Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 769 - Blood-Boiling!

Chapter 769: Blood-Boiling!

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The bar was thrumming with loud music and a vibrant mesh of young men and women were moving to the beat on the dance floor.

 Xia Xi saw that Xia Yanran was not in a good mood and drank a few glasses of beer with her.

 The beer was mixed with other beverages so the alcohol content was not high, but it would still make people tipsy when drinking too much of it.

On the stage in the middle of the dance floor was a pole. A woman wearing a black bikini and a mask walked over in high heels.

 The woman swivelled around the pole, moving and posing sensually in all kinds of provocative postures.

 There was a sudden high tension below the stage.

 When the woman bent over, her chest was almost completely exposed, and there were all kinds of restrictive temptations when she was doing a split.

 Xia Yanran threw some popcorn into her mouth and said, slightly amused, “The dancing in bars nowadays are so passionate and bold. But the funniest is that those men look like they have never seen a woman in their lives.”

 Xia Xi echoed her and nodded vigorously. “That’s right, Sister Yanran. I bet that if you went up, you’re sure to dance better than her.”

 As Xia Yanran leaned against the sofa, she did not know why she suddenly remembered her first encounter with Xiao Yi.

 At that time it was also at an entertainment facility and she was dancing on stage.

 That time, he simply regarded her as a toy to vent out his anger and stress.

 Sometimes she herself did not understand… why had she fallen for such a devil?

 Xia Yanran picked up her glass and downed two glasses of beer.

 “Sister Yanran, why don’t you go up and dance? I feel that compared to dancing with all your skin exposed, dancing with clothes is better!”

 Xia Yanran shook her head. “I can’t”

 “Sister Yanran, come on, go! Your pole dancing is what we call blood-boiling, and it’s not even erotic.”

Laughing at Xia Xi’s words, Xia Yanran pinched the girl’s face. “You are really flattering me.”

Nan Zhi listened to their conversation and she smiled at Xia Yanran. “Yanran, you know how to pole dance?”

 Xia Yanran nodded. “Yes, but I haven’t danced in a long time.”

 There was an admiring gaze in Nan Zhi’s eyes like she was a fan and she put her chin on the back of her hand. “Yanran, I want to see you dance too.”

Nan Zhi had brought bodyguards. All four of them were elites and they were standing behind their seats. Many men who wanted to chat them up dared not approach when they saw four tall and big bodyguards.

 When the three of them came in, they attracted the attention of many men. If there had been no bodyguards, many men would have undoubtedly swarmed by their side.

 “Okay, don’t laugh if I don’t dance well.”

 Xia Yanran stood up from the sofa and walked to the center of the dance floor in her high heels.

 After drinking, she felt like her body had a floating feeling, but not too much that she was unconscious. Under the influence of alcohol, she had gotten much bolder.

 She put her hands on the dance floor and leapt up, landing lightly on her heels.

 Xia Xi and Nan Zhi in the booth could not help but scream and whistle.

 Xia Yanran’s jump was so handsome!

 Xia Yanran went to the stage and said a word to the woman who had finished her dance as well as the DJ.

 Pulling off the clasp restraining her hair, she let her long hair fall from its ponytail and flicked her head slightly, her long hair flowing and smooth. She had not started dancing but there were shouts from countless men below the stage, “Take your shirt off! Take your pants off!”

 Xia Yanran ignored them as she lifted up her shirt and tied a knot, revealing her slender waist and beautiful belly button.

 As Xia Yanran usually exercised, not only was her waist slim, she even had firm abdominal muscles, looking healthy and energetic.

She had just casually tied her shirt and that fair skin, and those slender and long legs already made people unable to look away.

 The shouts asking her to take off her clothes lessened.

 Xia Yanran gestured at the DJ and a English rock song started.

 Xia Yanran went to the pole and walked around the pole in a graceful catwalk. Her legs and arms were long, and although she did not have the height of a model, her body proportions were better. Different from the heavily makeup female dancers of nightclubs, she only wore light makeup. Even so, she was still able to slay the stage.

 The woman from before attracted people using her bare skin, but Xia Yanran was different. The actions she executed were more difficult, but she was natural, relaxed, charming and seductive.

 When she climbed up the pole, her soul seemed to have immersed with it, and she was naturally enchanting.

Every look, movement and expression was with an air of charm that emanated from her bones.

 Her body was very flexible and could easily climb to the top of the pole. Then she hung upside down, and slid down like a dancing butterfly.

 It set the hearts of the people down the stage on fire.

 Xia Xi screamed loudly and she almost lost her voice.

 Nan Zhi watched Xia Yanran who was on stage and her eyes teared up unconsciously.

 She was such a good girl, she wanted her to be happy!

 Compared with the previous dancer, Xia Yanran’s dance was able to detonate the hormones in the men.

 After all, they were always instigated by something they could not get.

 Xia Yanran had only shown her waist and it was able to make the blood of people boil with passion.


Outside the bar.

 A Bentley Muzanne came.

 When the lackey at the door saw the car coming, he hurried forward.

 After the car stopped, the lackey opened the door and said respectfully, “Brother Xiao.”

 Xiao Yi gave a nod and strode into the bar. “Nobody’s been making trouble in the bar lately, right?”

 “No.” The lackey saw Xiao Yi taking a cigarette out and quickly lit it for him.

 Xiao Yi took a puff of it and went into the bar. The staff saw Xiao Yi and bent down to greet him. “Brother Xiao.”

 Xiao Yi went to his office quickly.

 As he passed the hall, he saw the atmosphere was high and he looked at the lackey behind him, taking out the cigarette between his mouth with his long fingers. “There’s a newcomer recently?”

“No, it’s a female customer. She dances better than the girls in our bar. With a twist of her waist, the hearts of the men below the stage were set afire.”

 Xiao Yi flicked the cigarette ash and chuckled. “Is there such an outstanding woman?”

 A beautiful and youthful face appeared in his mind uncontrollably. When he saw her dance that year, he really felt his blood surge.

 He had only one thought at that time, to press her on bed and do her.

 “Brother Xiao, you have to believe it. Look at the stage, she seems to be finishing her dance soon!”

 Xiao Yi narrowed his dangerous and cold eyes and glanced towards the stage.

 By then, Xia Yanran had just finished her last move. With a flick of her long black hair, it made a perfect curve, revealing a small face that looked charming under the lights.

The audience was silent for a few seconds, followed by thunderous applause and cheers.

Under the influence of alcohol and the roaring applause, Xia Yanran couldn’t help but feel excited, still calming down from the adrenaline of the dance. She came down from the pole and was slightly panting. As she combed her hair with her fingers, a smile was on her face.


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