Astral Pet Store

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Antiquity Pet Contract

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Su Ping inspected the status of his body attentively. He had just become a battle pet warrior.

He also had to admit that battle pet warriors and average people were worlds apart. Just on the front of antiquity alone, Su Ping had detected a great difference.

He had become lissome and his sight, hearing, and the rest of the five senses had become two times as acute as before!

“In the Federation, battle pet warriors are divided into nine ranks.

“Those from the first to the third ranks are elementary battle pet warriors; from the fourth to the sixth are intermediate battle pet warriors. The ones at the seventh rank are advanced battle pet warriors and those at the eighth rank are battle pet masters who enjoy a high status and can be qualified as professors in famous academies.

“As for the ninth rank battle pet warriors, the highest rank, they have titles conferred upon them and are admired by the public!”

“Beyond that rank are the legendary Beast King battle pet warriors. Each of such people is a legend. Their life experiences are adapted to movies and novels, so that their stories and exploits can be disseminated through the generations. People will still remember them even after a hundred years of their passing!

“Just now, the original core talent has just awakened in me. I haven’t started the battle pet warrior’s training and there’s no astral power in me at all. I cannot even qualify as a first-rank battle pet warrior.

“Cultivation as a battle pet warrior…”

Cultivation had posed a conundrum for Su Ping.

He was no longer able to get admitted to Astral Pet academies given his age. After all, he had passed the age limit. That is, unless he was admitted via special recruitment due to an outstanding performance.

The main knowledge source on cultivation for elementary battle pet warriors were the various Astral Pet academies.

While there were some cultivation methods of battle pet warriors posted online, they were superficial. There were no examples for practical applications.

“Do I have to… ask my sister for advice?”

Su Ping dismissed the idea as soon as it popped up, at the thought of her arrogant face.

No matter which way he looked at it, the chances of his sister being willing to teach him would be… zero. No, actually, below zero. He would be mercilessly mocked by her as well!

Su Ping shook his head. Anyways, he had become a battle pet warrior. He had to make a contract with a pet first.

Su Ping knew the basics of making a contract with a pet. This was no secret. Anyone with some fundamental understanding of pets would know.

“The number of pets a battle pet warrior can make a contract with is directly linked to spiritual power. The stronger the spiritual power is, the more pets can be contracted and the pets will be stronger as well!”

“Usually, a battle pet warrior cannot establish a contract with a pet that is two ranks higher than him/herself. Otherwise, the pressure on the spirit would hinder the mind, to descend into insanity until one became mentally retarded!”

Su Ping was not even a first rank battle pet warrior. The kinds of pets that he could make contracts with were few and far between. Lucky for him, there was one in the store.

Remembering that Little Skeleton, Su Ping began to have second thoughts.

That little thing was of practically no value and it would take up a spot if he were to build a contract with it.

The more pets were contracted, the higher the pressure on the master’s mind would be.

“If I were to buy other pets when my strength could be improved over time, I would tie them down and their development would be suffocated because most pets with advanced bloodlines would stay in the first rank for a very short time.”

Su Ping frowned. As such, there was not much of a choice for him. He had to go with the low-rank pets.

Fortunately, he could remove the contract once he became more powerful in the future. Removing the contract would add a burden to his mind as well. Within three days, he would lose his combat abilities. That being said, with the protection of the pet store, such side effects could be ignored.

Having made up his mind, Su Ping stopped worrying. He went back to the lobby.


The Little Skeleton seemed to be scared by Su Ping. It rolled down from the chair by the counter, then it fell to the ground, turning into a pile of bones that slowly reassembled.

Su Ping was speechless. This Little Skeleton appeared to be timid. This was rarely seen among pets of the demon family.

“Little guy, you will be my pet from now on.”

Su Ping moved closer. He picked up the Little Skeleton from the ground and placed it on the counter.

The Little Skeleton sat there silently, staring at Su Ping blankly with its hollowed eye sockets.

Su Ping was happy that the Little Skeleton was behaving. The only benefit of a timid pet was the fact that they could be tamed easily.

He was about to make the contract when, suddenly, he heard the system’s message, “Does the host want to purchase an Antiquity Pet Contract?”

“Antiquity Pet Contract?”

Su Ping did not understand.

“The Antiquity Pet Contract is a form of Astral Pet contract and is equipped with all the features of the current Astral Pet contracts. The only difference is that the pet’s emotions can be sensed via the Antiquity Pet Contract. Also, within a specific range, the pet can be called back to the pet space at any time, provided that the pet is not constrained or sealed in any way,” the system explained, with particular patience.

Su Ping was left staring, open-mouthed.

Different effects could come from varied contracts?

In his memory, there was only one form of Astral Pet contracts. Nobody knew that there could be other contracts apart from this common Astral Pet contract!

Besides, wasn’t this Antiquity Pet Contract a bit too fabulous to be able to summon the pet back at any time?

Being the case, once the pet sensed danger, it could be summoned back to avoid a sacrifice. For battle pet warriors, this was a master skill!

Su Ping became alerted as his mind wandered to his point. “How much energy does it cost?”

“One hundred points of energy will do,” the system replied.

Su Ping was amazed.

Just one hundred energy points?

Why would such an excellent article be sold at such a cheap price?

Even the elementary beast catching ring would cost a hundred energy points in this shop!

“Consider this contract somewhat like a gift from the system. The actual price is far dearer than this.” The system sounded casual.

“Really?” Su Ping was skeptical. Could it be that this was a complimentary offering to begin with, and the system was ripping him off?

“Warning. First profanity alert!”

“Hmm. Did you just admit it?” Su Ping wore a sardonic grin.

The system remained silent.

Su Ping went through some unspoken criticism in his heart. While he hated to part with his energy points, he did make up his mind and purchased it.

For the moment, the contract might not be of great help to him. That being said, beyond all question, this Antiquity Pet Contract was valuable. Furthermore, this contract was not a disposable item. It could be used repeatedly and with all his pets. He could use it for a long time to come.

If in the future, this contract could enable him to save the life of an advanced pet, then the 100 energy points would be well spent!


“Purchase success. The Antiquity Pet Contract has arrived. Please check,” the system reminded him.

Before Su Ping had the time to cry over his lost energy points, he found a complicated mark emerging in his mind. The mark, seemingly made up of many lines, was drawn in his memory stroke by stroke, until it could not be forgotten and he would remember it to the end of his days.

“Lead with blood and engrave with an array?”

Su Ping came back to his senses, still quite confused and stupefied. He focused his mind and the contract method of this Antiquity Pet Contract emerged once more, shocking him again.

This contract was not made with astral powers. His blood would be the medium and the content was the array depicted with complex and mysterious lines. Such a contract would be firm and would not be cut off unless the master removed the contract by his own accord.

“Apart from being able to summon the Astral Pet back, this contract is similar to the ones built with astral powers, including removing the contract. I would lose combat abilities for three days.” Su Ping took a closer look. The system did not lie to him.

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