Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Looming Danger

February 24th, 181 A . D . , Julu County .

Sima Xin returned back to his home base and immediately requested an audience with Guo Dian, he wanted to report the incidents he had been through right away .

Guo Dian agreed to meet him and invited him in . He then received the report .

Sima Xin framed Zhang Jiao and his men with his report, stating that the Taoist sect they were in was a part of an evil cult, which also had been planning to rebel against the Han Imperial Court .

Because the messenger group was discovered, the 20 men that were with Sima Xin were all killed . Only he managed to come back alive with a couple wounds on his elbow and shoulder .

Sima Xin also mixed in the fact in the report that Zhang Jiao had two military camps that housed over 2,000 men, which was abnormal for a small physician family .

Only nobles with the imperial official status could afford to hire over 1,000 soldiers because of the limited rations and expensive weaponries . For a non-noble to be able to upkeep all those soldiers, Zhang Jiao should have a shady business that the government didn't know or they had a mysterious backer .

Guo Dian frowned after he read the scroll report . He didn't believe in the report of a child, even though he was a son of his acquaintance .

He wanted to affirm the source of this information, so he dispatched another scout team to obtain more information about the Zhang family and their military activities .

. . .

March 10th, 181 A . D .

The scout returned with shocking information . The Zhang family indeed had over 2,000 troops in the middle of training, they also had moved eastward to Anping County and settled their base there .

One of the two camp also had unusual soldiers that were as discipline and well-built as imperial elite troops . The scout assumed that they were the elites of the Zhang family .

Moreover, there were other several sources indicated that majority of the troops had a bounty on each of their head . They were ex-thieves and ex-bandits .

Most importantly, the leader of the elite camp proclaimed himself as an immortal . The person was the only successor of the Zhang family, Zhang Tong .

And Hua Shi whom Guo Dian suspected to be an evil cultist practitioner, was also Zhang Tong's fiancé . Both of them lived together in the same manor .

The overall report appeared to be similar with Sima Xin's report, but with more proofs and details .

Guo Dian made the decision . He sent a letter to Liu Yan, the House Governor of Ji District, asking him to borrow his troops for reinforcement against the rebel bandits .

If Liu Yan agreed to send reinforcement, they would take at least a month for the army to arrive here in Julu District .

Guo Dian made a plan . He would rally his men in September to October when the harvest season arrived so he could get provisions and grain for cheap . He could also enlisted volunteers and drafted more soldiers into this campaign with small budgets .

The preparation should lasted for a month or two after he acquired the necessary funding . By the end of October, Guo Dian would march with his troops to Anping County to subjugate the potential rebels, hoping to obtain more achievements and promotions from this war .

War was expensive, but the career promotion was worth it . By increasing the title by one rank could increase his income by 500 to 1,000 gold a year .

One the next day, Guo Dian sent out his decree . In October, they would go to war!

Sima Xin also received his summon from Guo Dian . Because of his achievement from reporting the rebel activities, he would be promoted into a hundred men commander . Sima Xin could now lead a hundred soldiers of the imperial army .

His soldiers would be assigned to him later after the conscription in June had been completed .

Sima Xin was elated . The promotion meant a better life for him . And with more subordinates, he had more confident dealing with fellow otherworlders .

He used this chance to randomize a new quest . He had a hunch that the system always gave him missions that related to his lifestyle and environment .

And his hunch was correct .


**Main Mission No . 19**

Guo Dian will march an army against Zhang Jiao and his men in a few months . Go and assist them .

Your best friend, Zhang Tong will be there . Kill him if you can and you will get additional rewards .

Clear Condition: Kill at least one hundred Yellow Turban soldiers

Failure Condition: Guo Dian is killed or the campaign fails .

Clearing Reward:

- 10,000 lifespan for completing priority mission

- 10,000 lifespan per one general of the Yellow Turban killed .

- 1,000 lifespan per every 100 additional soldiers killed after completed the clear condition .

- 1,000,000 lifespans if Hua Shi or Zhang Tong is killed .

- One shopping pass .

Mission Failure: Your location will be revealed in the HUD map for all otherworlders .

System Note: You must kill the soldiers yourself to complete the clearing condition .


Sima Xin smiled . A chance for payback arrived sooner than he expected .

Sima Xin then checked his status . He completed his last mission by killing a handful of yellow cloth men, so he should have more lifespans to buy more ammunition .



Name: Sima Xin

Age: 16

Lifespan: 15,479 Years

Shopping Pass: 1

*Skill List*

[Supreme Nightsight] Cannot be leveled up

- Host can see in the dark .

- Host's vision can be zoomed in or out . The maximum distance is two kilometers


Sima Xin killed six yellow cloths men, resulting him gaining additional of 6,000 lifespans .

Sima Xin opened the shop menu and bought a hundred bullet package, which costed him 15,000 years of lifespans, leaving him 479 years remaining .

His heart bled, but he was confident that the investment would be paid off once he completed the next mission .

March 15th, 181 A . D .

Administrative Bureau Secretary officials finalized the budgets for the mobilization . It was expected that Guo Dian would have enough fund to conscript over 20,000 civilians into militias by this October .

However, Guo Dian viewed it as excessive for dealing with a 2,000 men bandits . So he allocated budget for enlisting 3,500 militias . With 1,000 armored infantry and 500 light cavalry that Guo Dian had as his private troops, they would have 5,000 men prepared for this battle .

Using 5,000 Men to attack 2,000 bandits was more than enough . The rest of the leftover money would naturally fill the pockets of his and other officials .

After Guo Dian announced his budget and future plans, the officials understood his intention . They grinned form ear to ear . Serving an understanding governor was the best .

. . .

April 2nd, 181 A . D .

The reply letter form Liu Yan arrived . They would send an experienced general with 3,000 men to aid him in this battle . Zou Jing and his troops would come to Julu later on September .

Hearing that Liu Yan sent him a veteran general, Guo Dian was elated . He became more confident that there was no way in hell that they would lose the next battle against bandits .

. . .

April 15th, 181 A . D .

A disturbing news from the spy in Nan Pi arrived . Zhang Jiao visited the Yuan family in Nan Pi and formed a business cooperation .

Zhang Jiao and his caravan went back to his village with 12,000 gold, which was astronomical sum even for the governor like Guo Dian .

The details about the deal was unknown . The Yuan family had deep background and processed elite teams of counter-intelligence agents and many talented servants . They couldn't get more information .

Guo Dian frowned in worried . What was the connection between the Yuan family and the bandits . Were they colluded in this together or it was just a business deal .

Although Guo Dian was concerned about the Yuan family, his greed outweighed his concerned . The 12,000 gold that Zhang Jiao had was not a small sum .

This war had become more meaningful and could be profitable to him .

However, it was too late to reallocated the budget now because the cake had been splitted among the officials . There was no fund left to conscript further troops, unless he used his own money .

. . .

June 1st, 181 A . D .

The scout team came back from spying the Anping County and Zhang Manor . More concerning news arrived .

Zhang Jiao went to Nanpi again and came back with not just gold, but weapons and armors . Several craftsmen and Yuan family guards also escorted Zhang Jiao's caravan back home, too .

Blood was drained from Guo Dian's face . They indeed colluded together .

If he attacked Zhang Jiao and his men, would he offend the Yuan family?

He was about to cancel the raid campaign, but then he saw the details of the report . Within Zhang Jiao's caravan, there were over 50,000 gold in them .

This caused Guo Dian's eyes to almost pop out of the sockets . His county annual income taxes and tributes was only 20,000 to 30,000 gold a year . This number was assumed that the year had a bumper harvest .

Guo Dian's greed overwhelmed him, and he wanted to risk for it even if he offended the Yuan family . The gold he could plunder was enough for him to buy a high ranking position in the imperial court . Then even Yuan family would be helpless against him .

Guo Dian was no longer afraid of the consequences of his actions .

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