Astral Apostle

Chapter 38 - God, Please Grant Me A Strong Man! (2)

Chapter 38: God, Please Grant Me A Strong Man! (2)

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Since Will·Wood’s death, Captain Barong hadn’t been able to eat or drink. He kept lamenting over wasted potential. If he saw a similarly strong and fierce man, he would definitely be very excited!

Griff rubbed his shoulders and eagerly spoke.

“You’re very suitable to be a hunter. I’ll bring you to see Captain Barong now!”

“Sure.” Zhou Jing naturally had no objections.

The village chief, who was standing at the side, beamed with joy. He was happy that the village had gotten a powerful helper.

“Then I welcome you to stay on behalf of Frostwood Village.”

The village leader then turned to look at Ross, who had remained silent this whole time, and asked curiously, “What about your companion? Is he going to be a hunter too?”

“Um, we’ll see about that.”

Zhou Jing gave an ambiguous reply.

He had not fully thought about how to arrange Ross at the moment. His current idea was to let Ross develop himself first, before learning some secondary occupation like blacksmithing or pharmacology, to provide logistical support.

After all, Ross couldn’t be of much help in a short time, so he had to be trained first.

On the other side of Frostwood Village, Barong’s residence.

Baron was sitting at the door of the house, lazily basking in the sun. He was still wrapped in some linen bandages.

From time to time, villagers would pass by and greet him. He would also nod in response.

“It’s another sunny day… I should be able to recover faster.”

Barong muttered to himself and touched the wound. It was almost healed.

He had been severely injured by the Subterranean’s sneak attack and had been recuperating until now.

He was actually a Mutant Beast Hunter that was stationed in Frostwood Village. Unlike the local hunters, he had no family here and was all alone. His mission was to train the hunters and lead them to hunt. When he occasionally found traces of mutated beasts, he would pick up his ax and fight for his life. His life was lonely, bitter, and full of danger.

Although many of the farmer’s daughters were curious about this Mutant Beast Hunter and had hinted more than once that they wanted to toss around in the barn with him, Barong generally did not treat anyone differently, whether they were men or women. Most of the time, he used exercise to vent his energy.

In his eyes, a true Mutant Beast Hunter should never pursue power, wealth, or preferential mating rights. They should either be hunting mutated beasts or training and honing themselves.

However, ever since the establishment of the Terra Empire, the ancient profession of Mutated Beast Hunters had become more and more impure…

Barong secretly sighed when he thought of it.

The person who received the enhancement of the blood potion was termed as a Mutant Blood Warrior, not a Mutant Beast Hunter. The former was just an entry requirement for the latter.

Mutant Beast Hunters needed to be proficient in combat skills, learn how to fight against all sorts of Mutant Beasts, undergo long-term training, and finally participate in a successful hunt before they could be considered to have graduated. Only then would they be qualified to call themselves Mutant Beast Hunters.

In the Wilderness era, every tribe had a way to train Mutant Beast Hunters. This was basically a training ground for each tribe to produce their own warriors.

After the establishment of the Terra Empire, a portion of the training methods were integrated to nurture more Mutant Beast Hunters. They were then assigned to resolve the threat of mutant beasts under their jurisdiction or to reside in certain territories.

However, Baron was not this type of “Empire Hunter.” He belonged to another category.

When he was young, he happened to meet a Mutant Beast Hunter who was wandering outside. The hunter took a fancy to him and brought him around to teach him. In the end, he also received the strengthening of the blood potion and became a freelance hunter. This was also a common situation. Like those Imperial Hunters, he was one of the mainstream Mutant Beast Hunters that wandered around.

Freelance or Imperial hunters would occasionally encounter ordinary people who were worth nurturing. They would not be stingy with their teachings when the time came—this was the tradition of this ancient profession.

The mutant beasts had always been the main threat to survival. For the sake of the entire human race, most Mutant Beast Hunters were willing to train newcomers. This was also to train future companions to fight alongside them.

Barong couldn’t help but think of Will·Wood again as he let out a long sigh in his heart.

Even after dozens of days, every time he thought about it, he would still feel extremely regretful.

That was a really good seedling!

That was the most talented person he had ever seen. He was definitely a one-in-a-million genius, and his personality suited Barong as well.

He had planned to invite Will to stay in the village after they left the Blackshirt Forest and train him to become a Mutant Beast Hunter. He would slowly share his experiences.

It was a pity that fate was playing tricks on him. He has just discovered Will, the genius, but the poor guy didn’t have a chance to shine before he died quietly.

An outstanding seedling is gone just like that!

Where can I find such a good one again?!

Oh, God! Please grant me a strong man!

Barong sighed deeply.

Just as he was wallowing in regret, three people came from the street and stopped in front of his house.

Amongst them, Griff was an old acquaintance, while the other two were unfamiliar faces he had never seen in the village.

“Captain Barong, how is your recovery?” Griff smiled and greeted him.

“Not bad. In a few days, we can enter the forest to hunt.”

Barong responded casually before looking curiously at the two strangers behind Griff.

One had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He gave off a masculine vibe.

The other was plain and unassuming, like a simpleton.

Before he could ask any questions, Griff started the introductions.

“This is Jason·Wood. He plans to stay in the village and join our hunter team. And this is Ross, his friend.”

Barong stopped in shock. “Wood? Could it be…”

“He’s Will’s brother.”

Griff nodded.

Barong’s eyes widened in shock. His expression was exactly the same as Griff’s when he first heard the news.

He couldn’t help but examine Zhou Jing carefully, comparing him to Will’s appearance in his memory.

He did not know if it was a psychological effect, but he felt that their facial features were becoming more and more similar.

At this moment, Barong suddenly thought of something and quickly stood up, feeling a little uneasy.

Zhou Jing took a look and knew that he might have misunderstood his intentions. He deliberately laughed heartily before speaking in a loud tone.

“You must be Barong. I heard about you. You saved my brother’s life once. Although he didn’t survive, it’s not your fault. You don’t have to feel sorry. I’m not here to blame you.”

“…In fact, your brother saved our lives.”

Barong was no longer that nervous upon hearing the reassurance.

He then recalled what Griff had said and asked in curiosity.

“Why do you want to join the hunters of Frostwood Village?”

Zhou Jing’s face darkened when he heard that.

“I won’t hide it from you. I stayed because I wanted to accompany my brother, and because I wanted revenge. Will saved all of you, so I’m very proud of him. But those Subterraneans killed my brother. If I don’t kill them all, I can’t be considered his brother!”

“That’s right!”

Barong felt a sense of camaraderie straightaway from Zhou Jing’s declaration.

These words had reached his heart!

He truly appreciated these kinds of people the most!

He has the same temper as me! It seems he is someone who is used to solving problems with violence!

Unable to control his excitement, Barong slapped his thigh.

“Will was the most talented person I’ve ever seen. He’s definitely suitable to be a Mutant Beast Hunter. It’s such a pity that he died… You’re right. It won’t be over until we kill all those Subterraneans!”

“Speaking of this…” Griff could not help but interrupt, “Captain, Jason is stronger than Will. I’ve already tested him out.”

“Stronger than Will?!”

Baron was taken aback as he sized up Zhou Jing.

Is this for real? Will was already a one-in-a-million talent, but his brother was stronger?

Seeing that Barong did not believe Griff, Zhou Jing was not too surprised.

He thought for a moment, then picked up Griff by the back of his collar with one hand.


Griff, whose feet were off the ground, grew confused.

Barong’s eyes widened. He took two steps forward and grabbed Zhou Jing’s arm, kneading his muscles as though he was feeling something.

The more he touched his muscles, the brighter his eyes became.

What a strong body!

What did these two brothers eat growing up?

Will left, and Jason came… did the heavens hear my wish and send down a fierce and strong man?!

Barong took two steps back and looked at Zhou Jing in surprise as if he was looking at a rare treasure.

“How is it?” Zhou Jing raised his eyebrows as he put Griff down.

“I believe you.” Barong couldn’t help but be curious. “You and your brother are both so strong… Do you have any other siblings? Are they all like this?”

I know how to answer this question!

Griff immediately raised his hand and answered, “The Wood Family seems to be born with divine strength!”

Barong clicked his tongue in wonder and muttered to himself, “How astonishing… It’s a surname I’ve never heard of before. Could it be a blood relative of some small tribe?”

After muttering to himself for a while, he suddenly made up his mind. He looked at Zhou Jing and spoke in a perturbed yet expectant tone.

“Are you willing… to be a Mutant Beast Hunter?”

Zhou Jing smiled. This was his purpose in staying in the village.

“Of course!”

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