Astral Apostle

Chapter 343 - Operation (4)

Chapter 343: Operation (4)

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“Sir, there’s a strong man causing trouble in the south of the city. He broke into the He Residence and started a massacre. At this moment, he’s entangled with the guards. The constables have already gone to capture him.”

He briefly explained the situation of the official mission.

Old Master He’s expression changed instantly. He was so angry that his beard trembled as he said angrily, “Who dares to break into my house? What are they plotting?”

The officer glanced at him before continuing to speak carefully,

“There’s only one person who came. This person calls himself Chen Feng. He’s a powerful person who has just appeared in this area recently. He has a moniker called Death Beckoning Yama King. As for why he came… Perhaps he’s greedy for money like Guo Haishen?”

The official had heard his subordinate’s report and knew Zhou Jing’s style of coming to get rid of a scourge for society. He knew that this was another “Guo Haishen”, and an even more radical one at that… However, in front of the person in question, he naturally would not ask for trouble.

“Such powerful people are really lawless!” Old Master He was furious. Then, he was a little anxious. He cupped his hands at Magistrate Lin and said, “Sir, something has happened in my family. I have to rush back to take charge. I hope you won’t blame me.”

Magistrate Lin’s smile faded a little as he felt an irritation in his heart.

Just now, he was still bragging about the stability and prosperity of the state capital, but now, a powerful person had suddenly appeared to cause trouble. He felt that he had lost all face.

Magistrate Lin put down his wine glass neither lightly nor heavily. He raised his hand and pressed it down, indicating for Old Master He to calm down.

“He’s just a thief. Your He family has many guards, so what’s there to be afraid of? You’re still not steady enough.”

“… The magistrate is right.”

Although Old Master He was anxious, he could only accept the advice humbly at this moment. He did not dare to disobey the magistrate.

Magistrate Lin tapped his finger on the table and said slowly,

“How about this? You don’t have to go back. I’ll send some soldiers to capture this person. I just saw that the five experts from the army who captured Guo Haishen last time are also participating in the banquet downstairs. Let them lead some troops over.”

Old Master He was overjoyed and felt a little relieved. He hurriedly said, “Thank you, Magistrate.”

“It’s just my duty.”

Magistrate Lin waved his hand and instructed his subordinate to give the orders.

Downstairs, Commander Deng and the other four felt honored to receive the magistrate’s order. They even felt that they were valued by the magistrate. All of them were extremely excited and did not dare to delay. They quickly left the banquet halfway and rushed to the He Mansion in the South of the city with the troops.

After Magistrate Lin spoke, the state government office was mobilized. He felt that the matter had been resolved, so he threw this matter to the back of his mind and treated it as an unimportant interlude. He continued to toast with the two family heads.

Old Master He did not mention anything about rushing back. He sat down and continued to socialize, but from time to time, he would be a little distracted. Clearly, he was still thinking about this matter.

Master Huang’s smile did not change. Occasionally, he would look at Master He, gloating in his heart, but he did not show it on his face.

As one of the four great families, although they controlled the state capital’s trade route together, they also had conflicts with each other. Seeing another large family suffer, they would secretly be happy.

Not long after, the officials and troops of the state capital moved out. They walked across the street with great fanfare and immediately attracted the attention of many citizens.

Someone went to ask around before finding out what had happened in the south of the city.

The news of Zhou Jing attacking the He Residence spread out, and soon, it caused a storm in the city.

When many citizens heard this, they rushed to the south of the city to watch the commotion.

On the other side, the leaders of the Heavenly King Stronghold, who were on standby near the prison, also learned about the commotion Zhou Jing had caused from Shi Qing.

Xiang Tianjie’s eyes narrowed as he gripped his broadsword tightly.

“Brother Chen Feng is really a hero of the world! Since he has already attracted the attention of the officials, it’s time for us to act!”

“Do it. Don’t let Brother Chen down!”

The rest of the leaders agreed soundly.

After a while, the An Lin Prison welcomed a few uninvited guests.

The six leaders of the Heavenly King Village, including Xiang Tianjie, charged into the prison with weapons in hand. They killed any officer they saw and headed straight for Guo Haishen’s cell to begin the prison break.

Many of the guards and prison heads were caught off guard. It was difficult for them to organize a counterattack, and they suffered heavy casualties.

Soon, the prison was in chaos. Amidst the flashes of blades, shouts and screams sounded, startling countless prisoners.

The commotion gradually approached the depths of the prison.

In the deepest cell, Guo Haishen, who had been resting with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes.

He took a deep breath, muttering to himself,

“Fortunately, someone helped me. Otherwise, I would have really died this time… If I can escape this time, I won’t let this go. I’ll definitely settle the score with those four noble families!”

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