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Chapter 605 - Reaching the Legendary Rank

Chapter 605 Reaching the Legendary Rank


The young man with crimson eyes stepped away. Glows from the Dark Dragon Hound skills enveloped it and Su Ping together!

The brightness dazzled the eyes.

“My god.”

Even Su Ping was stunned by the many defensive skills that the Dark Dragon Hound had been able to put into use in one go.

For one thing, it was hard even for beast kings to master more than a hundred defensive skills. For another, even if they could, it would be troublesome to use them all at once because of energy limitations!

It was all beyond logic and reason for the Dark Dragon Hound to have enough energy to sustain that action.

The amount of energy stored was close to the one seen on Void State creatures.

But the Dark Dragon Hound was merely at the ninth rank.

Su Ping thought of the many training rounds he exposed the Dark Dragon Hound to in the cultivation sites. It had also gone through many Heaven’s Tests and had eaten many treasured herbs. On top of that, the pet had been blessed with the old dragon king’s legacy. It wasn’t hard to understand that the Dark Dragon Hound had more energy stored than the usual.

“Not even a beast king?”

The crimson-eyed young man had noticed the battle pet’s strength and was surprised by what he found, since it was merely at the ninth rank. It wasn’t even a beast king!

Just as bad as the human creature!

Both were merely at the ninth rank! The young man clenched his fists. “You, puny insects from the surface. I cannot believe that things like you have evolved amongst your kind. I’m glad you’re here, because if you hadn’t shown up…”

He felt lucky.

Sure, the human creature had stunned him.

He would become a bigger problem if he were allowed to reach the legendary rank.

But the good thing was that the little creature had gone there willingly.


The young man didn’t say anything else.

He had considered killing Su Ping a fun thing at first. Then, he believed that killing Su Ping was a great contribution.

Killing a talent like that would weaken humankind.

The sharp blades which had been formed with the void pierced through the Dark Dragon Hound’s defense, reaching its head.

The Dark Dragon Hound’s skills were of the legendary rank but only at the Ocean State. There was also the beast’s intellect; the Dark Dragon Hound didn’t have a deep understanding of the workings of space, so it was incapable of stopping a single spatial strike.

The defensive layers certainly looked glamorous, but a Fate State beast king could cripple them all from within!

The first round worked because the crimson-eyed young man didn’t see that coming and ran right into the defensive layers.

Su Ping was startled by the young man’s sudden move. He drew his sword and cut off the sharp blades that were about to land on the Dark Dragon Hound’s head.

I think I’ll have to do that to get out, Su Ping thought.

Since his enemy was a Fate State beast king, he would be unable to run and his enemy could easily catch up with him.

He would have to defeat his enemy if he wanted to get out alive.

That was how it worked. Being the inferior party, there wouldn’t even be a chance to run away.


Su Ping lifted his hand. Astral powers gathered in his palm. He looked at the Dark Dragon Hound; his pet was his only hope at the moment.

“Let’s undo the seal!” Su Ping said.

He poured astral powers into the trembling Dark Dragon Hound. The latter felt a strange sensation inside.

A strand of unspeakable energy was filling the Dark Dragon Hound’s limbs. Its dark hair was gradually turning golden!

The legacy passed by the old dragon king was too much for the Dark Dragon Hound back then, so the old beast was compelled to add some seals, later teaching Su Ping how to undo them.

Su Ping wanted to raise the Dark Dragon Hound’s aptitude so he kept the seals. He was also afraid that his pet’s foundation would not be solid enough if the progress was too fast.

And yet, right then and there, he had no choice but to undo the Dark Dragon Hound’s seal to get rid of the Thousand-eyed Demon Beast.


The Dark Dragon Hound was growing in size; its eyes reddened and then it roared in a way that only dragons were able to.

Dark clouds began to gather at the ceiling and there were bolts of lightning jumping around. That was… the Heaven’s Test.

Su Ping was undoing the third seal.

The Dark Dragon Hound would become a beast king!

There were nine seals in total; the pet would reach the peak of the Ocean State when the fourth one was removed!

Undoing the fifth seal would take the Dark Dragon Hound to the Void State!

Su Ping was only able to sign contracts with Ocean State beast kings. If he also undid the fifth seal, the contract would backfire and it would hurt both him and the pet.

“Let’s do it!!”

Su Ping poured astral powers into the Dark Dragon Hound again. The hound grew larger again. Its hair turned golden, from tip to root. It became a golden hound! But soon after, a wisp of dark mist rose from its hair, adding a layer of shadow to the golden color, then the beast didn’t look as glaring. The dark mist gave the pet a more dignified look.

The mist came from the original dark energy inside the Dark Dragon Hound, since it was a demon pet. Even though it had received the old dragon king’s legacy, the original demon bloodline was still there.


The Dark Dragon Hound’s roar echoed in a large area. It just so happened that a bolt of lightning born from the dark clouds was going to crash down on them.

The Heaven’s Test was a powerful one. This was a grave matter, for battle pet warriors and beasts alike!

They would have to find a place of absolute safety and make sure that they were in their best state before they initiated the Heaven’s Test!

However, since the enemy was there, the Heaven’s Test couldn’t be any more untimely.

The Dark Dragon Hound roared when that bolt of lightning was about to land.


The bolt of lightning was dispersed by the roar!

The dark clouds were tumbling, as if on the verge of disappearing!

One roar had stopped the lightning bolt!

The Dark Dragon Hound wore a vicious look and its momentum was overbearing; it was reaching the peak of the Ocean State and its combat strength was also growing.

As the seals were undone, some of the hidden bloodline skills were being transferred to the Dark Dragon Hound.

The pet was learning the history of the old dragon king and its many battle skills.

A burst of dragon’s breath came out from the Dark Dragon Hound. Maybe it was because the seals had been freshly undone, there was a feeling that the Dark Dragon Hound was even beyond the legendary rank. “What the heck was that?!”

The young man with crimson eyes watched in disbelief.

A sudden increase in rank? Becoming a beast king directly? Such a thing could not happen so randomly; a beast would have to be fortunate enough and powerful enough to become a beast king, just like when a battle pet warrior was trying to reach the legendary rank.


The young man stared at the dark clouds. He was unable to see the end of them!

He still remembered how the dark clouds had extended for merely fifteen thousand meters.

The current cluster of clouds was definitely beyond that range!

an was

He was unable to see the end of the dark clouds. Of course, the forks in the road had also made it impossible. That being said, the young man was sure that the dark clouds were bigger than when he was at the Heaven’s Test. He knew that the extent of the clouds was related to the candidate’s aptitude. So, that battle pet was better than he was?

The almost disappearing dark clouds began to gather again. Another bolt of lightning was going to come down.


The Dark Dragon Hound breathed out a ray of golden light that pierced through the very center of the lightning and crushed it directly!

The crimson-eyed young man was at a loss for words.

He had never seen anything like that!

“Go away!!”

Su Ping helped the Dark Dragon Hound; that was not the time for taking the Heaven’s Test which could distract them, giving the beast king a chance to sneak up on them!

Su Ping and the Dark Dragon Hound had also gone through many of those tests. It wasn’t necessary for them anymore. It no longer mattered to them.

Beast kings or legendary battle pet warriors would end up malnourished if they didn’t go through the test; this would make them weaker than their peers.


Su Ping slashed at the dark clouds. A crack appeared in space and the turbulent air inside sucked the dark clouds in.

The young man stared in undisguised shock. When someone unrelated to the test tried to meddle, the bolts of lightning would only grow in strength because the heavens would be enraged!

However, Su Ping had done the most amazing thing: he dispelled the Heaven’s Test by relying on nature’s force. He had stopped the Heaven’s Test!

He completely ignored the test!

Two seconds of daze later, the young man came back to his senses. He understood that Su Ping was making sure that he wouldn’t have a chance to launch a surprise attack.

However, without having taken the Heaven’s Test, that battle pet was crippled as far as the young man could tell!

That battle pet had become a beast king all of a sudden and becoming even more terrifying than before, but it made the young man want the battle pet even more.

If he could eat the battle pet and take its bloodline, he would be one more step closer to that rank!

The young man with crimson eyes whispered, “Moon Eyes!”

The four bloody eyes on his forehead suddenly opened to the extreme, and the invisible power was released. The Dark Dragon Hound—who had been roaring in anger-suddenly shook its body, and its angry red eyes suddenly became dull-looking.

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