Astral Apostle

Chapter 347 - Iron Fist and Rampage (4)

Chapter 347: Iron Fist and Rampage (4)

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After Zhou Jing finished speaking, he laughed out loud. Ignoring everyone’s reaction, he strode forward.

The crowd hurriedly made way and watched the three of them leave.

Only when Zhou Jing’s back disappeared did the surrounding people dare to look at the gold and silver on the ground again. Heavy breathing gradually sounded from the crowd.

“This is mine!”

Suddenly, many onlookers started fighting over it.

The scene was instantly in chaos. People were squeezing and arguing. There were even people fighting over the gold and silver.

Some people who were far away could not snatch the gold and silver at all. However, they suddenly turned to look at the He Residence.

The guards of the He Residence had been scattered by the fierce person from before, and the people in charge seemed to be dead. This was the time where the family was at its weakest.

Compared to the small amount of money on the streets, it was unknown what kind of gold and silver mountains were hidden in this He Residence, and it was even unguarded…

Many people’s eyes began to flicker.

They did not have this thought at first, and were still immersed in the shock of seeing Zhou Jing’s valiant performance… However, after Zhou Jing threw out the money, such thoughts subconsciously appeared.

As for the many of the former servants and guards who had fled to the side to observe the situation, they also felt their hearts race.

When Commander Deng ordered a group of people to rush to the He residence with the officials, he saw that many citizens were hurriedly entering and leaving the He residence, taking away the items. Everyone had an anxious and excited expression on their faces.

The chaotic crowd blocked the street roads totally.

It was not until they saw the soldiers that the citizens hurriedly slowed down and restrained themselves.

Some people were extremely vigilant and took the items they had plundered away while avoiding the soldiers. Many people knew when to stop.

“What happened here? Where’s the He family’s guards? Where’s the murderer?”

Commander Deng was furious and confused.

However, even though he did not understand the situation, it did not stop him from immediately giving the order. The commander immediately ordered the troops to control the chaos at hand to stop the people from plundering the He Residence.

The soldiers went forward to stop them and shouted at the commoners who were taking advantage of the situation. Along the way, many soldiers also secretly followed suit and secretly stuffed some gold and silver into their armor to fill their own pockets.

However, when the soldiers saw the tragic scene of corpses all over the front yard of the He Residence, their faces turned pale.

Commander Deng ordered the five of them to step into the front yard. When they saw the scene here, their hearts started palpitating.

“So many servants and guards have died. There’s definitely more than one criminal present. The information reported by the officials previously was inaccurate!”

By the side, Aide Xie immediately made a judgment.

Hearing this, the others also agreed… How could a single person cause such a scene? There had to be many outlaws attacking the He residence!

However, Commander Deng frowned and asked the officials to grab some civilians for interrogation. However, the answer he received was basically the same.

Almost everyone said that there was only one burly man with messy hair fighting in the front yard. It was Chen Feng, the one named Death Beckoning Yama King, who had killed hundreds of guards with a single spear. Although two accomplices appeared later, they did not interfere in the fight in the front yard.

Many soldiers were skeptical when they heard this. They felt that this was as though they had heard an epic tale. How could anyone in the world have such martial strength?

“Could it be that Chen Feng is really that powerful?”

Commander Deng took another look at the tragic scene in the front yard. His eyelids twitched as he was secretly shocked. He could not believe that this was something that a single person could do.

Instructor Hu, Aide Xie, Officers Dong and Xue all looked at each other.

Not long ago, they had gathered for a drink and chatted about the Death Beckoning Yama King’s ability to fight against a hundred people. At that time, they thought that this was the flattery of the rumors. They did not expect that in just a few days, this person would commit a crime and cause trouble in the state capital. He seemed to be more powerful than the rumors.

Officer Dong swallowed a mouthful of saliva and forced himself to calm down.

“What’s there to be afraid of? Even if it’s true, after killing all these guards, the Death Beckoning Yama King, he will definitely be at the end of his rope and won’t have any strength left. If we catch up, we can easily take him down.”

“Brother Dong is right.” Aide Xie immediately agreed.

“Unfortunately, we were too late. This murderer escaped!”

Officer Xue exclaimed indignantly.

When they asked the people just now, they knew that Zhou Jing had already left for a while. Many people had stayed here to plunder, so they naturally did not know where Zhou Jing had gone.

The few of them were both angry and regretful. They felt that all their efforts had been in vain… In their opinion, the Death Beckoning Yama King must have long thought of a way to escape after committing such a huge crime. How could he dare to stay? Even if they were to lead the soldiers to chase after him now, they would most likely not be able to find him.

“Do your best. After all, it’s the magistrate’s orders.”

Commander Deng was helpless and had no choice but to follow the orders given.

He was about to call the soldiers who had forgotten to return to track Zhou Jing down.

However, at this moment, many commoners rushed over from the distant street.

“Not good! That Chen Feng has appeared again. This time, he’s charging towards the Huang residence!”

The citizens were stunned and immediately exploded into an uproar.

Commander Deng and the others were also shocked to hear such news. They hurriedly asked the officials to get hold of those people who had sent the news and interrogate them in detail.

In the end, the statement he received was the same. After the Death Beckoning Yama King left the He Residence, he immediately went over to the Huang family, one of the four noble families, to slaughter them. At this moment, he was already knocking on their door.

Nobody could speak a single word after hearing of his actions.

The murderer had slaughtered everyone in the He family. Not only did he not escape after that, but he even dared to go to the next family to continue the crime?

How rampant was this?!

This Yama King was simply an insane man. He did not care about the government at all!

However, Commander Deng was pleasantly surprised that the opportunity to contribute had returned. On the surface, he put on a furious expression as he roared,

“What an arrogant madman! How dare he look down on the government! Everyone, follow me to the Huang residence. I’ll definitely capture him!”

He could not be bothered with the heavy casualties in the He Residence anymore. He only left a small team of officers here to take care of the situation while he led the other officials straight to the Huang Residence.

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