Astral Apostle

Chapter 32 - New Apostle (1)

Chapter 32: New Apostle (1)

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The next day, Zhou Jing spent the entire day in his rented apartment. He familiarized himself with the process of astral travel and came up with a clear concept.

He divided the current known processes into four stages according to the sequence of processes — template modeling, projection, cooldown, and death.

Template modeling was the process of customizing the next Astral Apostle by using the free inheritance slots or consuming the Astral Points.

During projection, he would send his consciousness to the apostle of the astral world and personally walk the realm. He had the assistance of Accelerated Learning, triggering achievements, and other rewards.

During the cooldown period, his consciousness would return to the main body and wait for the astral realm projection to cool down before he could travel again. During this period, the Astral Apostles would move automatically using the Placement mode.

The projection and cooldown phases were interwoven as the main segment.

Time passed in both the main world and the astral world. However, due to the difference in the flow of time, one passed more quickly than the other.

Therefore, he could regulate the time spent by his main body during each projection by directly controlling the Astral Apostles.

Because his main body was also passing time while traveling, he chose not to spend too much time on his projections. Zhou Jing felt that it was enough if he used his sleep time to perform Astral Traveling.

Combining the projecting and placement together would extend the life of an apostle from the astral world, allowing them to move around in the realm for a longer period of time.

And when his Astral Apostle died, he would enter the final stage of death settlement, obtaining a free inheritance slot.

He would inherit part of the apostle’s training achievements to the next apostle for free. Then, he would return to the initial stage of template modeling and resume this process.

“As for clearing the missions, I haven’t achieved it yet, so I don’t know what form it will take. I’ll have to look at it in the future… According to the information I received, it should be similar to the death settlement. However, I don’t need to create new people. I can still continue controlling the Astral Apostles that cleared the mission.”

Zhou Jing’s eyes flickered as he sorted out the general situation.

He looked at the time. A total of 24 hours had passed, and the new Astral Apostle Mode had been refreshed.

He let out a sigh of relief and prepared himself for the journey.



His consciousness entered the preparation space. It was still the same galaxy, with the LED panel floating quietly in the middle.

Zhou Jing looked up and saw the contents on the interface.

[A new Astral Apostle Model has been created (Serial #002)]


[Current Interface – Trait Profile]

[Name: Jason·Moore (Can be changed)]

[Race Appearance: Terran (Changeable)]

[Identity: NIL]

[Personality: Determined]

[Style: Martial]

[Alignment: Neutral]

[Pursuit: Power]

[Synchronized Difficulty Rating: Easy]

[Life Objective: Become a veteran [Mutant Beast Hunter], obtain at least two strengthenings as a [Mutant Blood Warrior]. Kill a high-risk mutant beast.]

[Apostle Permanence Standards: 0 / 110]


[Current Interface – Ability Profile]

[Attributes: Physical Fitness 3 (Level 1), Resistance 4 (Level 1), Perception 5 (Level 1), Spirit 6 (Level 1), Energy 0 (Level 0)

[Endowment: Physical Fitness – [Green], Resistance – [Light Green], Blade Technique – [Light Green]… (Expand detailed list)]

[Talent: x1 [Spare Slot] ]

[Free Attribute Points: 5]

[Supernatural Power System: x1 [Spare Slot] ]

[Skills: Lv2 [Terra Empire Language·Northern Dialect], Lv1 [Weapon Mastery – Hunting Blade], Lv1 [Weapon Mastery – Dagger], Lv1 [Wilderness Survival].]

[Support Function: x1 [Spare Slot] ]

[Rarity Rating: Commoner]


[Full Interface Free Reset Count: 0]

[Selective Parameters Reset Count: 2]

Zhou Jing’s eyes gleamed as he looked through the template parameters carefully.

Clearing the realm with this second template was 30 points higher than the previous one. The difficulty of completing the life objectives was obviously greater but still within an acceptable range.

“Speaking of which, why does this template not seem to have any talent?”

Zhou Jing noticed this.

He opened the Book of Records. Currently, the Talent Category only consisted of Will·Wood’s [Agility]. To pass this talent to the new template required 500 astral points.

Currently, he had a total of 1,477 Astral Points. 500 points were a lot. Zhou Jing simply gave the first designated reset opportunity to his talent.

[Current Template Properties are being reset… Reset complete. Here are the new parameters.]

[You have received talent [Tenacity] (Reduces the impact of an injury on movement)]

“Looks like this is suitable for a tough battle… If I had this talent when I was ambushed by the Subterraneans, I could probably escape on my own without Baron’s help.”

Zhou Jing analyzed the effect. After thinking for a while, he threw the second specific parameter reset to Aptitude.

[Current Template Properties are being reset… Reset complete. Here are the new parameters.]

[Resistance: [Light Green] → [Green], Blade Technique: [Light Green] → [Green]. Other results remain unchanged.]

“All the values have increased this time. My luck isn’t too bad.”

Zhou Jing was delighted.

Physical Fitness, Resistance, Blade Technique… Green, they were all green!

This time, three of them were green in color. This made the current apostle’s aptitude better than the previous one.

After using two free reset opportunities offered, Zhou Jing took a look and realized that he could still continue resetting after spending astral points.

However, the specified reset required 200 points each time, and an overall reset required 1,000 points each time. Furthermore, the cost would progressively increase, so he currently had no intention of resetting.

Now that he had the astral point stock in his hands, he could further take a step in modeling the Apostle template. He was now prepared to test the extent of customization.

“Let me see what it’s like to spend money to create a character.”

Zhou Jing rubbed his hands in glee.

With a few tweaks, a message popped up on the interface:

[To improve the four parameters of the model template (Attributes, Talent, Aptitude, and Skills), Astral Points can be converted into free allocation points in the ratio of 100:1.]

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