Astral Pet Store

Chapter 656 - Crisis

Chapter 656 Crisis

“Your mother was the one managing the store. You got the store from her.”

Su Yuanshan shook his head. “It was just a small, ordinary store when she ran things. But now… see all the titled battle pet warriors. I cannot even count how many have come here.”

Su Ping smiled silently. “I saw in the news that the wild beasts are striking everywhere and many base cities are relocating. Have you also thought about moving?” Su Yuanshan asked.

Su Ping shook his head. “I’m not leaving Longjiang.”

Su Yuanshan gazed at him. “Are you sure? It’s not a small strike this time. The wild beasts could be even more intimidating than the Otherworld Heavenly King you met.”

Su Ping was surprised. “How do you know?”

“I saw it on the news.”

“These news reports are very detailed…” Su Ping was speechless. “Anyway, let’s roll with the punches and we’ll see what to do when the time comes.”

Su Yuanshan didn’t offer a reply.

“Dad, I have to do something. Could you head back home for now?”

“Sure.” Su Ping closed the door after his father left. He pulled up the system’s shop and found advanced beast-catching rings.

He refreshed the shop several times. Three out of five rounds, he found beast-catching rings.

He grabbed the beast-catching rings, called Joanna and went to the Demigod Burial.

Su Ping went and said to Joanna directly, “I need four beast kings at the Void State.”

“Do you want to sell them?”

“That is correct.”

“Sure. Finding four beast kings at the Void State within ten days is a piece of cake.” Joanna accepted the mission. Su Ping looked at her. She had helped him deal with many troubles. She was a indeed a great helper.

“You’ll become an outstanding employee after this beast strike. I’ll take you to the Archean Divinity by then,” Su Ping said.

Joanna was surprised. “Are you serious?” She stared at him.


Su Ping nodded.

Joanna bit her lips and took a deep breath. “Good. Is that a deal?”

Su Ping replied with a smile.

“Do you want to deny it later?”


“Then why don’t you answer me?”

“I’m a man of my word. If I wasn’t, no matter how many promises I make, they would all be pointless.”

Joanna quietly stared at him.

She summoned two God Warriors and asked them to catch Void State beast kings.

Joanna began to teach the small Five Elements Formation to Su Ping after the God Warriors left.

The teacher and the student.

Joanna was a patient tutor; she told the Celestial Gods to get some materials so that Su Ping could practice. Those materials were not cheap, but Joanna had a large fortune; she could afford Su Ping’s practice materials.

Ten days passed.

The God Warriors had caught four Void State beast kings on the third day. They placed the beast kings in cages and delivered them to Su


Su Ping told the God Warriors to beat the beast kings half to death before he used the advanced beast-catching rings. He was able to catch three after four attempts. That was a pretty lucky draw.

Those beast kings lived in the Demigod Burial; they were different from the wild beasts he had seen on the Blue Planet, since they had Divine Energy coursing inside them. They had crystal cores to store Divine Energy, adding the fact that they could learn and develop faster. Besides, those beast kings had one or two divine skills that were powerful or mysterious.

Su Ping was happy after catching three beast kings. He didn’t even want to sell them.

After all, the three beast kings were much better than the ones he had previously found on the Blue Planet. He was even reluctant to sell them to others.

It’s such a shame I still can’t sign a contract with Void State beast kings.” Su Ping felt sorry

He had mastered the small Five Elements Formation during the ten day period, and he switched to cultivating whenever he had spare time. He wondered if he had experienced too many Heaven’s Tests or whether he had done something else, but he still couldn’t take the final step, even while having enough astral powers inside him. I thought the turning point had to do with the Heaven’s Test. Su Ping was confused.

He was unable to sense when his own Heavenly Test would arrive. It meant that he wasn’t going to reach the legendary rank any time soon.

However—when he made use of people’s tests – he had been able to feel how the thunders and bolts of lightning were manifested, emerging from the void. That splendor and magnificence had amazed him. And yet, he no longer felt a thing during the testing, even while being at the peak of the ninth rank.

He asked Joanna to find more people who were about to take the test so he could try it, but he lost that feeling forever.

He had turned numb.

Have I become immune to the Heaven’s Test? Su Ping feared that he had become desensitized after having gone through many Heaven’s Tests.

Let’s not forget that he had reached the second level of the Solar Bulwark; his physical strength could already be compared to that of the Fate State. The Heaven’s Test could barely harm him.

“I can’t break through if I can’t feel the calling, right?” Su Ping asked Joanna. He thought he could break through by making use of other people’s tests.

All Heaven’s Tests were essentially similar.

“You’re right.”

Joanna eyed Su Ping as if the latter were a fool. “If you achieve a breakthrough like this, not only could you do the same with the Heaven’s Test for the legendary rank; it could also be used for the Star Rank. But then there would be too many powerful people in the world if I could revive them like you can and simply borrow the Heaven’s Test of the Supreme God rank.”

Su Ping was speechless. “Tell me. Why can’t I sense Heaven’s Test? I’m at the proper stage, theoretically speaking, and the breakthrough should arrive as naturally as drinking water and eating.”

“Who knows. Maybe you need something else.” Joanna shrugged.

Su Ping made no reply.


Success will arrive once the conditions are ripe.

He asked for a bunch of materials to lay the small Five Elements Formation and then went back to the store with Joanna. Another day in real life had passed.


Su Ping was startled after sensing that there were merely one or two titled battle pet warriors across the street. He pushed the door open and went out at once.

“Have the wild beasts arrived?” Su Ping asked at once.

Two elders of the Qin family were pointing at something depicted on the sand table. Su Ping’s question startled them. They bowed to him at once and one of them answered, “Mr. Su, I heard you were cultivating in your store. The wild beasts have indeed made a move but our base city was not affected. The crisis befell in the Xing-Jing Defense Line.”

“The Xing-Jing Defense Line? “Yes. The Longjing Base City was seriously attacked this morning. I heard that over a hundred titled warriors and two legendary warriors have died!” the other elder answered.

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