Awakened Multi-talented Goddess Is Doted

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Your Face in My Hands

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The car had already pulled up at the villa entrance, but Qin Kai did not move. Li An turned back to look quizzically before a mischievous knowing smile emerged on his face.

Qin Kai felt tickled looking at Li Hanchen’s baby brother. He did not expect him to be such a lively young man. After all, Li An and Li Hanchen’s personalities were poles apart.


Li An gestured for Qin Kai to get out of the car with him and not to get in their way.

After closing the door, Li An went up to Qin Kai enthusiastically. “I don’t think we’ve met before. Are you my brother’s friend?”

“I’m Qin Kai.” Qin Kai smiled. “I work with your brother.”

“Oh. Nice to meet you, Kai.”

Li An beamed brightly at Qin Kai with his pearly whites showing. Any friend of his older brother was as good as his. “Come on in. I’ll get you a drink.”

“Okay.” Qin Kai smiled.

After Qin Kai and Li An left, the car went quiet. Mu Sheng was sound asleep. Li Hanchen kept his eyes lowered without moving. No one knew what was on his mind.

Mu Sheng’s eyelashes finally moved about 30 minutes later. She automatically thought she was sleeping on a pillow, so she instinctively flipped over and fell right onto Li Hanchen’s thighs.

Li Hanchen hastily reached his hand out to hold Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng’s face was very small, so his hand was able to cover it completely.

He could sense Mu Sheng’s skin in his hand. It reminded Li Hanchen of the Northern Song small porcelain bowl he had used before, which was utterly smooth and delicate.

Mu Sheng finally woke up to see a flawless wrist with a thin black bracelet on it. She raised her head and saw Li Hanchen’s deep eyes.

Mu Sheng’s eyes were beautiful to begin with. They resembled a pure ancient spring on a snowy mountain top and looked absolutely divine. Now that she was looking up at Li Hanchen, it gave him the illusion that her eyes were filled with him.

Snow suddenly fell from a thin branch and fell on the car window, snapping them out of their daze.

Mu Sheng realized she was lying in his arms, so she hurriedly sat up. “Sorry. I was too sleepy, so I dozed off.”

“It’s okay,” acknowledged Li Hanchen before he pulled his hands back. Li Hanchen automatically clenched his fists a little when his arms suddenly went empty.

“Are we home? Let’s go have dinner. I’m famished.” Mu Sheng looked out the window before she opened the car door. After all that exercise in the morning, all she wanted was some piping hot food.

Although Mu Sheng had gotten off the car, her sweet scent still lingered in the car.

A gust of cold wind swept into the car, carrying away all its warmth and making it a little chilly. Li Hanchen finally stood up and followed behind Mu Sheng.

Shortly after they left the ski resort, a professional skier posted a video on Weibo.

Even though the face of the skier was not visible in the video, she seemed to be a woman.

The woman jumped, flipped, or skied as she came gliding down the snowy mountain like it was her stage.

Skier Yang: [I chanced upon a pro while I was at the ski resort in the capital’s suburbs. She was awesome!! I wonder which internationally renowned skier was in town? Her skills were mindblowing!]

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