Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 752 - Heartache

Chapter 752: Heartache

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The woman was probably mix-blooded. Her skin was fair, her facial features exquisite and pretty, she even had a pair of blue eyes that were as pretty as a cat.

 She was wearing a long red dress, high heels on her feet that made her legs look extremely slender and a mile long.

 Nan Zhi could not hear what Mu Sihan was telling the woman, but she saw the woman look up, glaring at him with her pouty red lips.

 They look extremely familiar with each other, the closeness between them was not one that normal friends shared.

 The handsome man and beautiful woman looked extremely good together.

 Gu Sheng said something to Nan Zhi, following her eyes as he turned to look out of the window after noting that she was not replying.

 He happened to see Mu Sihan walk into a coffee shop with a tall woman.

 “It should be a misunderstanding.” Although he did not like Mu Sihan, he had to admit that Mu Sihan was true to Nan Zhi.

 Nan Zhi looked down to buckle her bag, saying carelessly, “The one he likes is the me from the past. The current me almost killed him, he probably doesn’t like me anymore.”

 Gu Sheng could not hold back his laughter.

 Nan Zhi glared at him. “Why are you laughing at me? Shouldn’t you pity me?”

 “Stop putting yourself down. The current you is cute in your own way.”

 Nan Zhi cupped her cheeks with her hands, sighing. “I don’t know when I can remember everything.”

 “If you’re so worried, do you want me to bring you to him at the coffee shop?”

 Nan Zhi shook her head calmly. “He didn’t come to me, so I won’t go to him either!” Besides, he might not be in the mood to think about his relationship because of Lan Ye.

 Wait a minute…

 If he was not in the mood to think about relationships, why did he go on a date with another woman at the coffee shop?

 How much did she like him in the past? Why was she still so sure that he would not betray and cheat on her even though she had already lost her memories?

 Sighing, she thought that she was completely helpless when it came to him!


Light and soothing music was playing in the coffee shop. They were in an exquisitely and tastefully decorated private room.

 Amy stared at Mu Sihan, who had lit up a cigarette the moment they entered the room. His mental state was already rather poor ever since Nan Zhi got into her accident, but now that she saw him today, his condition seemed to have worsened.

 Faint dark eye circles were under his eyes, and he looked as though he had not slept in days.

 She did her best to calm the atmosphere by talking, trying to make him relax, but he did not respond to her.

 “I heard that Nan Zhi is still alive, shouldn’t you have relaxed from that tensed state you were in?”

 Mu Sihan leaned back against the chair, exhaling a mouthful of smoke. He said with a slightly hoarse voice, “She’s not the only one who came back to life.”

 Amy glanced at Mu Sihan in confusion.

 Mu Sihan looked up, his red eyes were unfocused, as if his soul had been removed from him. “He’s alive too.”

 Amy massaged her temple.

 He did not say anything else, the private room immediately falling into silence. The only sound that could be heard was the soft breathing sounds that came from his inhaling and exhaling of the cigarette.

 Amy had been his psychiatrist for a long time, so it was natural for her to understand what he meant quickly.

 Surprise appeared in her eyes. “The other one is Ye Qing?”

 Mu Sihan’s lips pursed together tightly.

 “Sihan, put down the cigarette first. Relax your nerves slowly and talk it through with me properly.”

 Mu Sihan put out the cigarette in the ashtray, leaning back on the chair to stare at the ceiling. “He became the owner of Light Island. He’s still alive, but he caused me so much pain over the past few years.”

 Mu Sihan and Ye Qing were born together. One of them was said to have a good destiny while the other was said to have a bad destiny.

 Mu Sihan was deemed as the jinx, and had barely received any parental love since he was young.

 In the eyes of the elders in the family, he was too naughty and mischievous, while Ye Qing was the complete opposite. To them, Ye Qing was the intelligent and obedient role model.

 But Mu Sihan never cared about any of it. To hide his feelings, he often acted like he could be less bothered about getting their concern.

 He did not have his memories from before he was twelve years old.

 However, he found out that bad things had happened when the two of them got kidnapped through Ye Qing’s diary.

 After they were rescued, their parents hit him until he had almost died. His mother shouted as she pointed at him, “Why were you not the person who got into trouble? Why did you let my Ah Qing take that burden for you? You’re indeed a jinx and doesn’t deserve to be born into the Royal family!”

 He became colder and quieter after that. He would still feel miserable at first, but slowly, he really stopped caring about it.

 To him, the only person he cared about was Ye Qing.

 Ye Qing was a bright star. To the public, he had an outstanding brain that worked well in politics. After he was entrusted with an important role by the Queen, he had settled several important countries’ matters in an effective manner.

 However, none of them knew that if Mu Sihan did not give Ye Qing those ideas secretly, Ye Qing would never shine that brightly in the first place.

 The political scene was filled with hidden plots and mistrust. If it was not for Mu Sihan, Ye Qing would have long been disappointed in all the deception.

 The siblings’ relationship had always been very good.

 Mu Sihan really could not understand why Ye Qing did not contact him when he was still alive. Why did he do everything to separate Nan Zhi and him? He even inserted a chip into Nan Zhi’s brain to control her, and even wanted Nan Zhi to kill him!

 Ever since he returned from Light Island, his mind fell into a psychological torture.

 “Sihan, recall carefully. Did you really see Ye Qing? Maybe, they merely looked alike.”

 Mu Sihan closed his red eyes. “I would never mistake him. I wasn’t the only one who saw him, Yanzhi and Bo Yan saw him too.”

 “Stop splitting your hair over it. It’s a good thing that Ye Qing is still alive. As to why he did all of that, I think you should look for him and have a proper talk with him.”

 Mu Sihan’s lips moved, the man wanting to say something when his phone vibrated.

 It was Yi Fan.

 Mu Sihan answered the call tiredly, only to hear Yi Fan’s slightly panicked voice. “Young Master, where are you?”

 Yi Fan had been by Mu Sihan’s side for many years. Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows, it was not often that he would be so panicked. “What’s wrong?”

 “Young Master, a man that really looks like you has arrived. He’s saying that he’s the deceased Eldest Young Master.”

 Mu Sihan was speechless.

 “I wanted to bring him away at first so that he can meet you privately. But somehow, the Queen has already been alerted about this, and now the Queen has summoned him into her office.”

 Mu Sihan’s expression darkened, his heart thumping faster suddenly. “Got it.”

 After hanging up the call, he stood up from the chair. “He came over to look for me.”

 Amy stared at Mu Sihan with worry. “Since he’s stayed hidden for so many years, is he planning something?”

 “I think his purpose will be revealed very soon.” With that said, Mu Sihan left with large strides.

 Staring at his back, Amy felt her heart ache slightly for him.

 She was his psychiatrist, the only one who knew the exhausted and scarred heart hidden under his strong and perfect demeanour.

All she could do was hope that Ye Qing would not hurt him too much…

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