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Chapter 341 - Tempering Through Practice

Chapter 341 Tempering Through Practice

“Thank you.”

Su Ping expressed his appreciation after they arrived at the location.

“You’re welcome, Brother Su. Feel free to explore. We will ‘entertain’ the Starflame Beast living there, if it dares to come out.” A young man with golden hair grinned.

The location wasn’t a source of distress for the two of them, only some discomfort.

Su Ping nodded. With the presence of that pair, Su Ping would feel more at ease. He told the Inferno Dragon to lead the way to step into the location.

Su Ping encountered several beasts as soon as they went inside, and the first one was at the legendary rank. That beast was bloated, even too fat to move. The beast was more like a mountain of flesh that was burning up. Even while standing a thousand meters away from the beast, Su Ping felt as if he were in boiling water.

Any common person would have died instantly.

Su Ping mobilized astral powers to protect himself while he told the Dark Dragon Hound and the Inferno Dragon to attack. As for the Purple Python and the Void Bug, he had the two stay with him. This time, the focus for that training would be on the Inferno Dragon and then the Dark Dragon Hound. The Dark Dragon Hound, although a pet of the demon family, had mastered some skills using fire. The Dark Dragon Hound might be able to get better in this location.

Previously, when I was training some customers’ pets of the fire family in places full of flames, the pets would become much more resistant to damage done by fire and the pets’ potential would be inspired; they were able to learn some advanced fire-related skills.

The environment has a lot to do with the pets’ development.

I wonder if my pets’ skills can be enhanced…

Su Ping sat on the Purple Python’s head, deep in thought. Before he went there to train this time, he had found some directions for future training, based on his experience of training other pets and the data he had collected.

He had not trained other customers’ pets for nothing. In fact, he had gained plenty of experience.

I’ve taken my pets to all kinds of cultivation sites, like the Chaotic Realm of the Undead, some places with fire, this Demigod Burial, etc. The environments were diversified and as such, my pets have learned skills of various sorts.

At the current stage, I can say that my pets are strong. But they have reached a bottleneck. None of them has an ability that could take care of opponents with a single move.

When I was training the Lightning Rat for the first time, the system picked out the Thunder Cloud Realm automatically, claiming it was the most suitable for training a Lightning Rat. I have reason to believe that pets of different kinds have training places which are the most suitable for them. Since the Lightning Rat is of the thunder family, the Thunder Could Realm is perfect to aid in strengthening the Lightning Rat’s skills.

The Lightning Rat did learn many skills of the thunder family and it only began to deviate from its original development path after it visited the Chaotic Realm of the Undead…

Su Ping’s mind was working quickly. While he was absorbed in his thoughts, the Inferno Dragon and the Dark Dragon Hound were still battling against the monster that was like a mountain of fire. Since the latter was at the legendary rank, it soon killed them. Their deaths pulled Su Ping back to reality and he revived them at once.

As they came back to life, the flesh mountain of fire stood in a daze for a second, then it immediately pounced at the two pets.

Su Ping watched the battle. The Dark Dragon Hound and the Inferno Dragon were employing all their ninth-skills; all of them were of various kinds, from the more aggressive to those with deterrent effects.

However, only the dragon’s roar could produce some effect and slow down the flesh-like mountain of flames a bit. After all, the dragon’s roar was above the legendary rank. The Inferno Dragon had yet to master it completely but it had already scratched the surface.

Looking at the dazzling scene, Su Ping thought of an idea. He seemed to have figured out what was wrong.

“Inferno Dragon, Roaring Dragon Flame!”

“Dark Dragon Hound, Dark Hellfire!”

Su Ping gave out two orders, full of determination.

Both were ninth-rank skills of the fire family and they would exert a little effect in this situation. That mountain of flames was a beast of the fire family; it was highly resistant to fire and was immune to the common kinds of fire.

Theoretically speaking, Su Ping’s orders were not appropriate but Su Ping had given the instructions with resolution and seriousness. The two battle pets were unable to disobey.


The Inferno Dragon charged forth and jumped at the monster. Flames burst out around the Inferno Dragon, turning it into a dragon made of fire.

In the meantime, the Dark Dragon Hound was bellowing as well. The black flames around the Dark Dragon Hound started to spread over the ground; they crept forward and climbed onto the fleshly mountain of fire.

Bang! The fire mountain made a strange sound. The monster moved one of its fat limbs and dispersed the Inferno Dragon’s Roaring Dragon Flame. No harm was inflicted on the monster.

As for the Dark Hellfire, it had reached the monster but was later swallowed by the crimson fire covering the monster, leaving no trace behind.

Both the Inferno Dragon and the Dark Dragon Hound were sensing that their lives were in danger. They would have run away if it weren’t for the fact that Su Ping was standing behind them.

“Keep going!”

“Roaring Dragon Flame! Dark Hellfire!” Su Ping repeated his previous order.

Both the Dark Dragon Hound and the Inferno Dragon were puzzled. Su Ping had never acted like this before. Usually, under Su Ping’s instruction, they would always finish off their opponents in the fastest way they could. Even they could tell that Su Ping’s orders were wrong. Why would he make them do this?

But they couldn’t disobey him because of the contract. If they were to go against it, either they would die, or they would hurt Su Ping’s spirit.

The first to be hurt would be the pets’ master when their actions backfired.

If the battle pet were unwilling to hurt its master when it went against the contract, then the pet would have to sacrifice its own life. That was the power of the contract. Roar! Roar!

The Inferno Dragon and the Dark Dragon Hound roared again and unleashed the same set of skills. Still, no mark had been left on the legendary beast.

“Again!” Su Ping shouted.

The Inferno Dragon and the Dark Dragon Hound were experiencing fear in addition to confusion. They couldn’t figure out what had happened to Su Ping. Why would he give out those foolish instructions?

There was plenty else they could do that would have better effects and results than those two skills!

Why did they have to keep using those two skills?

Unsettled as they were, they had to follow orders.

Again and again, under Su Ping’s instructions, the Inferno Dragon and the Dark Dragon Hound repeated their skills until the fleshly mountain of fire would grab them and tear them apart.

But Su Ping would bring the Inferno Dragon and Dark Dragon Hound back to life immediately and the same thing would go on.

The Inferno Dragon and the Dark Dragon Hound had gone numb. They just followed Su Ping’s orders and died again and again. During one of their deaths, the monster noticed Su Ping in the distance. The monster breathed out a gust of fire that stunned Su


By the time he came back to his senses, he had lost his life.


Su Ping came back to life and also revived the Purple Python. He had the Purple Python take him further away.

At the same time, he was issuing the same old order from before!

The Inferno Dragon and the Dark Dragon Hound had no other choice but to keep going. Yet, all of the flames they generated would not leave any mark on the monster, as if they were pieces of cotton. The Dark Dragon Hound and the Inferno Dragon had no other option but to see that horrifying figure going after them time after time.

Su Ping understood that death was painful but this was the only way he could think of to enhance their skills, which was to repeat the same skill constantly.

For hundreds and even thousands of times.

Only by practicing could they be toughened and hardened into steel. Su Ping hoped that the constant practice and the pressure of dying could inspire the Inferno Dragon and the Dark Dragon Hound.

“And again!”

The two pets died once again. Su Ping’s voice was cold as ice.

The Dark Dragon Hound stared at the flesh mountain of fire that was turning around, trembling. The Dark Dragon Hound favored defensive skills but Su Ping had banned them!

The Dark Dragon Hound could only use its least favorite offensive skill, a ninth-rank one that would use up too much energy. Compared to the Inferno Dragon, the Dark Dragon Hound was much more cowardly. Its four limbs were shaking and it wished it could fall to the ground so that the monster would look past it.

But Su Ping’s order had come.

To attack.

The Dark Dragon Hound knew that attacking would mean imminent death and that it would anger the monster.

However, it couldn’t disobey Su Ping.

I don’t want to die! No!!


The Dark Dragon Hound shouted wildly like a crazy dog. Its eyes turned into the color of blood. Charge! Charge!!

Heavy, dark flames burst out from the Dark Dragon Hound, reaching several meters high, and floated around the Dark Dragon Hound as if the fire was its own fur. Then, the fire suddenly took the image of a massive wolf.


The wolf made of dark flames was howling and running. Together with the Roaring Dragon Flame from the Inferno Dragon, the huge wolf sprung at the monster. In the distance, Su Ping stared aghast. It changed!

It was happening!! He was seized with a pleasant surprise. The repeated deaths and practice had changed the Dark Dragon Hound’s Dark Hellfire greatly!

This new version seemed to have combined some features of the Roaring Dragon Flame. The Dark Hellfire was no longer creeping forward on the ground like before.

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