Astral Pet Store

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Bloodline of Skeleton King

Su Ping looked past the varieties of pet food with prices of only three-digit numbers and went straight to check the most valuable.

“Purple Bamboo Yin Flower, 26,000 coins per flower.”

“Ghost Core, 10,000 coins per core.”

“Haunted Lotus, the price is… 1,200,000 coins!”

Su Ping counted the many zeroes. Indeed, the price was 1.2 million coins!

He was struggling for breath.

The price was 1.2 million coins!

This could be converted to 12,000 energy points!

The money made from this “Haunted Lotus” alone could have made up for the 9,000 energy points entrance fee to the Chaotic Realm of the Undead and the extra 3,000 energy points would be net profit made!

Considering that his last access was free of charge, all of the 9,000 energy points were net income!

“The Haunted Lotus is crystallized inside a skeleton being of the king level. It contains a strong undead aura which can help an advanced undead pet rise by one rank directly!”

“When pets of the ninth rank consume this, there is a 5% chance that they can evolve into a beast king directly!”

Su Ping was stunned by the power of the plant.

This was a treasure that could help an advanced pet rise in rank!

“How precious this is!”

Su Ping was both surprised and delighted. Treasures that could help a pet advance were few and far between, and those that could apply to advanced pets were even rarer!

“I remember I picked this up by the gate of an ancient hall. The Little Skeleton found it first.”

Su Ping still had a vague memory of how he came by this pet food. It was during countless deaths. Randomly, he was revived in an ancient hall. The Little Skeleton found this plant inside a huge skeleton that was over 10 meters tall by the gate.

Su Ping assumed that this plant was very likely to be useful, given how strongly the Little Skeleton longed for it and how pleased the Little Skeleton was. So, he grabbed the plant and it turned out to be a real treasure.

The unfortunate side was that not long after they picked this plant up, they were murdered by some unknown force before they could explore other areas.

Then, determined, Su Ping chose to revive on the spot for over a dozen times. Every time he was brought back to life, he would be wiped out mercilessly at once. He accomplished nothing. He didn’t even see his enemy before he had to leave that place.

“I didn’t realize that the stuff I picked up randomly turned out to be this valuable. On the contrary, the pet food that was guarded by other monsters and I took great effort to collect are garbage!”

Su Ping remembered some of the pet food vividly but those items only had a price of a few hundred, which made him unhappy. He wished he could have more discerning eyes. The pet food identification spell was poor.

On the shelf, other than the “Haunted Lotus,” there were other pet food varieties that would be sold at dozens of thousands and each of them had different miraculous effects.

Su Ping got the calculator and added up the prices of all the pet food. The total amounted to more than 4.5 million coins!

That was to say, if he could sell everything, he would have 45,000 energy points!

45,000 energy points…

That would be enough for him to upgrade the Chaos Spirit Pool to the third level!

With a third-level spirit pool, there was a slight chance that a pet with a beast king’s bloodline could be bred!

“It’s a pity that most of it is food for undead pets which are not that popular. Not many people would use such pets. I assume the sales will go slowly.”

Su Ping frowned as he noticed this issue.

“Girls nowadays prefer those adorable “multifunctional” pets that could fight, act cute and cuddle.”

The pets of the undead family, while strong in combat, had miserable looks. Such pets would either be some dead beings, skeletons, or ghosts whose faces would be covered in blood. Anyone that sent them out to battle would blush in embarrassment, fearing that people would think they had unhealthy minds.

People were shallow beings, only judging a book by its cover.

Naturally, the pets that lived with people would be affected thusly as well.

“But, if humans don’t judge people by their looks, then what’s the point of me being so handsome?”

Su Ping reconciled with this fact soon.

That pet food was hard to sell, but they would leave the shelves one day as long as the quality was good.

He piled the pet food on the counter and sorted it out. Then, Su Ping shifted his attention to that blood-red bead.

The system had identified this item. It was called the “Blood Bead.” This was a mundane name but the value was far from being mundane. The price was set at 15 million coins!

That’s right. It was 15 million coins in price, over 10 times more than the price of the Haunted Lotus!

This bead was the most valuable item he had harvested during this trip!

To be exact, this Blood Bead was not a kind of food. But according to the system, anything that could be consumed was categorized as pet food!

The Blood Bead was from within the Skeleton King, the crystallization of life inside the Skeleton King, equal to the placenta found in pregnant women!

Its effect was simple, to convert any skeleton-related being to one with the Skeleton King bloodline!

A Skeleton King had the royal bloodline in the skeleton family. This royal family was unrelated to Beast Kings, but it was one of the noblest and strongest bloodlines!

Su Ping didn’t count this Blood Bead as one of the pet foods. He didn’t plan to sell it, even though 15 million was… a tremendous amount that no regular person could have made within a lifetime!

He could always make more money, but such treasures would only come by once in a blue moon!

As far as Su Ping could tell, the Skeleton King bloodline would be worth far beyond 15 million. It was just the system that was big-budgeted.

“I believe profits will pour in from all sides as long as I have the strength.”

At a top-level cultivation plane like the Chaotic Realm of the Undead, Su Ping had come across many horrible monsters and some other beings that had been living there for who knows how long. He had seen the vast world, the unbounded world.

Strength was the only thing that could secure fame throughout eternity!

“I can give this Blood Bead to the Little Skeleton. Its aptitude has already been rated as above average, far superior to the other low-rank pets of the undead family. If the Little Skeleton can obtain the Skeleton King’s bloodline, this will make its capability come into fuller play!”

Su Ping was not stingy. Only by becoming stronger could he obtain more items. Saving money would be putting the cart before the horse.

Besides, hypothetically, he could sell the Blood Bead and obtain 150,000 energy points, but he would not use the energy points at the moment. To upgrade the Chaos Spirit Pool, he would have to spend a million energy points. There was a long way to go. For him, the energy points that he could get from selling the other pet food were enough as it was.

If he had to, he could pay for a visit to another cultivation plane.

Su Ping went to the pet room. The Little Skeleton and the Lightning Rat were sleeping soundly in the nursing pens.

Su Ping approached the Little Skeleton to wake it up and hand it the Blood Bead.

When the Little Skeleton saw this Blood Bead, crimson color glowed in its eyes. It was exceptionally glad.

As the Little Skeleton took over the Blood Bead, it stuffed the bead into its head. Soon, the bead began to spin in the Little Skeleton’s head as if the bead was being embedded in the skull. The energy-like blood streaks flowed around the Little Skeleton, gradually changing its bloodline.

In the Little Skeleton’s consciousness, it was gesticulating with hands and feet happily.

Su Ping smiled as he felt the excitement coming from the Little Skeleton and patted its little head. Only this time, he could not break the Little Skeleton’s neck so easily.

“Little fellow, I will have to count on you from now on.” Su Ping smiled.

The Little Skeleton seemed to have understood him. The Little Skeleton nodded and pulled out the bone dagger from its hipbone and waved it, trying to prove that it was reliable.

Su Ping asked the Little Skeleton to go back to sleep while he headed back to the store. He waited for customers to come as he continued the unfinished tests from the previous night.

Time zipped by.

Few customers stopped by that day. There was one but when he came to the counter for information and saw the price of at least dozens or hundreds of the many items on the shelf, he turned around and fled in fright at once.

For the next two days, more customers came but he sold nothing.

On the third day.

As usual, Su Ping came to the store. He dusted the counter and began to work on his cultivation.

Not long afterward, some customers showed up.

“Sir, we’re here to pick up my pets,” someone with a fresh and sweet sound said.

Su Ping raised his head. It was the two girls again.

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