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Chapter 344 - Scourging Heaven’s Test

Chapter 344 Scourging Heaven’s Test

“Charcoal, Thunder Sprint!” Su Ping commanded.

Charcoal was his nickname for the Dark Dragon Hound. Given the fact that the Dark Dragon Hound was covered in black fur, it did deserve such a nickname.

The Dark Dragon Hound didn’t understand why it had to use that skill at that moment. Nevertheless, the Dark Dragon Hound knew better than to disobey. Bolts of lightning surrounded the Dark Dragon Hound, especially around its four limbs; crackling sounds reverberated as this happened. It seemed as if it were walking on lightning.


The Dark Dragon Hound charged forth so fast that merely a blur could be visible!

That was Thunder Sprint, a seventh-rank skill of the thunder family.

In less than one-tenth of a second, the Dark Dragon Hound had reached the other side of the room, crossing a hundred meters!

That was a skill that allowed the pet to quickly approach its enemy, a must for advanced pets from the thunder family which was useful in close-range combats.

Su Ping watched carefully.

The moment the Dark Dragon Hound initiated the “Thunder Sprint,” Su Ping’s eyes began to work like a precise and high-resolution camera that filmed the entire process of the skill’s application.

How the Dark Dragon Hound controlled the energy and how it flowed…

Su Ping closed his eyes. The rules of thunder he had picked up from that clap of thunder in his mind started to help him with his understanding of the skill. All of a sudden, an electric arc leaped up between his eyes. The next second, lightning surged and enveloped him.

He lifted his legs and ran!


Almost immediately, a loud noise was heard, similar to something bumping against an object. A blur went past the Dark Dragon Hound and smashed into the wall.

Right when the collision happened, because of the actual impact, Su Ping rolled backward and the electric arcs around him were dispersed.

“Ah, it hurts!”

Su Ping sat up and covered his face with his hands, especially his nose. He wondered if his nose had been broken.

He didn’t control his power and ended up charging too quickly!

There was a tingly pain on his face. Su Ping hurriedly took out a mirror and checked. To his relief, his handsome looks remained unmarred.

It seemed that being thick-skinned had its benefits.

Heaving a sigh, Su Ping stood up and darted a glance to where the Dark Dragon Hound was and where he was. A glint of excitement rose in his eyes. He had mastered the skill!

He had learned a seventh-rank skill after merely having one look!

Through his understanding of the rules of thunder, Su Ping realized that the working mechanism of the Thunder Sprint was not complicated. The fast speed was because the lightning was stimulating the body. The stimulation method was special but it could be learned as long as the energy path was copied.

Su Ping even felt that the energy path could be adjusted to strengthen the Thunder Sprint!

“Oh, I see it now. This is what a trainer’s skill should be like!” Su Ping exclaimed to himself. He did enable the Dark Dragon Hound and the Inferno Dragon to strengthen their skills in the cultivation site but that was the result of repeated practice!

That achievement also had everything to do with the environment of the cultivation site and the benefit of revivals.

If he were to copy that method in the real world, he might be able to do the same thing, but it would take much longer and it would put him through more ordeals.

The thing was…

What was the point of repeated practice? To strengthen the understanding of the skills! Knowing the rules of thunder was equal to going through repeated practice!

This is the elementary level and I already have such a profound understanding of thunder…

Su Ping curled his lips.

Once again, he was shocked by the system’s vision.

He shook his head and walked to where the Dark Dragon Hound was. All of a sudden, Su Ping cast a questioning look at it. “I can tell from your eyes that you were laughing at me, weren’t you?”

The Dark Dragon Hound felt a chill and instantly began to shake its head.

Su Ping glared at it from the corner of his eye. “Let’s try the ninth-rank Thunder Storm!”

He wanted to find out the upper limit of his knowledge of the rules of thunder.

The Thunder Storm was a powerful skill at the upper position of the ninth-rank. This was the Dark Dragon Hound’s third thunder-related skill.

The other one was the Thunder Protection of the ninth-rank.

The Dark Dragon Hound was relieved since Su Ping didn’t pursue the matter further. The Dark Dragon Hound hopped into the center of the room and with a bellow, thunder clapped and bolts of lightning were gathered. Three seconds later, a piece of dark cloud emerged above the Dark Dragon Hound’s head and thunder rolled.

At the moment, the test room’s environment was set to be an oceanside. The ocean was vast and the sky was high. The dark cloud had created tension in this space.

Su Ping observed with full attention and fixed his eyes on the Dark Dragon Hound. Soon, the Thunder Storm was complete. The majestic dark cloud hovered high in the sky like a black mountain, and the lightning flashed inside, as if there were a beast fighting fiercely inside the cloud, emitting a low noise like a drum rolling.

Su Ping noticed that the construction of the Thunder Storm was much more intricate than the Thunder Sprint.

He learned from the Dark Dragon Hound and lightning began to travel around him.

A moment later, above his head, a smaller piece of dark cloud appeared, with bolts of lightning

“Nope. There is not enough energy and the effect is not good.”

Su Ping frowned. The dark cloud was dispersed, but lightning instantly surged once more. This time, he made use of the Star Prism. After all, his original strength was merely at the sixth-rank.

With his experience of crazy battles in the cultivation site, his energy was richer than that of sixth-ranked, or even seventh-ranked battle pet warriors. Still, to unleash a ninth-rank skill was too much for him.

With the help of the Star Prism, the lightning around him increased in strength and expanded for several meters. An area with a radius of four to five meters with him at the center had become a field of thunder and lightning!

At this moment, the energy inside him had increased to the ninth-rank!

He was exhibiting the energy of titled battle pet warriors!

That was the power of a treasured artifact!

Su Ping opened his eyes. The bolts of lightning were traveling along with a mysterious pattern. Following that was a sudden clap of thunder!

That clap of thunder stirred up the ocean. Frightened, the Dark Dragon Hound turned around.

A thick dark cloud was born from the void, then quickly expanding like a mass of cotton. In the blink of an eye, the dark cloud had grown into a pitch-black giant cloud, with bolts of lightning imprisoned inside. Those claps of thunder and bolts of lightning were trying to break through the cage of dark clouds.


The cloud above the Dark Dragon Hound seemed to be pulled to the larger cloud to become one.


Su Ping shouted all of a sudden.

Thousands of bolts of lightning suddenly burst out of the dark clouds, which suddenly fell into the distant ocean. With a bang, the ocean stirred up a huge wave, thousands of feet high, and the entire test room seemed to be trembling. This was the vibration in the environment. Outside the test room, there wouldn’t even be the slightest vibration.

Hiss, hiss!

The water was vaporized.

Although water could conduct electricity, the lightning was too strong, and some of the seawater stirred up by the explosion was directly evaporated by the high temperature!

Su Ping felt the level of energy inside him was dropping quickly, which scared him. The Thunder Storm was too strong. The lightning bolts could turn any animal it touched into dust!

Su Ping stopped it.

The Thunder Storm gradually disappeared.

In an instant, the sky cleared up.

Su Ping heaved a sigh with troubled feelings. To know those elementary rules of thunder was better than learning countless skills!

He had a feeling that he could do more than the Thunder Storm. But the skill was approaching his limit. He believed that, given time, he could strengthen the Thunder Storm further and shorten the preparation time.

At the current stage, it would take three seconds for the cloud to come into shape!

If the preparation time was shorter than the three seconds, the skill would not yield a good result and the cloud might not even be able to come into being.

However, in real life, no enemy would give you three seconds to prepare.

Su Ping calmed himself down and told the Dark Dragon Hound to move closer. The hound was terrified.

Su Ping tidied his thoughts and then passed on the rules of thunder to the Dark Dragon Hound through his consciousness.

The process began!

After the transfer, the Dark Dragon Hound stood still on the spot with a dull look in its eyes. The Dark Dragon Hound seemed to have been lost in the sea of information. Su Ping didn’t disturb it; he gave the Dark Dragon Hound time to digest the information. I can easily tweak the seventh-rank skills of the thunder family given my learning of the rules of thunder. But I need to think better if I want to take a step further.

I have to exert extra energy if I want to improve my ninth-rank skills. Currently, I only have a faint idea, I’m not sure about the details yet.

These elementary rules of thunder can allow me to… master all the skills of the thunder family of and below the ninth-rank!

Su Ping took a deep breath. This realization had startled him.

No wonder Joanna would be surprised that he was beginning to learn the rules.

He was touching upon nature’s laws.

On the other hand, the Dark Dragon Hound was merely learning an independent skill, a minute part of the general system of the rules of thunder.

A moment later, the Dark Dragon Hound came back to its senses.

Su Ping noticed that the Dark Dragon Hound must have digested the information so he told the hound to try the Thunder Sprint again.

The Dark Dragon Hound did as requested. It was visibly faster; not by a large margin but it was stunning nonetheless. The time for the hound to travel a hundred meters was shortened by about zero point one seconds.

Su Ping was happy. When time allowed, he would try to collect all the skills of the thunder family by learning from other pets who had this predisposition. “Let’s go. Time for training.” Su Ping didn’t spend more time in the test room. He didn’t have any customers that night so he could spend this time on the cultivation site.

He was 10% in the elementary trainer mission. He had just learned strengthening skills but strengthening should be used on the pet’s energy as well.

“I’ll go and try energy strengthening. When pets learn more skills, they will need to use more energy,” Su Ping said to himself. But he didn’t know where to start.

When it was about the skills, he could think of repeated practice… But what about energy? Should he tell the pets to repeat the process of absorbing energy and compressing it? Su Ping remembered his previous experience while training pets in an almost brutal way. That way had enabled the pets to store up more energy.

The Moonfrost Dragon was a case in point. The Moonfrost Dragon was not even at the seventh-rank but it could use ninth-rank skills with ease. That was the benefit of having a large energy reserve.

However, if that was the way to better accumulate energy, the system should have told him that he had accomplished that aspect.

That was to say, the larger reserve of energy was not the answer.

As such, the only other way Su Ping could think of was to refine the energy!

But how to do that? Su Ping found no clues. He went to see Joanna and asked her to point him to the right direction.

“Refining energy?” Joanna was sitting in a nursing pen, having shrunk her size to merely a dozen centimeters, like a larger action figure. She looked up at Su Ping and said, “Refining energy is difficult. Usually, when someone is reaching the legendary rank, the Heaven’s Test will help that person refine his energy, to expel the filth and make the energy purer and richer.”

“The Heaven’s Test is not happening. My pets are nowhere near the legendary rank.”

“Your pets cannot initiate the Heaven’s Test, but you can borrow some,” Joanna replied.

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