Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Fairy? Goddess? No, She's a Freaking Vampire .

By the end of the day, Tong managed to achieve a simple goals, having a trainable private army .

Tong stole Zhang Bao's camp and troops, then Tong gave his uncle a thousand gold to reform a new army . Zhang Bao had a bitter smile on his face when he accepted it .

Fortunately, Zhang Jiao went out with Hua Shi to neighbor village to perform healing duty and preaching Taoism . If he were here today, he would have scold Zhang Bao for spoiling his son .

Zhang Liang found out about the incident in the same day . However, he didn't make a fuse but he challenged Tong that both their troops would have a war practice together in three months .

Zhang Liang looked down on Tong's ability to lead troops . If Tong were so skilled then why would he had to declare himself as an immortal?

He wanted to teach Tong a lesson . But since he couldn't beat him physically, then he would bully Tong's troops and embarrass him .

Tong accepted the challenge while he shook his head in his mind . This uncle was good at leadership but he was a bit immature when it came to EQ management .

Tong also need to adjust the attitude of his uncle, he determined to beat Zhang Liang fair and square so Zhang Liang could accept Tong's opinion in the future .

Tong wanted to influence the movement of the Yellow Turban . He never wanted his father and uncles to repeat the mistake they had done in the history record .

Meanwhile, morning of the same day . Ningjin County .

[*Ding* *Ding* Congrats you mental vampire! You've completed my mission!]

[Here is your 10,000 years lifespans and a shopping pass!]

[But I have great sad news to inform you . ]

[There is a lazy bastard that hasn't taken the 17th quest yet . ]

[Unfortunately, you cannot take anymore mission until the straggler is dealt with . ]

[Until then, enjoy your resting period! Ciao!]


Hua Shi used her handkerchief to wipe her sweat . It took her a month to heal a hundred villager, which was much faster than she had expected .

Hua Shi bid farewell to her patient and checked the PTW Shop . She scrolled down the weapon section and purchased a modern T10-Steel short sword .

It costed her 2,000 lifespan for a single short sword . But to her, it was worth the price .

With this sword, she could throw away her fragile scrap-iron sword on her waist and equipped the new short sword that had a much better performance .

With her new sword and her passive skill, she had confident that no native soldier could be her match in the close combat .



Name: Hua Shi

Age: 16

Lifespan: 8,749 Years

*Active Skill List*

[Medical Gift] LV . 4 EXP( 695/800 )

- Diagnosis a patient and automatically find a solution for the treatment, or create a medicine for the sickness found .

- Can create eight medicine tablets or 80 milligrams of liquid medicine per one use .

Skill Consumption: 10 years of the host lifespan .

Skill Usage Restriction: Can only be used when treating a patient .

*Passive Skill List*

[Sword Master] Cannot be leveled up

- Master all kinds of swords . Increase all attributes by 10 times if the host is using a sword .

- If the host kill an enemy, increase the host lifespan by the remaining lifespan of the dead enemy .


Looking at her status menu, she nodded in satisfaction .

Hua Shi's [Medical Gift] was a supporting skill that couldn't be used to kill a person, so she gained 10 EXP for each sick person that she cured .

Since Hua Shi received a mission last month, she had been tagging along with Zhang Jiao on his duty in Ningjin County and volunteered to help him heal the sick or the injured villagers for free .

As a result, she got boosted in EXP and completed her mission without problem .

Though Zhang Jiao was shocked by the miraculous [Medical Gift] skill Hua Shi used, he still retained his integrity of being the head of the family and not taking advantage of Hua Shi's goodwill .

When Zhang Jiao performed his duty, villagers would donate food or money to him in exchange for his medicines and his teaching . So he shared his earning to Hua Shi for her assistance .

However, Hua Shi refused because she already received the compensation from the villagers . Whenever she treated someone, she would ask for a small cup of children blood in exchange .

The villagers were skeptical about Hua Shi's demand at first . But after a week, many patients were cured by Hua Shi's medicines and her reputation rose .

Hua Shi made a groundless excuse that she needed the blood so she could sacrifice it to the medicine god, yet the villagers actually believed in it!

Furthermore, Hua Shi had the status as Tong's fiancé, everyone became more supportive of her action and entitled her "Medicine Fairy" or "Goddess Hua" .

With these kind of nicknames and her beauty, Hua Shi's fame spread through the neighbor counties and villages within a month, which drew many moths and flies towards her .

Despite the fact that it was already well-known that she had a fiancé, many merchants and wealthy young masters shamelessly pursued her and offered many benefits for divorcing Tong to marry them instead .

Hua Shi always looked at the horny pursuers in disgust . Her soul age was old enough for them to call her 'Great ancestor' so she saw through everyone's motives . Furthermore, her body was currently only 16 years old! These people were a bunch of pedophilia lolicons!

She got used to seeing the perfect healthy body of Tong so his body became her benchmark when she judged a man . She no longer had any interest towards the male locals as they were too dirty and ugly by her food standard .

In addition, she was addicted to the taste of Tong's blood . The first time she had took a sip of it, she felt like she had a daydream that she swam in a rainbow sea naked with several fabulous unicorns . The taste was otherworldly exquisite like none others which she had tasted before .

From that day on, she could only drink children blood because other blood became disgusting comparing to Tong's blood . And now, the children blood was tasteless to her .

Hua Shi wanted to kill someone and gauge out a heart or a brain for her dinner . But she was afraid that if Zhang Jiao knew about her taste, she would be thrown away again .

Thus she suppressed her desire for now .

Hua Shi planned that once she returned home, she would ask for more of Tong's blood . Or maybe she might be able to use the 'fiancé' excuse to share a room with Tong, so she could sleep on the same bed, smelling his skin all night . Or maybe she could lick him when he slept and tasted his sweat .

Although Tong and Hua Shi were allied, she was afraid of Tong's hostile attitude towards her . But the desire for the exquisite taste of Tong's body outweighed her fear and made her courageous . She swore that one day she would make Tong hers so she could drink his blood every day .

Hua Shi's nicknames and her fame caught the ears of the Governor of Julu County, Guo Dian .

Two weeks ago, He had sent an order to invite her and Zhang family to his county, hoping to make a connection with a Taoist family .

The messenger informed Hua Shi about the invitation . However, Hua Shi interpreted it as Guo Dian was one of those lolicons who would use his authority to make her his concubine .

She was wary of the government officials because the time of Yellow Turban Uprising drew near, and the officials would reveal their rotten natures during the times . Therefore, she refused the invitation .

Seeing that Hua Shi didn't want to go to Julu County, Zhang Jiao refused too .

Her action caused Guo Dian to be curious about this child . He didn't have any ill-will towards Hua Shi the slightest . Therefore, he ordered a thorough investigation of her background .

And today, Guo Dian found out about Hua Shi's demand for blood . Moreover, there were witnesses who saw her drank the blood that she had requested from the villagers .

Guo Dian immediately issued a warrant to arrest her . He wanted to interrogate her himself if she was an evil cultist or she practiced cannibalism .

If she was one of the immoral cultist as Guo Dian suspected, he would put her in prison for life .

A soldier acknowledged the order . He went out with his squad of 21 men and made a journey to Ninjin County . They were expected to arrive at the county in five to seven days .

This soldier squad was unique but it was not because of their skills or looks, but one of the soldier stood out from the rest .

In the squad, there was a teenage who held a strange black rod-like object in his arms, following his leader and his teammates . His eyes were sharp as if they were the eyes of eagles .

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