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Chapter 450 - Down on His Knees Again!

Chapter 450 Down on His Knees Again!

Su Ping cast a glance at a figure that was about ten meters away from him. That was a green battle pet with a slim build. The battle pet even had the look of a pretty girl with thin wings, big, watery eyes, and arms that looked like that of humans and fingers that were slim and delicate.

That was a battle pet of the insect family. Those battle pets were small in size but strong in combat.

That one was a Wind Chanter at the upper position of the ninth rank.


People turned to where the shout came from.

A person dashed over in a blur. By the time the onlookers were able to focus their sights, they saw a person standing by the Wind Chanter.

It was a middle-aged man with a strong body and a solemn look on his face. The man, who was wearing his hair down, was like a vicious beast that was trying to conceal its violent nature.

“It’s Lone Star, a peak titled battle pet warrior!”

Someone recognized the man. They shouted in surprise and delight.

Lone Star saw Ding Fengchun who was kneeling in front of Su Ping. He knew Ding Fengchun but never thought that he could ever end up in such an embarrassing state.

Lone Star then took a look at Su Ping. It was unexpected that a titled battle pet warrior could be of such a young age. “Look, it’s Master Bai.”

Right then, the onlookers saw a group of people coming after Lone Star. The one walking at the front was an old man wearing a silver robe that was exclusive to top trainers. The old man had white hair but a straight body and rosy, wrinkle-free cheeks. The sharp look in his eyes told people that he was overwhelmed by wrath.

The old man’s face became clouded the moment he noticed the two pools of blood, and that Ding Fengchun was down on his knees. The old man cast a glance at the young man who was standing in front of Ding Fengchun and threw out the question coldly, “What is going on here?”

This was a serious event but someone had committed physical assault and murder, shedding blood. Whichever the reason was, such behavior could not be condoned!

The onlookers were emboldened since Master Bai and Lone Star were there. Someone went to Master Bai and told him about what had happened. Since it was that person’s version of the story, he didn’t conceal his rage toward Su Ping. Given that all of them were trainers, except for Su Ping, no one would take his side.

Among the onlookers, some usually did envy Ding Fengchun and did not feel sorry for what had happened to him. Yet, in front of Master Bai, they all put on angry faces, showing that they shared a bitter hatred for the enemy.

The onlookers were adding the trimmings. After some hesitation, Shi Haochi decided to step up. However, just as he moved, Chen and Dai Lemao stopped him. They shook their heads at him, trying to tell him to back down.

Su Ping had committed a capital felony. Even if he were a master trainer, the Trainers Association would not accept him as a member. The fact that a trainer from another base city was allowed to commit murder there was detrimental to the reputation of the Trainers Association headquarters. What would become of Su Ping had been determined the moment he resorted to violence.

Shi Haochi understood his friends’ intention from the look in their eyes. A second of silence later, he broke free from his friends’ blocking and hurried to Master Bai. Shi Haochi bowed to him and then quickly explained the entire event. He used objective words, favoring neither Su Ping nor Ding Fengchun.

But in the end, he did carefully choose some words to beg for Su Ping, hoping that some leniency could be shown to the young man. Chen and Dai Lemao looked at each other and heaved a sigh.

“You said he’s a master trainer from another base city, right?”

After Shi Haochi’s explanation, Master Bai darted a look at the young man. His glance lingered for one second before he asked Shi Haochi again, “You mentioned he had an invitation, and that he was the one that we especially invited. Is that so?”

“Yes. I have already verified the fact.” Shi Haochi nodded.

The rest of the onlookers were unable to believe this. This young man is a master trainer? A master trainer this young?!

Besides, everyone had witnessed how he killed a titled battle pet warrior with one punch!

That is to say, he is both a master trainer and a titled battle pet warrior?! There had been records of people like him before. Some top trainers were also at the titled rank as battle pet warriors.

However, people like this were few and far between. They would usually be advanced in age, seventy or eighty years old if not a hundred. They had to spend a long time and use many resources and herbs to make that achievement.

After all, to develop as a trainer would be an ordeal in itself, not to mention cultivating astral powers at the same time.

Master Bai looked at Shi Haochi.

He knew that Shi Haochi was a hard-working master trainer but he was actually wondering if Shi Haochi’s brain had been fried.

Of course, this was not the time to argue with Shi Haochi about the young man’s identity. Master Bai pulled a long face as he shifted his gaze to Ding Fengchun who was still on his knees. “I don’t care who you are but this is the headquarters of the Trainers Association. Are you aware that it is a serious offense to humiliate a master trainer in public?” he said to Su Ping.

“Go and help Master Ding up,” Master Bai told a middle-aged man. To let a master trainer remain on his knees was insulting

That middle-aged man was also a master trainer. He nodded to Master Bai and hurried over to where Master Ding was. The middle-aged man darted a glare at Su Ping who stayed indifferent to the whole matter. The middle-aged man grabbed Ding Fengchun’s arms, trying to help him up.

“Did I say that you could touch him?” Su Ping asked the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man flew into a rage. “Punk, what do you think you’re doing? This is the headquarters of the Trainers Association, not the Longjiang Base City! Who gave you the courage to misbehave?”

The middle-aged man was not sure about how much truth there was in Shi Haochi’s explanation but one thing was sure, that the young man was from another base city, a Class B base city.


Su Ping pulled a long face. He made another astral power hand.

Immediately, the middle-aged man felt an overwhelming pressure coming down on him. A force so strong that he could not resist pushed him down, making him land on his knees.

That scene had shut everyone up.

It was shocking that the young man had even dared to strike at the middle-aged man who was acting according to orders given by Master Bai!

He had made two master trainers kneel in front of him. How crazy!

“You, have you lost your mind!”

“How dare you, a punk from another base city, come and behave atrociously here!”

The master trainers were enraged by Su Ping.

Master Bai had turned pale from anger. “Lone Star, capture him!” he bellowed.

Lone Star was also taken aback by Su Ping’s action. The moment Su Ping generated the astral power hand… Lone Star had confirmed that Su Ping was indeed a titled battle pet warrior!

He had never heard of a titled battle pet warrior of such a young age.


Not to mention one who dared to create a disturbance at the headquarters of the Trainers Association in the Holy Light Base City! The trainers working at the headquarters were mediocre in combat, but no one had ever had the courage to show up and make trouble in years!

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