Bank of the Universe

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Tian Guangming’s shock

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Ka ka ka!

The silver armor clanged as he walked, giving off an ear-piercing sound; it was like a beautiful melody that made Tian Guangming turn around to look.

”Why is it you!” Tian Guangming’s eyes opened wide as he spoke without thinking.

This tall, cold-looking person wearing war armor looked like a war god. This person was Zhou Tianyu.

White Emperor Tian Guangming was sure that this person was Zhou Tianyu!

But in his heart, his eyes were telling him that it wasn’t!

A few days ago, Zhou Tianyu was only at Dao Pursuing Realm and wasn’t worth mentioning in front of him!

But the Zhou Tianyu in front of him was of a similar realm to him; he was really strong and gave off a cold aura. Every action gave off a different feel and he was really extraordinary!

It wasn’t Zhou Tianyu!

Zhou Tianyu’s talent was already sold, so he definitely couldn’t be cultivating. Without talent meant that one had no room for improvement and would be trapped at his original spot.

Tian Guangming’s brain was filled with such thoughts. Battle Angel Michael knelt down in front of Li Xiandao and said, “Michael greets Master!”

”Eh, get up. I wanted to give you a chance to adapt to this power, but there is something I need you and Tian Guangming to do tomorrow.” Li Xiandao said.

”It is my honor to help serve Master!” Battle Angel Michael said calmly. He looked towards that gold mask with fervor.

In the heart of Zhou Tianyu, who was now Battle Angel Michael, he believed in Li Xiandao and he was the only person he followed in life.

”You will head to Big River Sword Faction, no matter whether or not their faction opening elder is dead or alive, I will clear the past debts. Follow what is written on the contract and bring it back. Especially his soul, that belongs to the Bank of the Universe!” Li Xiandao said coldly; his heart was really unhappy.

The last Bank of the Universe Master did such a bad job!

The contract was signed; Big River Sword Faction’s owner sold his own soul and received the Big River Sword Energy cultivation technique. 10,000 years later, he would return the original copy of the Big River Sword Energy and also a Celestial Artifact!

If he didn’t keep his soul, he should have been able to control it.

But the last master didn’t do so; he took the Big River Sword Energy and didn’t take the soul away, allowing him to leave just like that. 10,000 years later, he didn’t plan on following the contract!

How preposterous!

When Li Xiandao saw the bad debts, he was so furious. The past few owners were the ones who caused the Bank of the Universe to become like this.

”This is the contract. Go and get back quickly. I want the original copy of Big River Sword Energy, that has the purest secrets of Big River Sword Energy; the hand copies don’t have any value!” Li Xiandao waved his sleeves and said.

”Yes, Master!” Battle Angel Michael stood up, the World Destroying Halberd in his hands waved and his eyes were ice cold.

Li Xiandao’s enemy was his enemy!

Battle Angel’s existence was to clear out all obstacles for Master!

White Emperor waved his hands and said, “Yes, Master!”

”Go!” Li Xiandao waved his hands and a mysterious strength sent the two of them out of the Bank of the Universe.

Within the bank, Seven asked Li Xiandao, “Master is prepared to cultivate the Big River Sword Energy?”

Seven had a clear understanding of the situation; Li Xiandao told White Emperor and Battle Angel to collect the debts and he even wanted to use the main copy.

Li Xiandao wanted to cultivate the Big River Sword Energy!

Li Xiandao nodded his head, “Currently, the Bank of the Universe doesn’t have any cultivation techniques for me to train in. Those I stole from Zhou Family aren’t enough to support my cultivation; I, the all-knowing, currently lack a supreme cultivation technique!”

Big River Sword Energy was one of those cultivation techniques!

It was a cultivation technique that was suitable for Li Xiandao!

He had to get the Big River Sword Energy. Li Xiandao was like a fish that could instantly morph into a dragon, using his strong talent to become an expert.

Out of the many debts, he chose this one from Big River Sword Faction!

”Does Master think that White Emperor Tian Guangming and Battle Angel Michael can get back Big River Sword Energy?” Seven asked curiously.

”Of course, as long as Big River Sword Faction doesn’t have many Holy Lord level experts, then Battle Angel will be invincible. As time passes, he will become even stronger. Maybe, a year later, Holy Lords will be no match for him!” Li Xiandao said calmly.

Battle Angel Michael, who came through his hands, gave him a lot of confidence!

His Battle Angel wouldn’t be defeated!

Spirit Illusion Holy Land, Battle Angel Michael, and White Emperor Tian Guangming were teleported out. He looked at the land around; only the wind was blowing and no one was around.

White Emperor couldn’t help but look towards Battle Angel Michael, he opened his mouth and asked, “Are you still Zhou Tianyu?”

Battle Angel Michael looked at White Emperor Tian Guangming and said calmly, “From today on, there is only Battle Angel Michael, there is no more Zhou Tianyu!”

Tian Guangming’s pupils constricted and he said in shock, “What did the Master of Bank of the Universe do to you? Was your body stolen?”


Battle Angel Michael held the World Destroying Halberd onto Tian Guangming’s forehead and said coldly, “You are the owner of the other personality?”

Tian Guangming was covered in a cold sweat by the killing intent of the World Destroying Halberd. He backed off and explained, “No, I didn’t mean that. I just feel like your change is a little huge and I feel a little suspicious about it!”

How was it only a little? He was totally unable to believe his eyes.

A day ago, Zhou Tianyu was only at Dao Pursuing Realm and took the Heaven Emperor Brush to charge at Tiandao Sect. If not for the Heaven Emperor Brush that opened the Celestial Seal, Tiandao Sect would definitely have killed Zhou Tianyu.

A day later, Zhou Tianyu was totally different. Not only his outer appearance, but his aura and cultivation were totally different!

He went from Dao Pursuing Realm to Heaven Essence right away and was at the same realm as him. They were Holy Lord level of strength!

Also, that halberd gave off endless killing energy. Tian Guangming felt like it was another Celestial Artifact. With just a slight touch, he felt as if he could kill someone!

Such a huge change… What did the owner of the Bank of the Universe do to Zhou Tianyu?

Also, why did Zhou Tianyu protect the Master of the Bank of the Universe? He was like a loyal follower; it was like his words were the law!

Tian Guangming really wanted to know; he really wanted to understand the Bank of the Universe!

Battle Angel Michael looked at Tian Guangming and retracted the World Destroying Halberd. He said coldly, “Zhou Tianyu is dead. In the future, only Battle Angel Michael will exist. Master has given me a new life, but I am still me and the only thing I believe in is Master!”

Tian Guangming didn’t know what to say.

Zhou Tianyu… Now, Battle Angel Michael treated the Master of the Bank of the Universe as a god.

Tian Guangming couldn’t help but think about how the Bank of the Universe was so weird and strong, was it a god?

Even the Celestials of legend didn’t have such strong and mystical skills!

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