Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – WTF Was Wrong With Those Skill Creators!

March 31st .

A merchant who travelled from Julu County arrived with terrible news . The Julu Governor Guo Dian was preparing 5,000 troops to attack Zhang family as Tong predicted .

This cause panic and uproar among the villagers . The Zhang family only had 2,000 troops, how could they fight against 5,000 men army .

The mayor of Anping County also heard the news . He fled along with his family the first day the news arrived, leaving his followers and servants behind .

Zhang Liang also heard of this news . He couldn't help but getting irritated and nervous . He didn't have any confident for leading his 1,000 troops against this many men .

He was stressed out and cancelled the plan for having a war sparring with Tong .

In contrast to Zhang Liang, Tong was still relax and smiling . He simply asked Zhang Liang to borrow his troops to dig up some traps and build a wooden fortress .

Zhang Liang didn't know what his nephew was thinking, he agreed . Zhang Liang thought that at least they would have a couple trap holes to reduce the number of the imperial troops .

Today, Tong went out with Zhang Jiao to calm the villagers . Tong also had a few villagers tested out the repeated crossbow, which astonished them . They could fire many arrows in a minute without using much strength .

Tong assured them that if they continued to craft more arrows and this crossbows, they wouldn't lose against this size of an army . There were 2,000 soldiers and 1,500 strong men in this village . If they all had this crossbows and fired repeatedly, what would happen to the invader?

The crowd's eyes lit up as they saw hope .

The carpenters and the villagers became more enthusiastic on their works . The panic was subsided and tranquil returned to the village .

Tong sighed in relief . He went back home to prepare his soap for the trip to Nan Pi again .

After coming home, Hua Shi came to see him and consulted him about the incoming war . And she also wanted to try the Soulmate Quest .

Tong was surprised . He thought that she would definitely sit out of this war . Tong wondered what changed her mind .

But after seeing her drools on the corner of her mouth, Tong figured that she either wanted his blood or his saliva again, but she was using the Soulmate Quest as an excuse to approach him .

She seemed to have a withdrawal symptom . After finished the 14th mission, Tong hadn't allowed her to enter his room ever since .

Then Tong was reminded that they had never tried the Soulmate Quest yet . It was a good time for them to try it . Thus Tong opened the menu and accepted a mission .

[Ho! Ho! Ho! Welcome! Welcome! It's been a while . ]

"Yeah, you pervert system . Give us a mission . "

[I cannot give you the 20th mission at the moment . There is a straggler who hasn't completed his mission yet . So you will have to wait until that person is killed or he finishes his mission . ]

"We're not taking the main quest . We're trying the Soulmate Mission . "

[Alright . But be warned . Soulmate missions are not part of the main missions but voluntary missions . Do you still want to try it?]

Tong paused to think . But Hua Shi spoke out .

"Give us the mission please . "

[HAHAHA, there you go . Since you are going to war soon, I might as well help you out . ]


**Soulmate Mission No . 1**

Guo Dian is preparing to dispatch an army to deal your family in Anping County . Defend it!

Be warned, there is a chance that Julu Army is not the only invader .

Clear Condition:

- All invaders withdrew or annihilated .

- Both Zhang Tong and Hua Shi must participate in this battle .

Failure Condition:

- Anping County is taken by any invader .

- Zhang Tong or Hua Shi didn't participate in this battle .

Clearing Reward:

- 20,000 Lifespans and two shopping passes for completing the main objective .

- 20,000 Lifespans for killing any enemy general .

- 200,000 Lifespan for killing Sima Xin .

- 20 Lifespan for killing each enemy soldier .

- 10,000 Lifespans if Zhang Liang survives .

- 10,000 Lifespans if Zhang Bao survives .

- Extra EXP to one of your active skills if you complete the mission by November 31st .

Mission Failure: Both of you will die .

System Note: Aside from the main objective, you have to kill the enemy yourself to gain the rewards .


Tong and Hua Shi were astonished . The quest was unusually generous . There were so many rewards!

However, Tong felt his heart almost stopped beating when he saw several conditions .

He had to defeat the Julu Army! It was not a simple do this or kill that mission, it was a war quest!

Both he and Hua Shi had to participate in this battle, and they could only earn the rewards by killing the soldiers or the generals themselves . They had to risk their life for the rewards again .

Then there was this Sima Xin . It seemed that the next battle would involve an otherworlder, which complicated things further .

Not counting that they had to deal with at least 5,000 Julu men with 2,000 soldiers . This mission was as difficult as the reward offered .

High risk, high return .

Tong knitted his eyebrows, feeling concerned . However, Hua Shi seemed to notice Tong worried . She closed her menu and hugged him from the front .

"Oi …" Tong was surprised .

"Don't be afraid . You have me . "

Tong frowned . He didn't know how to deal with this zombie girl . Sometimes she was sweet like an adolescent girl, sometimes she was like a perverted old man, sometimes she turned into a psychopath zombie, and sometimes she transformed into a dignified nurse .

He didn't know which face was the true her . Were all of them hers?

"If you are trouble, you can talk to me, you know? Aren't I your wife?"

"In name . "

"Tch . You thick head . Now look at my face . "


Tong was annoyed by her . But after he stared into her eyes, they were as clear as the sky . Those were the eyes without deception .

"Listen . I understand that you are faithful to your girl . But! I'm not fooling around . I'm worried about you . In a trouble time, you need to put your faith and trust in your friends and your family . "

" . . . "

"Human cannot survive alone . "

Tong was silent, thinking after what Hua Shi said .

"I'm also a part of your family . So you can talk to me . "

"I know there are things you want to talk to your dad and uncles but you couldn't . "

"So I'm here for you . "

"We're both from the 21st century . I can understand you . "

"So talk to me . Put your faith in me . "

"Trust me . "

Tong reflected upon himself . A bitter smile showed on his face . For all this time, all he thought about Hua Shi was that he tried to use her for her skills and experience . He never trusted her .

He felt guilty .

There was a conflict in his mind . He had prejudice her because of her past sins and her disgusting hobbies . But if he took off her sins and hobbies, how had he seen her as a person until now?

A person was like a coin with two sides . There was a face side and the back side, and Tong had seen Hua Shi's both sides . If he could only see her one side, would he have treated her differently?

Didn't everyone have a dark side that others might find it disgusting?

He bit his lower lips and slightly nodded, acknowledging Hua Shi .

Hua Shi patted Tong's head like a mother patted her son .

"I know it's my fault for having this hobby and you hate me for it . But do you know that I haven't eaten any human for three months after I've become your fiance?"

Both of them chuckled, thinking back to the first time they had met .

"How about I quit eating humans for you? Will you trust me?"

Tong stared into Hua Shi's meaningful eyes . Was she serious?

"I'll trust you if you can do it as you said . "

Tong replied which made Hua Shi smiled .

"But you will have to stop stealing kisses from me . My mouth and my tongue was always sore every times you did that . "

Hua Shi snapped her fingers and clicked her tongue . Tong didn't fall for her trap .

Seeing Hua Shi's reaction, Tong laughed in his heart . She was easy to read sometimes .

'Well, she's right about one thing . Since we are in this together, I should trust her a bit more . '

Tong made a mental note in his heart . Then he asked Hua Shi to show her status to him .



Name: Hua Shi

Age: 16

Lifespan: 48,739 Years

Shopping Pass: 2

*Active Skill List*

[Medical Gift] LV . 4 EXP( 706/800 )

- Diagnosis a patient and automatically find a solution for the treatment, or create a medicine for the sickness found .

- Can create eight medicine tablets or 80 milligrams of liquid medicine per one use .

Skill Consumption: 10 years of the host lifespan .

Skill Usage Restriction: Can only be used when treating a patient .

*Passive Skill List*

[Sword Master] Cannot be leveled up

- Master all kinds of swords . Increase all attributes by 10 times if the host is using a sword .

- If the host kill an enemy, increase the host lifespan by the remaining lifespan of the dead enemy .


Tong gulped . He was astonished by her status . Why was this world so unfair!?

Her lifespans had surpassed him and even her skill was already at level 4 . This was clearly favoritism treatment from the system!

Tong sulked in a corner . A big water drop appeared on Hua Shi's head .

"There, there . Don't cry . How about I help you look for something good from the shop for you . Look! Look!"

Hua Shi opened the shop menu and tab the limited skill of fallen otherworlders .

There were highlighted number "35" appeared in the top right corner of the shop . It seemed to indicate the number of surviving otherworlders in this world .

Hua Shi scrolled down to look for an interesting skill to help Tong in this situation . Then she indeed found a good skill .

"Tong, Tong . Look at this skill . "

Tong glanced at Hua Shi and the system menu . Then he saw the skill details .


[Inventory] – Cannot be leveled up .

- Host can store items in a private space .

- Host cannot store any living person or any creature .

- Storage limit: 10 Slots . Each slot can only contain same items . Stackable .

- Unlimited Volume .

- Time will be frozen in the inventory .

- Host can adjust the temperature of the Inventory .

- Upkeep lifespans required: 100 per year .


** Price 10,000 Lifespans **


Tong's eyes opened wide as if they wanted to escape from his eye sockets . Which isekai maniac created this godly skill? And why didn't other reincarnator take it?

Then Tong's eyes stopped at the upkeep . One hundred years of lifespan for using the inventory for a year was a steep price to pay at this early stage of this world . No wonder no one had taken it yet .

At this stage, all of them probably concerned about their priority surviving skills or weapons for self-defenses .

If he had this skill, then he could use it for the army logistic and provision storage . Then the grain would not be attacked by any raider in the future .

Tong bought the skill immediately . His lifespan hoarding plan would have to wait . This skill was more valuable .

Then Hua Shi nudged him again and pointed at her screen .

"Look! Look! There's one more skill that suits you . This one you should buy it!"

Tong's eyes lit up . He checked Hua Shi status menu again . Then she pointed at one skill .


[Immortal Yang Vein] – Cannot be leveled up .

- Host has infinite yang seeds .

- Host can dual-cultivate with female partners to increase active skill EXP in random .

- Host's stamina multiplies by 20 .

- Host can regenerate wounds and lost body parts instantly .

- Regeneration costs lifespans depending on the degrees of the injury .

- This skill can only be used by male otherworlders .

- Upkeep lifespans required: 1,000 per year .


** Price 10,000 Lifespans **


Tong choked and blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth . Which perverted wuxia maniac created this skill? And what in the blue world was that upkeep? Was the person insane? That guy deserved to die!

But he was already dead .

Well, he deserved to be revived and died again!

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