Bank of the Universe

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Celestial Emperor Brush

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Battle Angel Michael suppressed the entire Big River Sword Faction!

  Sect Leader was defeated and was laying heavily injured on the ground, unable to fight anymore. The thousands of disciples were infuriated, but there was nothing that they could do!

  Tian Guangming could even sense that the two people staring at him had started to become frenzied!

  Big River Sword Faction’s hidden power was about to make a move!

  But, could they defeat Battle Angel Michael?

  After all, even their Sect Leader lost!

  ”Who are you?” Big River Sword Faction Sect Leader coughed out blood. His eyes were filled with unhappiness and rage.

  ”Debt collectors. I know your Grand Elder isn’t dead, so ask him to come out. He owes this debt. If he doesn’t come out, then today everyone in Big River Sword Faction will be killed!” Battle Angel Michael said coldly.

  Big River Sword Faction’s Sect Leader stared furiously at Battle Angel Michael in shock and anger, “Do you think that just with the two of you, you can slay my Big River Sword Faction?”

  ”I feel like we can, the truth proves that you have already lost. I am not afraid, even if you call upon the hidden strength of Big River Sword Faction. I will give you a minute, after which I will start killing!” Battle Angel Michael maintained that cold attitude.

  ”You… Are a bully!!” Big River Sword Faction Sect Leader’s heart was consumed with rage and he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

  Battle Angel Michael said proudly, “It is not that I am a bully but you owe a debt and haven’t repaid it. 10,000 years have passed and if we didn’t come back asking for it, your Grand Elder wouldn’t even think about paying.”

  ”You keep saying our Grand Elder owes a debt, but what is it that he owes?!” The Sect Leader hollered. He felt much pent up frustration.

  Battle Angel Michael laughed coldly, “Your Grand Elder borrowed a secret technique from my Master, the Big River Sword Energy!”

  ”Preposterous!” Big River Sword Faction’s Sect Leader chided.

  ”What a joke!” One of the Elders hidden couldn’t take it anymore and jumped out. He was also at the Holy Lord level.

  ”What a joke. Big River Sword Energy was acquired by our Grand Elder from the secret realm and you actually dare to say that your Master gave it, what a joke!” A white-haired elder walked out. He was really thin but he stood straight with a cold gaze, like an old but stubborn sword filled with fighting spirit.

  The two hidden Holy Lord level Elders of Big River Sword Faction both appeared and chided Battle Angel Michael.

  Not only them, but all the Big River Sword Faction’s disciples stared at Battle Angel Michael in rage, treating his words as a provocation.

  Battle Angel Michael didn’t care at all. He would advance and retreat together with Tian Guangming, and against three Holy Lord level experts, they weren’t much weaker.

  Especially Battle Angel Michael who was high above. Facing three people, he feared nothing and still laughed coldly, “Since you don’t believe me, then get your Grand Elder to retort me. I have a contract that he personally signed.”

  The thin elder stepped out and scoffed, “My Grand Elder went into seclusion for 1,000 years to try to break through. Why should he come out just because you said so?”

  ”It is okay if he doesn’t come out, then there is no need for Big River Sword Faction to exist!” Battle Angel Michael didn’t back down and looked around coldly. With the World Destroying Halberd, his aura was really overbearing.

  ”Preposterous!” The thin elder stepped out. Even if he was old, his sword energy was extremely thick. He was one of the peak existences of the Holy Lord level.


  A sword glow shone brightly in the sky and with an extremely eye-catching consciousness, it was pointed right at Battle Angel Michael. As long as Michael dared to do anything, he would be attacked.

  ”You aren’t one to insult my Big River Sword Faction!” The old man said fiercely.

  Tian Guangming, who was quietly looking on, stepped out and said, “Don’t force me to bring out the Celestial Artifact, to suppress you all!”

  ”Celestial Artifact?” Big River Sword Faction’s Sect Leader’s brow frowned. He couldn’t help but exclaim that he actually had a Celestial Artifact.

  ”So what if you have a Celestial Artifact? We also have one. What do we have to fear?” The old man maintained his firm attitude.

  Battle Angel Michael frowned. This old man was a problem; he was a peak-level expert. Battle Angel Michael just merged and could barely fight him, but what about Tian Guangming?

  Tian Guangming was unable to fight two versus one, nor was he able to deal with the whole Big River Sword Faction.

  Did he really have to ask Master to lend him the Celestial Artifact Heaven Emperor Brush?

  Battle Angel Michael didn’t want to do that as that would represent a failure on his first mission that Master had assigned him.

  In the end, he needed Master to clean up.

  Everything was stuck at this point!


  Within the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao closed his eyes and studied his talent.

  Suddenly, he opened his eyes and he saw the predicament that Battle Angel Michael was in.

  He frowned and muttered, “My helper is just too weak. Just two Holy Lord level people can’t suppress a sect in Dali Land. Moreover, I still have so many debts to deal with!”

  He was in a rush to expand the experts under him.

  ”But it is important to deal with this.” Li Xiandao waved his wrist and the Heaven Emperor Brush appeared. Li Xiandao held it in his hands and it was only the size of a palm.

  ”Seven, inject in 10,000 God Source!” Li Xiandao said calmly.

  ”Yes, Master!” Seven nodded.

  Li Xiandao pinched it and tossed it into the air, causing the Heaven Emperor Brush to instantly disappear.


  Big River Sword Faction!

  The situation was at a standstill. The Big River Sword Faction also stood up to heal his injuries. Although he wasn’t at his peak state, he could still help a little.

  Three versus two!

  The problem was that the stubborn old man’s cultivation was too strong.

  Battle Angel Michael couldn’t do anything to him.

  Similarly, he couldn’t do anything about Battle Angel Michael too as he had just shown how strong he was when he defeated the Big River Sword Faction Sect Leader so cleanly!

  Just as the entire situation was at a standstill, a black hole appeared in the air, attracting everyone’s attention.

  ”What is that?” The Big River Sword Faction people frowned as they looked.

  Even the thin old man had a solemn expression on his face.

  Of course, this was not the Big River Sword Faction’s doing.

  Did they invite more helpers?


  At that moment, the Heaven Emperor Brush flew out from the black hole and smashed into the area in front of the entrance.


  The surrounding dozens of mountains and few hundred miles of land turned to ruins; nothing had a chance of surviving.

  A giant, transparent brush that shone brightly appeared in front of their eyes.

  Battle Angel Michael was ashamed when he saw the Heaven Emperor Brush appear. He knew that Master was observing the situation and knew that they could not take down Big River Sword Faction. This was why he sent the Heaven Emperor Brush to aid.

  ”I failed for the first time, but I won’t fail ever again!” His eyes were firm as he reached out and wrote a word with the Heaven Emperor Brush.


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