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Chapter 1556 (END) - Final Chapter

Chapter 1556: Final Chapter

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Safilos’ secret art had matured. He looked at the magic projection in front of Lex in the tower. Everything in the city was in the projection, including the underground part.

Both sides had been prepared for the revolt for a long time, and it seemed that they wanted it to happen.

The Golden Plains refused to let go, which they deemed to be foolish. The world was no longer what it used to be, but those people still wanted to conquer the world.

They wondered how many mages would side with the Golden Plains, but even if the number was huge, they would not have done so due to their levels. Only those who had little chance for the future would have sided with Golden Plains.

High-level mages were treated very well in Metatrin, so much so that they would have found other places intolerable. Low-level mages had all been taken by Lex, which robbed the Golden Plains of a way to expand their forces and develop in the long run. While the forces of the Golden Plains had been considerably expanded in the past 100 years or so, they had only been able to buy a good number of mercenaries.

“We are all Grukos, and I don’t want to do this, but it seems things are more severe than what you expected it to be,” Safilos said grumpily.

“Heh, since when did you become so soft, Uncle? I’ll leave within two to three years. Regardless if Saleen is alive or dead, I have no intention of remaining an empress. I’ve had enough.”

“I haven’t gone soft, Lex. People die in wars, and if Saleen is not around, I can’t mobilize the demon army. I would need to rely on my forces to fight the war.”

“So now you realize how useful Saleen is?” Lex jabbed sarcastically at her uncle, but without all the past enmity that would have been in her voice a few years ago.

“I have thought that he was useful for a long time. It’s just that it never occurred to me that a puny mage like him all those years ago would have grown to become who he is now.”

“If you had known in advance, would you have gotten rid of him early?”

“Hahaha, what do you take me for? Even if I were inferior to Saleen, I would’ve never done such a thing.”

A team of magic infantry charged at the gates of the palace when the two of them talked. Most of the magic equipment they had had been purchased from Saleen. It was then modified and given to their army. Doing so was somewhat cheaper than Golden Plains manufacturing their own.

“Get on with it, prince, and be quick with it. I knew how many who betrayed us anyway.” Lex was in no mood to see what was going on any further. While the revolt was indeed a serious one, it was also an easy one to quell.

The Dragonslayer Army was still within the palace. With a level 16 forcemaster like Gusion in charge and some mages that had come with him to Holy Rock City at his side, such a revolt would be easy to handle.

Even if the enemy had something else up their sleeves, there was still Safilos’ blade to deal with.

Safilos’ secret art was rather terrifying. If her father had still been alive, he might have been able to take Safilos on. Lex herself would not be a match for her uncle with the God’s Ring.

However, practicing such a secret art came with the cost of being unable to extend one’s lifespan, but Safilos hardly cared. To him, a shorter life would be acceptable, so long as said life was a glorious one.

Ten thousand Rebels stormed the royal palace. There was no light in the night, but since all rebels were equipped with magic equipment, they did not need illumination.

A huge thing fell from above at that moment. The Floating City appeared.

Everyone thought the Floating City had left alongside Saleen, and none of them expected that he had never taken the massive thing with him to his battles.

Safilos looked like a purple sun when he appeared in the night. His blade was brought down straight from above, shrouding an area over 1,000 kilometers.

It was a single-target attack, but it messed up the enemy’s formations.

“You have one minute to put down your weapons and await punishment outside my residence. Anyone who stays will be cut down!”

“Don’t listen to what he says!” A general shouted. Safilos cast his purple eyes at that man and brought his blade down again. Safilos had impeccable control with that move, as the general remained unscathed while hundreds of soldiers by his side were reduced to dust from that one attack.

“Yap away if you will. I’ll keep my blade away from you. But if anyone who heed your orders, I’ll make sure to kill every last one of them,” Safilos then said cruelly.

That line hit the weakness of the human psyche. That general would not have to suffer any consequences regardless of how he shouted, but any who dared follow his orders would have to suffer instead. Even people with rebellious thoughts were not willing to serve as cannon fodder and that threw the rebels into chaos.

“You!” That general was incredibly frustrated and glared at Safilos, who was in the air.

“Fool.” Safilos waved and thousands of magic cannons were deployed right under the Floating City, which all aimed at the ground. If all of the cannons fired at the same time, they would have probably ended up destroying the entire royal palace.

The rebels did not think their lives were a joke. The mages from Golden Plains were frightened to the core. They wondered if Saleen had returned, seeing that the Floating City was back.

Saleen’s silhouette was seen on the Floating City, just to verify the mages’ thoughts, which then flew to Safilos’ side and nodded.

All of the revolting mages lost the guts to resist immediately. They all knew Saleen was someone who fought a level 18 god, and he managed to come out on top.

Hundreds of mages chose to run without a second thought. Thousands of magic cannons from the Floating City fired, shooting down over 100 mages right away.

“Cast your equipment aside and walk. Wait for your turn outside the prince’s residence.” Safilos’ voice became even colder and more brutal.

He hated the mages from Golden Plains more than anything else. Soldiers, on the other hand, simply followed orders from above, given that it was their duty.

The rebels had initially planned to rebel a little more to get better treatment as prisoners, but none of them had expected hundreds of magic cannons from the Floating City to fire at the same time, reducing the rebels at the outer fringes to dust.

The ‘Saleen’ then added nonchalantly, “No need to panic. The cannons had simply gotten to critical points, and it would have been a waste of magic nuclei if they did not fire.”

The line from ‘Saleen’ ended the ridiculous revolt in its tracks. The rebels dropped their weapons and even their armor, one after another. All attempts to resist absolute power were futile after all.

Everyone heard of how brutal Saleen’s methods had been. He had slaughtered an entire city before he had even become a prince. His words about conserving magic nuclei were seen to be little more than an excuse, and they wondered if the brutal sadist of a person enjoyed killing people.

Safilos wore a bitter smirk. The one by his side was not Saleen, but Rossen the water puppet. However, he underestimated just how notorious Saleen’s name was, so much so that one line from the mage was enough to scare the rebels into crumbling completely.

In comparison, Safilos’ attacks had been nothing.

It was fortunate what happened enabled the ones in power to truly convict those from the Golden Plains of their crimes, which served as a solid reason for attacking the Golden Plains. If they were to simply capture several of the people from the Golden Plains who were in charge, the effects would have been limited. Many nobles suffered for the Golden Plains’ loss, and they would have hated the Golden Plains. At the moment, the ones in power had truly become the party that was just, and the Golden Plains would have ended up utterly crushed.

Both Safilos and Lex trained in the secret arts, and they knew how important their nation’s luck was. If the nation were in turmoil, they would have difficulties moving on further. Both would have to sit on the throne even if the secret arts failed. Lex had only chosen to step down because she had gotten to level 17, and she did not need the power of the nation to back her to get to level 18.

Safilos, on the other hand, was not yet at level 17, and he would need to stay on the throne for three to five hundred years before he could choose to step down.

As such, Safilos needed to keep the nation stable in the centuries he reigned supreme before he could hand power over smoothly.

Sika, who was in Metatrin City, received word from Lex.

The rebels were crushed, and they were ready to attack the Golden Plains.

As such, during the days that Saleen had remained absent, Myers Mainland was renamed Metatrin Mainland, and the newly named continent saw its first large scale war.

The Kingdom of Metatrin did not mobilize the demon army, as both Saleen and Nailisi were absent, and Sika did not want to take charge. It would have set a bad precedent, setting the expectations that the demon army would be mobilized for anything, big or small, and further troubles would have ensued. There were too many soldiers in the demon plane, and if they all flooded the mainland, it would have caused a huge strain on the main plane.

Fourteen years passed on the mainland, and the war with the Golden Plains finally ended. The war dragged on longer than expected, so much so that Sika had even fielded the Caucasians in the war, whose army was overseen by Saleen’s children.

The strain was too much for the Golden Plains, regardless of how many tricks they had hidden in their sleeves. During the final battle, the Floating City came crashing down on Golden Plains, crushing soldiers and mages in tens of thousands. The move came with the consequence of rendering the Floating City grounded for the time being. The eventual outcome was that the very last powerful army left of the Golden Plains was wiped out completely.

Saleen’s whereabouts remained unknown. Lex took the chance of the grand victory to hand the throne over to Safilos, and she moved to Metatrin City.

She and Sika both went to Purgatory Desert many times, but they still were unable to find their husband.

Time flew and the interdimensional space had finally grown to become a subcontinent plane teeming with life. Celestial bodies became clear in the sky as well, and yet, there was no sign of Saleen anywhere anyone thought of searching.

On that day, in the central magic towers of a huge city of ice on the Oceanic Ice Block, Lex was found meditating in a huge tower. There was a huge statue being erected right outside the tower. It was none other than a statue of Saleen.

That city had become the most powerful magic academy in the entire Fifth Dynasty. The headmaster was naturally none other than Saleen Metatrin, but no student had ever seen the headmaster anywhere.

The de facto headmaster was Jason Statham. He had grieved considerably over Saleen’s disappearance, but it was fortunate that Saleen’s children had grown well. His son and daughter were both level 16 mages by then, and so far, there a level 18 professional had not yet emerged from the mainland. Jason, who was at level 17, became the pinnacle on that plane.

The long night came to the Oceanic Ice Block. Sunlight was seen for little more than three hours a day in that season. The sky dazzled with brilliant lights. A mage, who was clad in darkness with four people in tow, stood right outside the main gates of the magic academy. The figure looked up as he stood right outside the gates.

Among the four, there was a little girl who was little more than a meter tall who walked barefooted on the ice.

“So this is the academy of ice, sir?”

“Indeed, Myers.”

“Don’t bluff, sir. You said that you were the one who created the academy, but it hadn’t been around for long, shorter than the time we knew each other even.” That little girl called Myers yapped away, but the interest in her eyes was unmistakable.

“I’m not bluffing. Just keep walking to the center of the city, and you’ll find a statue of me standing right there,” the young mage answered with a smile.

“For real?”

“So you don’t believe me then. Well, how about a bet?”

“Sure.” Myers waved her tiny hands about and said, “And I am going to win this time!”

A beautiful young woman muttered from Myers’ side, “Man, you’re dumb.”

“What are you calling dumb!” Myers glared, making a face suggesting that she looked angry.

That young woman then answered, “Not you of course. You’re far smarter than eggs after all. At the very least, you hatched.”

“Alright, Nailisi, knock it off. Let’s just go home,” the young mage smiled and said, walking through the gates of the magic academy. His home was where his wives and his children were waiting for him.

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