Astral Apostle

Chapter 28 - Current Objectives; Target Attributes (2)

Chapter 28: Current Objectives; Target Attributes (2)

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Zhou Jing knocked on the table as he confirmed his current objective.

Two months seemed like an ample amount of time, but he was not 100% confident… After all, he had only traveled once, and he hadn’t successfully cleared all the Life Objectives before.

In addition, he was also concerned about one thing—according to immigration procedures, people who were forced to immigrate had to undergo physical examinations, including a Supers Reaction detection test.

The Supers Reaction detection test could check if an individual developed superpowers. This was a method used by the Interstellar Joint Government to register superhumans. Self-awakening superhumans would have a difficult time hiding amongst people, but the government had an easier time managing them.

Before they boarded the ship, they would be tested to see if there were any hidden Supers.

This detection technique was not very advanced. In fact, it only analyzed the body measurements of the subject and compared them with the physical standards of ordinary people.

Most superpowers would change the external characteristics of the user, such as physical fitness, mental strength, energy reactions, and so on. It was difficult to hide all of such characteristics.

As long as there was a deviation in some indicators, they could determine if this person had superpowers or a “Supers Reaction” through the error value.

Once it was confirmed that the examinee had an obvious reaction… further tests would be done to determine the existence of a superpower.

Occasionally, there would be misinformation, which would result in an in-depth physical examination… a very thorough one.

However, there was a limitation to the Supers Reaction detection technology—they could only detect whether a person was a Super, not what abilities that person had. Therefore, the person needed to show their abilities manually.

Thus, Supers who possessed a compound ability or multiple abilities could usually pass the test after displaying one ability while keeping the other abilities hidden.

There were quite a number of such examples. Many of the players from the Super League who had their files public were like this. They took advantage of the situation legally. As long as they did not act too arrogantly, everyone would turn a blind eye to it as it was already socially acceptable.

The interface of the Astral Travel panel was too special. Zhou Jing thought it was impossible to detect through such basic detection testing.

In short, he still had to obtain the system of the Mutant Blood Warrior and disguise himself as an ordinary physical strengthener.

“Okay. I have two months—sixty days…”

Zhou Jing looked at the electronic calendar thoughtfully.

Because of the different environments of the various colonial planets, there were local calendars suitable for the residents to use. However, the Interstellar Joint Government also set up a “Universal Civilization Calendar” to calculate the date for the entire civilization.

According to this calendar, the current date of the main world was General Calendar Year 2351, July 18th.

“The migration spaceship will depart on September 19th. This is the deadline for me to complete my plan…”

Zhou Jing’s eyes flickered as he pondered.

Of course, if he had to say it, there was a more direct method, which was simply to rebel.

However, he decided to forget about it. Even Supers were still part of society. Those Rank 7 Supers who could easily cause the sky and earth to collapse were also willing to receive the support of various countries, not to mention a young sprout like him.

“In the end, I still have to abide by the law.”

Zhou Jing muttered to himself.

It was impossible to just float from place to place forever.

He wanted to become a Super, not a wanted criminal who would be chased around by the law-enforcement officers. He didn’t want to end up crying behind steel bars.

Astral projection is already very exciting. I don’t want my life to be in chaotic every day. I’d better not lead a life with too much excitement…

“I’ll become a Super first and be exempted from immigration… I’ll leave the future for the future…”

After deciding on his route of action, Zhou Jing was clear on what he needed to do next.

After turning off the computer, Zhou Jing summoned the interface and looked at it with interest.

“Speaking of which, the attributes of my main body are actually like this…”

When summoning the interface in the main world, some functions could still be used, such as checking the Astral Realm files, the [Astral Apostle List], and [Records Illustration].

Most importantly, the attributes and abilities of his main body could be reflected in the template format of the Apostles. From this, he could understand his own situation.

[Attributes: Physical Fitness 4, Resistance 5, Perception 5, Spirit 7, Energy 0]

[Aptitude: Combat – [Blue], Spirit – [Green], Physical Fitness – [Green]…]

[Talent: Battle Intuition (Sharp instincts for combat)]

[Skill: None]

Supernatural Power System: None

“So this is what my interface data is like?”

Zhou Jing was very interested.

Everyone had their own areas of expertise and weakness. People often find it difficult to understand themselves and often waste time on the wrong path.

The attribute format on the interface showed a person’s talent in what aspect, which was helpful in solving this problem. Zhou Jing estimated that anyone’s situation could be displayed in this format, his main body included.

“If a normal person’s standard is around five, my body is not athletic and is slightly weaker than a normal person’s, but my spirit is higher than a normal person’s.”

Zhou Jing was deep in thought. When he thought about how his memory improved after he returned, he vaguely felt that the time when he was an Apostle in the Astral Realm was akin to a process of training his mental strength and spirit.

“No wonder I didn’t feel confused when I returned. It seems that every time I project my consciousness, my mind is slowly improving.”

Zhou Jing narrowed his eyes and committed this speculation to memory.

Looking down, his own aptitude seemed to be quite good. It was at least much better than his carrier Will·Wood.

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