Astral Apostle

Chapter 34 - New Apostle (3)

Chapter 34: New Apostle (3)

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In contrast, the [Follower Function] only required 500 points and could save 300 points for Accelerated Learning.

And this function could be inherited as well.

[Follower Function] currently only had one slot, which hosted an apprentice rank follower. After it was summoned, it was essentially a follower that would mimic his own actions.

It did not matter if the follower died. Every apostle from the astral world had a chance to revive the follower. If it was used up, the next Astral Apostle would be able to revive the follower as well.

The followers could train independently, and their files would not be removed. They would even retain their abilities when resurrected, even if they were revived to different astral apostles. With their fixed growth rate, they were more cost efficient.

This is? It’s basically the perfect cannon fodder… ahem, assistant!

The world of mutant beasts was more dangerous, and the living environment was harsh. Compared to being a lone wolf, Zhou Jing felt that it was quite necessary to bring along a follower who had no complaints no matter how he ordered him around. It was easier to do things with more people.

In addition, there was indeed a certain element of danger in using the blood potion, and a loyal follower would probably be very willing to try it for him…

Zhou Jing coughed in embarrassment before turning to look at the template of this beginner follower. There was only the Ability Profile provided.

To be honest, the attributes of an apprentice rank follower were too horrible to look at.

Apart from the [Energy] attribute, which was 0 as usual, its other four Attributes were the standard 5 points, the same as ordinary people. However, its Aptitudes were either gray or white, and there was no green at all. They also did not have any talent, and there was also a hint that they could not use the Accelerated Learning function.

Isn’t this just saying that it’s just stupid?!

“It seems that this is a limitation of the follower function. Although the result of the follower training will be preserved and inherited, the problem is that the growth is slow…”

Zhou Jing nodded inwardly.

Fortunately, he only wanted a tool this time, so he didn’t need high requirements.

While using Astral Points could increase the number of free points to add for his follower, the conversion limit was also capped at 500 points. It was also affected by his Astral Projector Rank.

However, Zhou Jing didn’t have any extra astral points for his followers. Even if he had, he would rather save them for himself.

“This thing is really useless. I thought I had saved up quite a lot last time, but it looks like I was being underpaid.”

Zhou Jing grumbled to himself.

The appearance and name of the follower template were self-evident.

Zhou Jing restrained his extreme desire to play around with the appearance of this follower and just set a basic appearance.

It had a medium build and a plain and ordinary face…

Alright, this is good. He can easily blend in with the crowd!

The more inconspicuous it was, the easier it was to handle matters.

“As for the follower’s name… Well, let’s call him Ross.”

Zhou Jing thought of a common name that suited the style of the mutant world, so he directly used it without any special meaning attached to it.

“That’s enough… Excluding the 100 points required for the designated area, I still have 377 Astral Points left in my inventory. I’ll use them as emergency funds.”

Zhou Jing composed himself.

He entered the appearance adjustment interface and realized that the apostle had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He appeared masculine and firm and was probably half as handsome as he was. Thus, he did not adjust his appearance much and only added the bird tattoo that Will·Wood possessed on the inside of his forearm.

Then, he changed the name of the template from “Jason·Moore” to “Jason·Wood.”

[Astral Apostle Model adjustment complete!]

[Entering the preparation stage!]

[Current projected Astral Realm: [Mutant Beast World] Number 001]

[Astral Time Flow: 4.1 : 135.7]

[Duration of Astral Travel: 6 hours (default)]

“There are slight changes in the flow of time… Hmm, I’ll try to set the time to eight hours instead.”

[Confirming changes… Duration of Astral Travel for the current projection has been changed to 8 hours of main body time.]

[Map Overview Mode activated]

[Please select the delivery mode, [Random Area Delivery / Specified Area Delivery]?]

The map interface unfolded. It was different from the first time when it was completely dark. Now, there was a portion of the Black-Clothed Forest area on the map, as well as the location of Frostwood Village. Details could even be observed.

Zhou Jing had already decided.

[Choose [Specified Area Delivery].]

[Specified Location: Frostwood Village]

[Delivery to this location will consume 100 Astral Points… Points deducted.]

[Beginning Projection]


The familiar noise sounded. A rift of light opened up in the starry sky below.

The second time, Zhou Jing was already mentally prepared and was directly sucked in.

After falling rapidly for an unknown period of time, the scene of a field finally appeared at the end of the rift and rapidly expanded in his vision…

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