Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 36 - Congratulations, You've Successfully Gained My Attention

Chapter 36: Congratulations, You’ve Successfully Gained My Attention

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His gaze on her was a dangerous one, deep and full of hidden intent. There was a strange smile that did not really seem like one on his handsome and cold face.

She could see that in his eyes, she was probably just another prey that had no way to escape.

Nan Zhi cursed him in her heart.

These past two days, she felt rather unlucky.

When she sat in his car by accident on the day of her interview, she initially thought that he was an exceptional man who was abstinent and did not approach any females.

She would never have imagined that he was a complete devil.

A devil with bipolar disorder that almost strangled her to death. Even thinking back on it gave her the chills. Nan Zhi knew that she would be the only one who would disadvantaged if she made him angry.

As a result, she gave up on struggling. She forced herself to look into his pair of dark orbs again. She told him in a calm tone, “Auntie Qin is the part-time helper that your grandma had hired. She’d fallen today and couldn’t come, which is why I’m here to help her. I didn’t even know that you were the young master of this place before I came.”

Mu Sihan supported himself with a hand above her head. The two of them were so close to each other that he could smell the faint fragrance on her. He leaned closer to her ear, as he asked lazily, “You wouldn’t have come if you knew that I was the young master here?”

She was really good at this. It was his first time seeing a woman who was so good at playing hard-to-get!

She was still acting in front of him after getting her younger brother to find him!

Her neck shrank back as his thin, hot breath entered her ears when he spoke. She turned away from his sexy scarlet lips with an unhappy expression. “Yes, I remember your warning from yesterday.”

The man seemed entirely too amused by her words, as though he had heard a big joke as his slender and slightly cold fingers gripped her chin. He lifted her fair and exquisite face and scoffed, “You can say that it’s accidental if it’s just once or twice, but it’s already the third or fourth time. Are you really insisting it’s all pure coincidence?”

His grip on her chin became a pinch as he increased the strength of his fingers. The humor at the bottom of his eyes became cold and invasive. “Say, tell me. What’s your real purpose in trying to get my attention so many times?”

Nan Zhi tried to regulate her breathing in his oppressive aura. It became difficult as her breath caught in her throat.

This man did not only have bipolar disorder. He was a huge narcissistic as well. How was one able to reason with someone who was unwilling to listen?

He probably thought that he had all the power in the world and that all women would offer themselves in a heartbeat as long as he wanted it. Just because he was extremely handsome. Her lips twitched as she tried to stay calm. “You really think that you’re money!”

The man’s expression changed.

“What do you mean?” He said, enunciating every word, one at a time. His frozen face indicated that this was the calm before the storm.

Even Nan Zhi could feel his sharp and cold gaze without lifting her head.

It was terrifying.

However, she needed to clarify some things with him. She was certain he thought narcissistically that she had a plot against him, but she needed to explain it clearly anyway.

“What I meant was that I’m not interested in you.”

There was an evident drop in temperature in the air around them after she was done speaking.

Nan Zhi felt the tension in the air once more, it was so thick you could cut through it with a knife and she swallowed down her fear. She lifted both her hands and started to struggle with all of her strength.

Her struggle once again made his anger surface.

He clasped her moving hands and held them down above her head easily with a sinister expression.

His handsome yet dangerous face inched towards her. An evil smile was present on his lips. His lips were almost intimately close and goosebumps crawled all over Nan Zhi. She had a frozen expression as her heart sank. She spoke coldly and sharply, “If there is a misunderstanding because I came to cook at your grandma’s house today, I promise that I will never appear here again.”

The man’s originally dark expression became even darker and colder with her dismissive words.

“Your tricks are not bad. Congratulations. You’ve successfully gained my attention.”

Narcissistic, shameless, crazy and bipolar man, who wanted to gain your attention?

What planet did he come from? My god! Was he even capable of understanding human speech?

Nan Zhi did not want to reply to this narcissist. She clenched her jaw tightly together, struggling wordlessly. He was driving her insane.

However, she suddenly felt something weird as she struggled. He had actually gotten hard.

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