Awakened Multi-talented Goddess Is Doted

Chapter 49 - Scare the Hell Out of the Scum

Chapter 49: Scare the Hell Out of the Scum

Li Ming had just signed a deal with Flourishing Age Group. He won a lot of praise from his father and the members of the board were particularly happy with him, so he decided to buy a car to reward himself.

After taking it on a spin, he unexpectedly caught sight of Mu Sheng by the roadside.

Mu Sheng was dressed in a loose-fit black coat. Owing to her tall slender build, she made it look particularly good. Even though she had pressed her cap down, her profile was simply exceptional, so he noticed her right away.

Li Ming stepped on the brake and pressed the horn, but Mu Sheng did not even turn back.

Li Ming continued sounding the horn until everyone looked his way. However, Mu Sheng continued walking straight.

“Sheng, I wasn’t expecting to see you here. Why don’t I give you a lift?” Li Ming opened the car door and chased after Mu Sheng.

After Li Ming left her place previously, he thought about it for a long time. Mu Sheng used to be crazy about him, but she suddenly changed 180 degrees.

He felt Mu Sheng must have been devastated after overhearing his conversation with Mu Xiao, so her personality experienced such a huge change.

He knew women well. Where there was love, there was hate. Why would Mu Sheng throw such a huge temper if she was not deeply in love with him?

If she fancied him, that would make things much easier. All he had to do was to put in some effort to make Mu Sheng head over heels in love with him once more.

Mu Sheng raised her head slightly to reveal her eyes from under the cap. Li Ming could not help feeling attracted when he saw her eyes. Mu Sheng was far more captivating than she used to be when she was meek and obsessed with him.

“Haven’t you had enough of getting beaten up?” Mu Sheng looked at Li Ming before quickly veering her eyes to continue walking. Her cap covered half of her face so that only her chin was visible.

“Sheng, aren’t you going to give me a chance to explain? I was just joking with Mu Xiao previously, but you took it so seriously. You have misunderstood me.” Li Ming hurriedly followed behind Mu Sheng when she wanted to leave.

Mu Sheng felt annoyed by Li Ming’s nonstop chatter. She halted and looked around until her eyes landed in the distance.

“Sheng, what are you looking for? Let me help you.” Li Ming thought Mu Sheng had caved in when she stopped walking.

“I’m looking for something handy.” Mu Sheng rubbed her wrists with her cool profile showing from under the cap.

“Something handy?” Li Ming glanced in the direction Mu Sheng was looking to see a pile of steel poles left behind by some construction workers. Every single pole was at least a meter long. They gave off a metallic sheen as they lay in the snow. Li Ming’s pupils constricted as he hastily turned to look at her. “What do you mean by this?”

Mu Sheng finally raised her head and narrowed her eyes slightly as she glanced at Li Ming nonchalantly. Even though she was shorter than Li Ming, Li Ming could not help feeling as though she was looking down at him. “You know what I mean.”

The moment Mu Sheng finished her sentence, she walked towards the steel poles slowly.

Li Ming clenched his fists. He felt it was a disgrace to just run, but Mu Sheng hit him so hard at the villa the other day that he was still recovering and it even hurt to breathe.

Li Ming stood where he was and went into a dilemma for a long time, but he finally caved in when Mu Sheng reached her hand out for a steel pole.

“Since you refuse to listen, then I’m going.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he turned to leave anxiously.

The race car engine rumbled in the air as Li Ming’s car left the street. Mu Sheng raised her brow and placed her hands back in her jacket pockets.

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