveled up .

- Host has infinite yang seeds .

- Host can dual cultivate with opposite gender partners to increase active skill EXP in random .

- Host's stamina multiplies by 20 .

- Host can regenerate wounds and lost body parts instantly .

- Regeneration costs lifespans depending on the degrees of the injury .

- This skill can only be used by male otherworlders .

- Upkeep lifespans required: 1,000 per year .

[Sword Mastery] Cannot be leveled up

- Master all kinds of swords . Increase all attributes by 10 times if the host is using a sword .

- If the host kill an enemy, increase the host lifespan by the remaining lifespan of the dead enemy .


From the dual cultivation, Tong learnt Hua Shi's [Sword Mastery] skill and got boosted in [Firearms Creation] skill EXP .

The system had hinted that the Soulmate Contract members could impart a skill to another member by a certain "Ritual", which was none other than the dual cultivation .

It seemed the system didn't want them to know so it hid this information and pretended that it wasn't implemented yet .

Tong wanted to test his new passive skill, so he went to his army camp early and requested Wen Chou for sparring .

"Sir Wen Chou, please spar with me!"

Wen Chou gazed at Tong as he was stunned . The brat Zhang Tong dared to challenge him? Had to sun rose from the West?

Feeling amused, Wen Chou accepted . They both went to an empty field with their wooden sword, getting ready to fight .

The soldiers that were in a middle of the training noticed Tong and Wen Chou were getting ready for a duel . They stopped what they were doing and gathered around .

The crowd gathered in circle with Tong and Wen Chou stood in the middle in no time . They were interested in the upcoming sparring .

"Well, this has become quite a commotion . Let's end this quickly . " Wen Chou complained .

"Sparring is meant to be a friendly duel and exchanging pointers . Let's take our time . " Tong replied .

Wen Chou snorted and rapid-stepped toward Tong without allowing him to react . Tong had to be put in place and realize his position!

Wen Chou left afterimages, swinging his sword from his left hand side way, aiming at Tong's neck .

Tong's right hand moved by itself . It raised the wooden sword in his hand and blocked the strike .


Tong felt the impact through the wooden sword . He didn't feel pain but his hand became numb for a split second .

Tong sharpen his sense . He exerted his arm strength and deflected Wen Chou sword away .

Wen Chou's sword was hit and pushed back . But Wen Chou used the momentum and stepped forward one more step . His shoulder rotated and a hook punch from another hand made its way toward Tong's face .

Tong raised his left arm and pointed his elbow toward the front and his hand held the back of this head . It was a basic MMA guard .


A fist landed on Tong's arm, yet Wen Chou felt like he just punched an iron plate . His mind was blank for a split second because of the pain on his fist .

Tong saw an opening . He released his guard and wrapped his left arm that was hit with Wen Chou's right arm above his elbow . Then Tong shifted his weighted forward and used the handle sword from the other hand to hammer it on Wen Chou's face .

Wen Chou didn't expect the sparring would end up in the extreme close-combat situation . He was hit on the nose .

Tong stepped forward another step and swiped his forward leg at the back of Wen Chou legs, making him lost balance . Then Tong used his weight and his momentum to force Wen Chou to the ground .

Wen Chou was Judo-thrown .

The impact of the throw made Wen Chou stunned . He tried to get up, only to find that Tong's wooden sword was pointing at his neck .

The entire fight ended in four seconds!

Wen Chou was shocked . He was a dignified veteran general of the Yuan family, yet he lost to a brat in a simple sparring in 4 seconds!

Tong was also astonished with the result . He had expected a difficult sword fight with one of the monster general in the history of China, yet he defeated him instantly .

The passive skill that Tong copied from Hua Shi through the dual cultivation was at work, increasing his overall attributes by 10 times . Thus Tong was stronger than even an adult athletes .

Combining his instinct and muscle memories from the previous life with the skill effect, Tong's entire body react by itself and turned the situation into this .

The crowd was also shocked . It ended just like that . It was too fast .

Subordinate soldiers of Wen Chou opened their mouth wide . They knew how strong their boss was . How could a child defeat him so easily?

Wen Chou came back to his sense . He roared .

"Again! This one doesn't count!"

Tong was surprised . Wen Chou was like a sore loser, he even attacked first before Tong could have gotten ready .

But since Tong wanted to fully understand the skill limit and its potential, he agreed .

Wen Chou got up and abandoned his wooden sword and grabbed his halberd . It was a real iron halberd, not a wooden one .

Tong frowned . Wen Chou did not have a good heart of sportsmanship . Tong also threw away his wooden sword and took out a real sword .

The two fought again . This time, Wen Chou kept his distance and didn't allow Tong to get closer . He dreaded Tong's grappling and hand-to-hand combat skills .

After they had exchanged 20 blows, Tong's sword was broken and he lost by default .

The crowd booed while Wen Chou's subordinates cheered . It was a bullying of a halberd user to a sword user . The fight was not fair .

Wen Chou was elated that he got his revenge, so he proposed another round, which Tong agreed .

The third round began and ended after another 35 exchanged blows . Tong lost again .

This time Wen Chou got used to Tong's habit and managed to get a clean strike on Tong's stomach after Tong's sword had been broken .

But Wen Chou was surprised that the last finishing strike didn't hurt Tong, he felt like he just swung his halberd at a mountain .

Tong requested for the fourth round and Wen Chou agreed . Wen Chou was confident that Tong was not his match in this fight as long as he had the distance advantage .

Both of them fought for another 5 rounds . Wen Chou was shocked as they continued to fight .

The fourth round ended in 45 blows with Wen Chou's victory .

The fifth round ended in 51 blows with Wen Chou's victory .

The sixth round ended in 62 blows with Wen Chou's victory .

The seventh round ended in 70 blows with Wen Chou's victory .

And the last eight round ended in 85 blows with Wen Chou's victory . But he didn't feel proud the slightest! Wen Chou could see a pattern in this spar . Tong was improving in every session .

Wen Chou was tired and depressed . He refused to continue further .

Despite being tired, Tong had a happy smile on his face . The combination of his status attributes, his passive skill and his personal swordsmanship experiences had merged together and he was about to master it .

Today, Wen Chou went back to his tent in his camp . He wrote an urgent letter to Feng Ji . The letter said;

"Zhang Tong can surpass me in the future, so don't do anything that will offend him . Reevaluate your plan and let Zhang Jiao go! If Zhang Tong becomes our enemy because of your underhanded schemes, I'll report this directly to our lord!"

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