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Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Training Killing Intent


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The system had to verify since Su Ping had selected one of the first-tier cultivation planes of the top level.

“Of course.” Su Ping grinned.

“As you wish.”

The system had barely finished its reply when Su Ping found himself spinning into a pitch-dark swirl. He felt his body and his soul separate.

When he regained consciousness, he heard the familiar voice of the system.

“Host has established connection with the ‘Chaotic Realm of the Undead’.”

“Length of connection, five days…”

“Unlimited number of deaths are granted during this connection…”

“Please head out on your own…”

Su Ping came back to his senses. As he opened his eyes, a crimson view leaped into his sight.

Three massive scarlet moons were hanging in the sky, turning the dark cosmic vault into a brilliant red. Looking from where he was standing, he could faintly see the surface of the crimson moons. There seemed to be streaks of darkness that appeared to be tiny flying insects.

Yet, considering the actual distance between him and the moons, he could only imagine how horribly large the actual size of those tiny dark streaks were!


He sensed some fear and heard a plaintive whine. Su Ping looked down. The Lightning Rat was curled up by his foot, shivering in fear and looking around nervously.

Su Ping began to check the surroundings as well. His heart almost stopped with just a quick look.

What a hellish view this was!

The strange trees were like human limbs, twisted strangely. The grey withered grass that could be found across the land were wiggling willfully as if they contained a strong vitality!

He was standing at the edge of a desolate, dead wood, where it seemed to have rained, and in front of him were puddles of water with strange worms, like maggots, swimming in them, and a lot of remains and bones lay scattered in the grass by the side of the road.

As far as his sight could reach, this was a world where no life could be seen.

The red sky and the dark world both reeked of death and desperation.

While Su Ping was still in a daze, all of a sudden, he felt both the Little Skeleton and the Lightning Rat become alerted. Compared to the Little Skeleton, there was an addition of fear in the consciousness of the Lightning Rat.

Su Ping looked over. He saw that two human-shaped figures were loafing over from the sparse woods.

As they came closer, Su Ping could distinguish that the two figures were two skeletons that were about three meters tall. Stooping, they walked with difficulty. It was more like that they were wiggling.

Su Ping’s heart pumped faster. Remembering that he had the benefit of unlimited deaths, his confidence was boosted. He gave out the attack command to the two little guys at once.

Crack, crack.

Upon receiving the order, the Little Skeleton staggered over, as if death was of no consequence.

On the other hand, the Lightning Rat was resisting. It was still crouching by Su Ping’s feet. The Lightning Rat knew that this person was despicable but in this strange environment, the human was the only being that it could rely on.

“This timid?”

Su Ping was surprised. He was not afraid because he knew he would not die but this little thing had no such knowledge. It was only natural that the Lightning Rat would be scared.

This was a problem.

Soon, Su Ping remembered the battle pet warrior skill book he had picked up. He clapped his hands. Why did he forget about that?

He thought of it and that skill book fell into his hands from his storage space.

Killing intent!

Two sharply drawn words were on the cover of this skill book.

Su Ping opened the book to study it without hesitation.

When he opened the book, the skill book transformed into golden sparkles that merged into his body. The next second, Su Ping felt a large amount of information swarming out. When he sorted out the information, he realized that he had mastered the skill.

“Killing intent!”

Su Ping cast the skill on the Lightning Rat at once.

It was as if some faint substance flowed into the Lightning Rat through the bonds of the contract.

The next moment, the previously jittery Lightning Rat was suddenly filled with a thirst for blood and violence. Its eyes were red and it showed its sharp teeth. With tremendous force, the Lightning Rat dashed toward the two human-shaped skeletons.

When the Lightning Rat dashed out, Su Ping felt mentally exhausted, as if his mind had expended vast amounts of energy.

At the moment, the Lightning Rat had run past the Little Skeleton and arrived near the two human-shaped skeletons at the speed of lightning. The first move Lightning Rat resorted to was the strongest of all, Thunder Slash!

Lightning hovered above its head violently and in an instant, it was compressed into a sword of lightning. The sword moved toward one of the human-shaped skeletons.

The two human-shaped skeletons were wiggling slowly but the moment that the Lightning Rat hopped up to attack, the two skeletons came to their senses. Two streaks of red light shot out from their hollowed eye sockets. The next second, they swung their bodies violently and their sickle-like hands landed heavily on the thunder blade above the Lightning Rat’s head.

With a bang, the Lightning Rat was repelled.

That human-shaped skeleton’s arm was smoking and burning but the injury was minor. It was as if the skeleton could feel pain. The skeleton howled and ran to the Lightning Rat wildly.


The human-shaped skeleton was running at an incredible speed, which was utterly different from when it was wiggling about. In an instant, the skeleton had caught up with the Lightning Rat and along the way, the skeleton stamped on the Little Skeleton that had dashed over.


The sound of the broken bones was extremely crisp.

The connection of consciousness with the Little Skeleton in Su Ping’s mind was cut off.

“Revive pet on the spot?”

“Yes!” Su Ping said at once.

The Little Skeleton was too weak and was merely at the first rank. The Severed Limb Reassemble skill could enable the Little Skeleton to set a broken bone. But the Little Skeleton could not recover if it was crushed into pieces.

After Su Ping gave his answer, the Little Skeleton reassembled on the spot soon and came back to life. But one second later, the Little Skeleton was stamped into pieces by the second human-shaped skeleton.


Su Ping chose to revive the Little Skeleton on the spot again.

The Little Skeleton stood up on the spot at once. It took a look around and saw where the two human-shaped skeletons were headed to. Instantly, the Little Skeleton went after them, staggering along.

At the same time, the moment the human-shaped skeleton reached it, the Lightning Rat released Thunder Cloak. Its hair was standing on its root since the electric arcs crackled around its body. In the meantime, another Lightning Rat split out and it ran toward the other side of the human-shaped skeleton.

Thunder Shadow Image!

That human-shaped skeleton did not understand what was going on and was still hacking toward the first Lightning Rat with its arm.


The first Lightning Rat was smashed into pieces but it formed a ball of the residual thunderbolt that exploded on the human-shaped skeleton’s arm, inflicting considerable harm. That thunder power defused much of the dark, foul air surrounding the human-shaped skeleton as well.

The moment the shadow image collapsed, the real Lightning Rat came out and aimed at the human-shaped skeleton’s neck with Thunder Slash!


The human-shaped skeleton reacted even faster.

At this critical time, the skeleton twisted around with a huge boost in its speed and swung its other arm at the Lightning Rat.

Thunder Flash!

The moment the Lightning Rat was hit, it disappeared. It hopped over the human-shaped skeleton’s arm and the Thunder Slash landed on the human-shaped skeleton’s face.


The human-shaped skeleton’s head was smashed to the side with its neck almost cut off. Its head was about to fall.

However, before the Lightning Rat could initiate the second attack, another human-shaped skeleton followed through. It reached out its withered, sharp claw and tore the Lightning Rat into pieces!

Blood spurted out when the Lightning Rat’s body fell to the ground.

Such an intense moment happened in the split of a second.

Su Ping’s heart pounded as he saw this view in the distance. When he saw that the Lightning Rat was killed, he chose to bring it back to life at once.

In less than a second after the body touched the ground, it came into being again amid sparkles.

The instinct kicked in when the Lightning Rat sensed danger after it was brought back to life. The Lightning Rat hopped away at once, distancing itself from the human-shaped skeleton.

When the Lightning Rat had a clear visual of the surroundings, the Lightning Rat’s hair stood up and it turned around and began to run at once.

Su Ping pulled a long face and initiated the “killing intent” immediately.

The Lightning Rat, who was halfway through its escape, stopped at once. It turned around, grimacing, and dashed toward the human-shaped skeleton again.

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