Astral Apostle

Chapter 50 - Three Months (1)  

Chapter 50: Three Months (1)

The atmosphere was lively. They ate until it was almost dawn before they parted ways and went home.

Although Zhou Jing wanted to ask Li Xiaoyin for some internal information about the Supers, she was also a newbie at the moment and given her “unconcerned about trifles” attitude, she might not know as much as he did, so Zhou Jing temporarily suppressed this idea.

After returning to the rental house, Zhou Jing rested for a while. After sobering up, he started to plan out a detailed schedule according to the training plan.

After a while, the cooling down period finally ended.

“Now is the time to see the results…”

Zhou Jing rubbed his sore eyes and turned off the computer that he was using to search for information.

He lay back on the bed and closed his eyes.



His consciousness returned to the preparatory space, still surrounded by stars.

Zhou Jing looked at the huge fluorescent panel. The results of his placement were displayed:

[The placement of Jason·Wood has ended.]

[You may view the Placement benefits report (Automatically Expanded)]

[Duration: 18 days (Astral Realm Time)]

[Reward: +210 Astral Points]

[Accumulated Rewards: 210 / 2,000 Astral Points]

[Ability Growth: [Hunter’s Breath—Forging] Level 1 → Level 2, [Weapon Mastery—Hunting Blade] Level 1 → Level 2, [Weapon Mastery—Heavy Blade] Level 0 → Level 1

[Triggered Achievement: None]

[Current Placement rating: Average]

[Do you want to see the experience log?]

“Wow, he’s still alive!”

Zhou Jing’s tense heart relaxed.

Not only that but his skills had also been upgraded… It seemed that the plan was feasible. His development in Frostwood Village was indeed stable.

The benefits of Placement were indeed not bad. As long as he laid the foundation during his descent and had a stable environment, performing a placement would be of great use.

He opened the log and viewed all of Jason·Wood’s experiences during his placement in the first person image.

Furthermore, there were additional note notifications at those contact nodes where he encountered events, improved skills, and interacted with people.

The experience during the placement could be slowly seen or directly absorbed and turned into memories. The latter was more efficient.

Zhou Jing took a look. There were no special events during the time Jason·Wood was placed. According to the set “Focus on cultivation” plan, he spent most of his time training.

Other than occasionally interacting with Barong, Griff, and the others, he would be silent and would not take the initiative to raise the topic. He would keep a low profile and focus on training… It was also possible that this was Jason·Wood’s determined and martial nature at work.

Oh, it looks quite normal. There’s nothing strange about the way the placement works. At most, he is now much quieter than when I was personally controlling… It seems that the higher the synchronization rate, the more complicated the response that the Astral Apostle can make. It’s fine now. I don’t have to do anything.

Zhou Jing thought to himself.

If the Astral Apostles had good personalities, they would be more stable.

In short, this confirmation of the effect of the placement mode had already reached his expectations.

“Next is to maintain the current situation and let this Astral Apostle develop.”

Zhou Jing confirmed his plans to himself.

The passage of time did not change according to human will.

The sun rose and the moon set, and the seasons changed.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye in the Mutant World.

At the training ground of Frostwood Village, a strong figure held a heavy black saber as he smoothly practiced the basic saber techniques.

Sweep, slash, stab, smash, thrust… Every move was full of power, sweeping up a low whistling wind.


The figure slashed down one last time, and the blade suddenly stopped a few centimeters above the ground. The force blew away the dust, showing the precise control of strength used.


Zhou Jing put away his saber and stood up. He let out a breath of turbid air, and his muscles trembled at a high frequency.

“My breathing technique has finally leveled up.”

He opened the interface and took a look. [Hunter’s Breath: Forging] had finally reached Level 4.

This was the fourth time he had descended to Jason·Wood. The time he added together from his projections and placements had already allowed the character to survive in the Mutant World for more than three months.

Most of the time, he developed in Frostwood Village. Occasionally, he would follow the hunters into the forest and hunt some ordinary prey to provide meat for the village. As he did not go too deep into the forest, he did not encounter the Subterraneans.

There were very few people in Frostwood Village. Nothing happened during the days when he was focused on cultivating, and there were no irregularities. The village was, after all, only that large, so in the past three months, he had become familiar with most of the villagers.

The result of his cultivation was mainly Hunter’s Breathing Techniques. As his skill level increased, even if he had the Accelerated Learning function, the time needed to reach the next level would also increase.

In the first month, [Hunter’s Breath: Forging] had risen two levels to Level 2, and in the next two months, it had only risen to Level 4.

Zhou Jing also understood why the cost of Accelerated Learning was only a guaranteed minimum. In fact, he could invest unlimited Astral Points to further increase his learning speed. If he reached a very high level, even if he activated the minimum speed of Accelerated Learning, it might take him a few years to level up his skills.

Just like ordinary people, the more difficult a skill was, the harder it was to improve.

In addition, in addition to the improvement of the Hunter’s Breathing Technique, he had also mastered the skills of hunting blades, heavy blades, sabers, and other knife-type weapons. After learning three similar weapons, the skills of these similar weapons fused into a skill and became [Weapon Mastery – Blade Technique].

“Being able to train up these two abilities in three months is already comparable to the results of others in ten years…”

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