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Chapter 1134 - Thousand Miles of Fish Intestines, Tens of Thousands Miles of Oceans (Part 2)

Chapter 1134: Thousand Miles of Fish Intestines, Tens of Thousands Miles of Oceans (Part 2)

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The exit that Saleen saw was the end of the magic beast’s intestine—the anus. It was fortunate that he was a mage. While he seldom dissected humans, he had researched many magic beasts, so the disgust lasted only for a brief moment.

The reason why he felt that was because he recollected what he went through in the intestine and what was being trashed about around him.

The waste shot out with Sika’s bone piece, being sent flying for over hundreds of miles away, before sinking to the bottom of the ocean slowly.

Saleen did not struggle as he was sent outside the fish’s body. Violent currents from the fish moving forward turned the seawater around them chaotic.

It was fortunate that the currents were ono threat to Saleen and his people, but he dared not allow them to venture outside the bone that housed them. The depth they were at was not a place that a level nine professional could survive in.

Even Sul, a golden grand swordmaster at the pinnacle of his level, would last less than a minute before being thoroughly exhausted, and then turned into mush.

Saleen glanced at Sika. “I’ll go have a look outside when we reach the bottom. Keep everyone safe.”

Saleen was able to see the bottom as he spoke. They were about over a dozen miles away from hitting the ocean floor. Over a dozen miles was over ten thousand meters. Furthermore, they had been falling for miles. Saleen began to wonder if they were still in Myers Mainland.

The deepest parts of Myers Mainland wouldn’t be more than 30 miles deep, would it?

The violent currents gradually subsided and the bone piece quickly sank to the bottom. It trembled several minutes later, landing on a large piece of underwater rock.

Saleen cast Water Shield and passed through the green energy barrier, venturing outside the bone piece. His Elemental Eye allowed him to expand his sight over a dozen miles. There was no living being around them, which was quite a relief to Saleen.

He calculated for a bit and found the water pressure to be less terrifying than he had anticipated. At the very least, the pressure there was only twice as heavy as the pressure at the Imperial City of the Abyss.

A level nine professional would be able to survive for quite some time. However, one would be in serious disadvantage if they fought there without level ten powers.

Saleen grew bold, seeing no living beings around him, and he began looking into his surroundings. He was elated to find that the ocean floor was filled with precious materials, more so than the fish’s stomach.

However, it was a pity that there wasn’t very much. He quickly realized that it was probably the fish’s excrement. All of the materials lying about had been refined by the fish’s body.

Anything that lay around at the ocean floor were refined products from materials, things that the fish was unable to absorb.

Saleen wanted to laugh. Agares had wanted to cause him harm, but the assassin ended up sending him to a huge treasure chest of materials instead.

He would not have been able to find it if he had not been forcefully brought there.

He returned into the bone piece and relayed the things happening outside, before replenishing his magic staffs. He only needed the Water Shield, and he was able to put in 24 at once.

Most of Saleen’s magic staffs had been given to his teacher, Jason, which were then distributed to others. He only had about 30 staffs with him, which he had prepared to give his followers.

The number of magic staffs with him meant that he was able to store over 60 spells. Saleen rested for a whole day with everyone else, before finishing replenishing all of his staffs.

He returned to the water, casting his Water Shield and collecting materials lying on the ocean floor. The materials had probably been around longer than the Goddess of Myers.

Saleen had no fear of the water. The Water Shield was there to prevent seawater from gushing in when he was picking up material.

It was immensely difficult to use space equipment. Common folk could not use anything unless they were adherents, which enabled them to use something like the Ring of Gifts.

However, the ring worked by borrowing rules left behind by the goddess. While even common folk were able to open the space within, they needed to spend mental powers to do so.

Usually, even level four grand mages were incapable of using space equipment. A level six mage was barely able to open up a space that was only a couple cubic meters.

The toll on mental powers was immense. The greater the volume of the item to be stored, the greater one’s expenditure of mental powers was.

Saleen was unable to withstand thousands of liters of seawater gushing into his space equipment. He had no smart way of preventing seawater from seeping into his gear with the materials to be stored.

As such, he was only able to do it crudely, and that was to hold the seawater off while he stored the materials one by one using a dimension stone.

Furthermore, the way he used the dimension stone was to stick the stone on the material he intended to pick up, controlling the process with his mental powers when it was being stored. While the process was tedious, Saleen deemed it better than having a large amount of scraps taken in.

While the materials in the goddess’ temples were fine, they paled in comparison with the ones that had spent countless years being naturally refined in the big fish.

The Goddess of Myers had probably not been as long-living as that fish. Saleen tried using his Water Flame on the materials and found it very difficult to break them down. The materials themselves were almost godly items.

The materials were complex and he even acquired something made of wood. He found a large hole full of roe inside a rock. The roe did not fossilize or get digested by the fish. The eggs were dead. Saleen had never heard of such biological materials.

Saleen even found pearls as large as a human head and scales several meters across. All the things were little more than specks of dust to the fish. The fish’s scale was probably miles long.

He would not be so excited if he had simply gotten metals or gems. The place was littered with biological materials, all of them leftovers of things digested by the fish.

It was due to the materials having undergone digestion that they were precious and very small. Anything of conventional quality would have been reduced to scraps. What Saleen was able to find was mostly several meters. The largest was only a little more than 30 meters.

Saleen spent a whole day cleaning up the litter. He knew that he would probably not show up in such a place again. Furthermore, there was no telling if he would be able to discover the fish the next time he was there. He was even less sure of being able to find the specific location.

What he was undergoing at the moment was purely due to luck. If the fish had swum too far, there was simply no way he would be able to chase after it.

He went back to the bone to take a break, telling his people what happened outside. Everyone had no choice but to bear with their predicament. Saleen ended up spending two days and one night picking up all the materials.

Saleen had been at it for so long that he grew numb. He felt nothing about high level materials. If the grandmaster patronized him for using commonplace materials, he would definitely no longer bat an eye.

“I’ve been thinking for a bit. If we leave, we can’t use the Magical Element Tower. It may be safe, but it’s not fast enough. If we run into something like that big fish and are swallowed, it would make leaving much more difficult. It’s better to leave as we are now.”

“What do you suppose we do?” While Sika was capable of controlling the bone piece, it was difficult for her to see the way.

“We’ll just go up. No need to be concerned about directions.” All powers were immense at the bottom of the ocean, magnetism, pressure, or whatever. The magic compass was rendered completely useless.

However, the tool would regain its functions when they reached the surface.

“Alright. Don’t blame me if we get lost,” Sika answered exasperatedly. Her words made everyone feel exasperated.

Sika had been crafting the bone piece using her powers as a nature priest, and it was not taxing to control it. The magic beast soul within the bone was doing the precision work with directions; all Sika had to do was simple controls.

Saleen kept everyone in place with magic. The bone piece stood vertically and headed for the surface.

The bone had a sharp edge. It tore through the water, shooting upwards at over a hundred miles per hour.

It was due to Sika’s expert control that the energy fluctuations remained small. The force of seawater parting was not enough to attract the attention of powerful beings.

However, Saleen felt different. While the bone piece tore through layers of space for an hour, he was able to tell that the bone had penetrated over 30 space barriers. While it was easy to penetrate space barriers, but Saleen’s calculations told him that they had very wide areas. According to Figaro’s Magic Formula, the barriers probably covered over ten thousand miles.

The depth exceeded ten miles and definitely was not hundreds of miles. IThe goddess had created it using divine arts. She had used the power of the entire plane to expand the space to the limits.

Is this how gods do things? Saleen felt his powers were insignificant in comparison. If the Goddess of Myers resurrected and still had memories of the rules she mastered in her past life, even if she were a lower level than he was, he would be nowhere near capable of fighting her.

They penetrated over a hundred space barriers in six hours before the bone shot out of the water and headed for the skies.

Sika laughed. “How about it? I didn’t get lost this time!”

No one else laughed. While Sika was lighthearted, no other equipment would be capable of hoisting them up from the ocean floor, except Saleen’s Magical Element Tower.


A fireball shot from the skies suddenly, hitting Sika’s bone piece. Everyone, including Sika, immediately took to the sky. Sika stood on the bone piece and lifted her head, seeing a dragon coming at them from above.

The dragon was pink and was about 30 meters long—rather small. The shape of its horns told Saleen that it was a low level dragon and of mixed blood. It was a true dragon above level nine.

Nailisi had suppressed her frustration for a very long time. She was unable to turn around inside. She immediately took her devil form after coming out and rushed at the red dragon with the Grey Memory in her hand.

Saleen and the others spread out. “Take note of your surroundings. That dragon probably belongs to a human!”

The fireball did not crush its target, which surprised it. The red dragon turned tail and ran, seeing humans emerging from the bone. It was able to tell that the humans coming out from the bone was not people to mess with.

Are dragons proud beings? They definitely are. But they are not stupid. If they fought enemies they couldn’t beat, they might as well offer themselves up as alchemical materials.

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