Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 1663 - Her Daughter

Chapter 1663: Her Daughter

Xiao Ying sat by the window.

After the plane stabilized, Xiao Ying put on her eye mask and closed her eyes to sleep.

For some reason, she had the same dream as last night.

In her dream, a cold voice said to her, “If you see me in the future, you’d better hide far away. If not, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Then, the scene changed. The cold man pulled an elegant and beautiful woman into his arms.

Xiao Ying woke up from her dream.

She took off her blindfold and looked at the white clouds floating in the sky outside the window. Her heart felt empty and disappointed.

In this life, she had experienced too many things and did not dare to hope for a pure and genuine relationship.

Especially when she was with Long Ming, she would always think about how she had been too mean to him. She knew that he had loved her deeply, but he had never gotten her heart.

He was a domineering king, devising strategies and doing anything he wanted. Only when he was with her had he not only been hurt before, but also not been able to conquer her.

It was only natural for him to feel indignant!

If she had not risked her life to get the confidential document that was beneficial to him at that time, he would not have let her go!

At that time, he did not want to let go, but was forced to.

Xiao Ying knew very well that they had hurt each other too much. If they were together, they would still hurt each other like two hedgehogs.

So, she chose to reject him and stay away!

Xiao Ying looked away from the window, lowering her eyes as a bitter smile appeared on her lips.

After a long flight, they finally arrived at their destination.

From afar, Xiao Ying saw Tang En and Wan Bao waiting at the arrival gate.

Tang En was wearing a set of white casual clothes. He was clean and handsome, exuding a refreshing aura. The delicate and beautiful Wan Bao was in his arms.

“Wanwan, do you miss Mommy?”

Wan Bao hugged Tang En’s neck with her chubby hands, a sly smile on her pretty and exquisite face. “It should be Papa missing Wan Bao’s mommy, right?”

Tang En pinched Wan Bao’s nose. “You’re such a smart girl.” A smile appeared on Tang En’s fair and handsome face. When he smiled, his eyes seemed to be filled with stars. They were bright and dazzling. Wan Bao’s eyes were fixed on him. “Wow, Papa Tang En, you’re really handsome. No wonder so many girls in our class like you!”

Tang En was amused by Wan Bao’s words. “It’s a pity that I became Wan Bao’s Papa.”

Wan Bao raised her cute little face and said with a childish voice, “Of course, because Wan Bao’s mommy is as pretty as a fairy. Papa Tang En can’t leave my fairy mommy!”

Xiao Ying walked over and heard Wan Bao’s words.

She could not help but shake her head. This little thing was praising her again!

When Wan Bao had just learned how to talk, half of her face had not yet been repaired.

Whenever she brought Wan Bao out Wan Bao would protect her if someone said that she was ugly.

In her daughter’s eyes, her mother would always be the prettiest in the world.

Tang En looked up and saw Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying was wearing a V-neck shirt and a pair of tight jeans. Her legs were slender and straight, while her long seaweed-like hair was tied into a fish bone braid. She had a cold aura and looked elegant and calm. She was the most eye-catching person in the crowd of people.

The current Xiao Ying was more confident and capable than before, but there was still a hint of mystery hidden in her.

It was a mystery that even Tang En could not see through.

That year, Xiao Ying had been taken away by the powerful Young Master. In order to force Tang En to appear, the Young Master imprisoned her in his castle.

If she had not been pregnant, she would have been able to escape given her abilities.

But for the sake of her child, she could not take the risk.

Later, Tang En appeared. In order to protect her and the child, he agreed to Young Master’s unreasonable request.

It was only until Xiao Ying gave birth to the child that the Young Master’s family changed. The Young Master was seriously injured and went missing.

Tang En left with Xiao Ying and Wan Bao, returning to R Country.

They thought that they would be able to live a peaceful and stable life, but who would have known that the Young Master would appear again half a year ago?

After several nights of Tang En returning with injuries, Tang En finally confessed to Xiao Ying under her interrogation that the Young Master wanted him to return to his side.

It was all thanks to Tang En that Xiao Ying was able to give birth to Wan Bao successfully. She was a loyal person and since Tang En had helped her before, she naturally had to repay him.

Xiao Ying found out that the Young Master hated mistresses the most, so she proposed to register her marriage with Tang En.

She did not tell Tang En that she had done it to help him get rid of that Young Master. Instead, she told him that Wan Bao needed to be registered in R Country to go to school. Since Tang En was from R Country, he could help her.

Both of them had an unspeakable past in their hearts. After they got married, their comfort and support were a form of redemption for both of them.

“Wan Bao.”

Hearing Xiao Ying’s voice, Wan Bao looked up excitedly.

Seeing Xiao Ying standing not too far away from her, the little girl hurriedly opened her arms and shouted sweetly, “Mommy! Mommy!”

A smile appeared on Xiao Ying’s exquisite and beautiful face. She walked over and hugged Wan Bao with one hand.

Xiao Ying kissed Wan Bao’s pink cheeks and her voice softened unconsciously. “Did you miss Mommy?”

“Yes, but I won’t be jealous if Pretty Auntie needs Mommy!”

Xiao Ying looked at the Wan Bao, who was more sensible than her peers, and her heart melted.

Xiao Ying rested at home for a day. After sending Wan Bao to school, she planned to go to work.

After changing into her professional attire and coming downstairs, Xiao Ying found Tang En tidying the lawn in the back garden.

“Senior, I’m going to work.”

Tang En put down the tools in his hand, took off his gloves, and stood up to look at Xiao Ying. “The man standing behind you in the video that day was Wan Bao’s biological father, right?”

Xiao Ying froze.

She had not expected Tang En to be so observant.

Xiao Ying pursed her lips and said calmly, “Whether he is or not doesn’t matter anymore.”

After interacting with Xiao Ying, he understood her personality well.

“In my heart, Wan Bao is like my biological daughter.”

“Thank you, Senior.”

Xiao Ying was working at an investment company.

The boss was a woman in her forties. After she got married, she became a full-time housewife at her husband’s request.

A year ago, the woman’s husband had an affair and the woman had found out about it. The husband did not agree to the divorce and even if he did, the woman would have to leave with nothing.

The woman had been forced into a corner and eventually jumped into a lake. That day, Xiao Ying happened to pass by the lake and she saved the woman. She also helped the woman find evidence of her husband having an affair. The woman received a large sum of money and was even given an investment company.

To thank Xiao Ying, the woman planned to give her a sum of money, but Xiao Ying was did not lack money and rejected the woman’s gratitude. The woman felt bad and invited Xiao Ying to work at the investment company.

Now, under the woman’s lead, Xiao Ying had become the project manager.

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