Astral Pet Store

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Not For Sale

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“Hmm. Interesting.”

There were some things Su Ping was eager to blurt out.

At the same time, he noticed the reward for this quest. He asked in his mind, “What is this ‘Force Pellet’?”

“A kind of elementary pellet that battle pet warriors should take. They are only effective to battle pet warriors of the third rank and below and can help cultivate astral power,” the system stated.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. The cultivation of astral power was a nice bonus.

Anyways, he had accepted the mission so he had to finish it.

He turned his attention to the matter at hand. Su Ping looked at the two girls and remembered something from their conversation. Su Ping asked, “Apart from the ‘training’ service, do you need boarding services? If your pets have suffered minor injuries, healing can be accelerated if you put them in our boarding service.”

This came as a surprise for Su Yanying. “Sir, you can cure wounds here?”

“Only minor wounds,” Su Ping stressed.

“Why didn’t you say so? If the boarding service includes healing, then it is worthwhile.”

Su Yanying was interested. Although the healers she invited estimated that her pets would recover on the very first day of the second round of matches, their estimation might have been wrong. It would be troublesome if anything were to go amiss.

On the other hand, if she were to hire another healer, that would cost her a fortune ranging in the tens of thousands.

Su Ping smiled.

He didn’t mention this because the small treatment effects that came with the nursing pen were not worth mentioning compared to the benefit of the constitution and power of understanding enhancement. He had not realized that this could be a selling point.

“But, I don’t think I have so much money with me…” Su Yanying was about to place the order when she remembered she didn’t have much money left after paying for the Lightning Rat’s training fee.

“It’s okay. I will lend you some.” Lan Lele took out her purse. Might as well; she could never stop this good friend of hers. She decided to chip in this bet.

She believed that the store would not be bold enough to fleece them without providing any service in return. If such were the case, she wasn’t a person to be messed with.

Su Ping rolled his eyes grumpily as he sensed the anger and hostility coming from this girl. He felt distressed since he had to pay one energy point every day for maintenance. Otherwise, he would not be in the mood to solicit business.

He was the only one who really knew about the excellent quality of the products and services provided by the system. He was still sustaining losses with those prices. People would have to wait in line for the pet boarding service after building up a name for the store!

“My good Lele, I will pay you back as soon as I save enough money!” Su Yanying offered a broad and sincere smile.

Lan Lele hurried her, “Alright now. Pick your pets. We have to go back early.”


Su Yanying did not waste time. The astral power that was in light blue converged at her fingertips. She pointed her finger to a space on the side and a purple figure jumped out from the contract space and landed on the ground, looking over. It was none other than the Lightning Rat.

The Lightning Rat blinked as it found itself in this familiar place. It looked up and saw that smiling human face behind the counter.

At this moment, some clips of unforgettable memories surged over.


The Lightning Rat was showing its teeth, as though confronted by a formidable enemy. Electric arcs were flashing all over its body.

Su Yanjing was surprised by this fit of fear and the feeling of unrest coming from the Lightning Rat. Puzzled, she tried to comfort it at once.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. The little thing was reacting very strongly; that time must have been unforgettable.

A moment later, the Lightning Rat finally calmed down with Su Yanying’s comfort. That being said, the Lightning Rat was still curled up by her feet, on high alert.

“Come on out, Fallen Phoenix,” Su Yanying called out another pet.

A blazing flame emerged out of thin air. A firebird that was the size of half a human came into being, exuding heat without restraint as it was completely bathed in fire.

“Is this a Fallen Phoenix, a pet with an advanced bloodline?”

Su Ping found this interesting. This was a precious bird but presently, it was only at the upper position of the third rank, with an aptitude rated as poor and combat strength of 4.2. This bird could fight those at a higher rank if it exerted great efforts.

The other one was an Ugly Stone Beast which looked like an oddly shaped rock. This pet was also of an intermediate bloodline, currently at the lower position of the fourth rank with a combat strength of 4.3 and an aptitude rated as poor.

“These are the three.” Su Yanying didn’t summon any more pets.

The three pets stood inside the store and made the already small storefront feel even more crowded.

Su Ping told himself that once he made enough money, the first thing would be to upgrade the size of the store. In the future, when people came to leave their advanced pets, every single one of them would be large; some would be a dozen meters tall, others even dozens of meters tall. He was afraid that this store would not be big enough to hold them.

“Three pets. A three-day stay for them would be 21,600.” Su Ping did the calculation quickly.

“Sir, can you round it up and forget about the small change?” Lan Lele said before she paid.

Su Ping answered coldly, “No discounts.”

“I knew it.” Lan Lele pouted and snorted. She wired the money quickly.

After the money entered his account, Su Ping gave them the receipt and asked, “Do you need anything else?”

“No, nothing else.” Su Yanying had no more money and she couldn’t ask her friend to pay more for her.

Lan Lele looked around and asked, baffled, “Isn’t this a pet store? Why don’t I see any pets for sale?”

“There aren’t any pets for sale at the moment,” Su Ping said.

“A pet store that doesn’t sell pets?” Lan Lele’s face wore a funny look.

Su Yanying found this answer intriguing as well. This entire store reeked of mystery.

“Alright. We have concluded our business. Let’s go.” Lan Lele did not linger. She was ready to leave at once.

Su Yanying comforted her pets for a bit, unwilling to be parted from them. Before she left, she stressed, “Sir, please take good care of them for me.”

“Don’t worry,” Su Ping’s reply was in such a mild tone that it didn’t seem convincing at all.

Su Yanying opened her mouth, trying to say something else. Yet, after thinking that three days would zip right by, she held down that urge. She turned around and stepped away.

After they left, Su Ping took the pets to the pet room in the back. Lucky for him, the pet room door was wide enough; it was a sliding door with a 4 meter clearance, large enough for the large Fanged Tiger to go through.

“System, I need to buy another elementary nursing pen,” Su Ping said to the system.

“Sure,” The system agreed.

-10 energy points.

Space twisted for a while in an empty place in the pet room; a moment after, an elementary nursing pen came out from nowhere.

Su Ping had become inured to the unusual powers of the system. Taking a look at the size of the nursing pen, he suddenly began to wonder if the large Stone Beast could fit in such a small space.

“The host doesn’t have to worry. The space inside the nursing pens are independent from ours. Pets of all sizes can fit in,” the system explained.

Su Ping was relieved. Fortunately, the system was freakishly outstanding.

He carried out the little skeleton and the Managarm that were sleeping in the two old nursing pens and made the three pets walk into the vacant ones. The three pets shrank down as they stepped into the nursing pens. The half-a-human sized Fallen Phoenix looked like a fiery red canary.

As for that Fanged Tiger with a length of six to seven meters long, it shrank down to the size of a regular dog, only the tiger spots were still visible.

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